Closing Thought–17Sep21

I will be slowing down in my posting….family issues that I have been dealing with will be coming to a head……so I will be using saved drafts for the next few days maybe even weeks until the situation is solved…..I will be visiting my blog and replying to any and all comments…..I will also visit my usual sites.

Plus the news is depressing as Hell and too damn redundant….I have had enough of Covid and California and Texas…..this will not change until Dems learn the game of politics and play it with gusto.

Please bear with me…I am going nowhere just stepping back from the daily grind……to get some much needed mental cleansing.

Please continue to visit and comment…I appreciate any and all visits.

I will be back in force as soon as possible.

Thanx for your understanding.

Be Well….Be Safe….


Coming To A State Near You

We have heard about the Afghans that the US helped escape from Afghanistan….and the question is where will they go?

Some of these refugees will be coming to the US….but where?

This article explains where the refugees will settle once they arrive in the US…..

The Biden administration notified governors and mayors on Wednesday of the number of Afghan evacuees their state is expected to receive in the coming weeks, two senior administration officials told Axios.

Why it matters: Although their exact immigration pathway is still unclear, an initial group of 37,000 Afghans will soon be headed to states across the country after many faced harrowing journeys from Afghanistan.

  • Former Delaware Gov. Jack Markell (D), who President Biden appointed on Friday to oversee Afghan resettlement, made calls to state and local leaders notifying them on the number of Afghans to expect.
  • In conversations with nearly every state on Wednesday, not one official declined to take in Afghans, one senior administration official told Axios. “I have to say it was a very warm conversation with state and local leaders.”

Check out the map included in the article to see how many refugees your state will accept….

How will this play out?

I do not expect these poor people will be welcome with open arms…..I think back to the late 70s and the Vietnamese refugees…that was not always a pretty picture.

Any thoughts?

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