That “Booster” Thing–Redux

AS we continue to try and fight the pandemic that is gripping this country and the continuous news reporting on the progress the attempts to save the nation from a total meltdown…..and now the ‘booster’ thing is making its rounds in the MSM….they seem to be pushing the early idea that we all may need a ‘booster’ to prevent onset of illness.

When the idea of a ‘booster’ was floated in the media I tried to inform my readers on just what they idea was all about…

What Is This ‘Booster” Thing?

It appears to be a popular news story these days…..

WHO has not been as thrilled with the idea as the media…..

The World Health Organization is calling for a halt on COVID-19 vaccine boosters until at least the end of September, its head Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus said on Wednesday, as the gap between vaccinations in wealthy and poor countries widens.

The call for a moratorium is the strongest statement yet from the UN agency at a time when countries deliberate the need for boosters to combat the fast-spreading Delta variant of the coronavirus.

“I understand the concern of all governments to protect their people from the Delta variant. But we cannot accept countries that have already used most of the global supply of vaccines using even more of it,” Tedros added.

High-income countries administered around 50 doses for every 100 people in May, and that number has since doubled, according to WHO. Low-income countries have only been able to administer 1.5 doses for every 100 people, due to lack of supply.

To counter the spread of the Delta variant, some countries have begun to use or started weighing on the need for booster doses even as scientists debate over whether or not extra shots are needed.

“The fact that we are vaccinating healthy adults with a booster dose of COVID-19 vaccines is a short-sighted way of thinking,” said Elin Hoffmann Dahl, infectious diseases medical adviser to Medecins Sans Frontieres’ access campaign.

I will get the booster if it is necessary to prevent me from getting the Covid….but before I make my final decision I will do what I do best….research…..something I believe everyone should before they make any medical decision.

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Medicare Advantage

I try to be an FYI blog when I can…..

First let me say that I am not some old fart trying to sell you the idea that you cannot exist without spending more money to supplement your Medicare.

We see ad after ad these days telling us old farts just how much better life would be it we buying additional insurance policies.

What is ‘Medicare Advantage’?

Medicare Advantage, also known as Medicare Part C, makes it possible for people with Medicare Part A (hospital insurance) and Part B (medical insurance) to receive their Medicare benefits in an alternative way. Medicare Advantage plans are offered by private insurance companies contracted with Medicare and provide at least the same level of coverage that Medicare Part A and Part B provide.

Personally I think it is all marketing which means I think it is a scam…..and an end run to try and privatize Medicare totally….

Medicare Advantage is a massive, trillion-dollar rip-off, of the federal government and of taxpayers, and of many of the people buying the so-called Advantage plans.

It’s also one of the most effective ways that insurance companies could try to kill Medicare For All, since about a third of all people who think they’re on Medicare are actually on these privatized plans instead.

Nearly from its beginning, Medicare has allowed private companies to offer plans that essentially compete with it, but they were an obscure corner of the market and didn’t really take off until the Bush administration and Republicans in Congress rolled out the Medicare Modernization Act of 2003. This was the GOP’s (and a few corporatist Democrats’) big chance to finally privatize Medicare, albeit one bite at a time.

If you are retired and considering a Medicare Advantage policy please read this article and do some deep research before giving your cash away.

Here is a place to start…..

Please do not be taken in by promises of spending less….there is always hidden caveats….do the hard research before giving your hard fought retirement away.

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