Closing Thought–20Sep21

I live in Mississippi and the Covid thing is running rampant……and our governor, Tate Reeve, has done little to protect the people of the state he rules….

CNN’s Jake Tapper interviewed the governor and handed the do-nothing politician his ass….

CNN’s Jake Tapper pressed the governor of Mississippi regarding the rate of Covid-19 infections and deaths in his state and what his administration was doing to address the most recent surge of the virus during an interview on State of the Union.

As the two talked on Sunday, Mr Tapper repeatedly questioned Mr Reeves about what specific measures beyond spreading messages of personal choice and responsibility the state of Mississippi was doing to protect its residents from the Delta variant of Covid-19, which is spreading rapidly in parts of the US, and in particular in communities where vaccination rates are low.

“If Mississippi were its own country, you would be second in the world only to Peru in terms of deaths per capita,” Mr Tapper told Mr Reeves, adding: “With all due respect, governor, your way is failing; are you going to try to change anything to change this horrible statistic from what you’re doing already?”

I applaud Tapper for bring the governor to task.

Mississippi is still suffering and there is NO leadership from the governor or the legislature.

Mississippi will continue to suffer with such ineffectual leadership.

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Insurrection Update #15

A continuing series on the aftermath of the 06 January insurrection by Trump supporters.

First there has been actions taken on police officers that were part of the insurrection….

The US Capitol Police said Saturday it has recommended disciplinary action in six cases after an internal review of officer behavior stemming from the Jan. 6 attack on the US Capitol. The department’s Office of Professional Responsibility opened 38 internal investigations and was able to identify 26 of the officers involved, the police said in a statement. It said in 20 of the cases, no wrongdoing was found. However, the police said “violations were sustained and disciplinary action was recommended” for six of the cases — including three for “conduct unbecoming,” one for failure to comply with directions, one for “improper remarks” and one for “improper dissemination of information,” per the AP.

It was unclear in the statement whether a case was an individual officer or if an officer could be cited in more than one case. Names of the officers involved and details about the behavior or actions that led to the alleged violations were not made public. The statement also said the US attorney’s office did not find sufficient evidence that any of the officers committed a crime. More than 600 people face charges in the Jan. 6 attack, in which a mob loyal to then-President Donald Trump stormed the Capitol, battled police and tried to stop the certification of the election victory for President Joe Biden. The statement said an internal review of one other case is pending of an official accused of “unsatisfactory performance and conduct unbecoming.” It said that internal investigation started after a criminal investigation, and no charges were filed.

Five people died in the Capitol attack and its aftermath, including Trump supporter Ashli Babbitt, who was shot and killed by police. A police officer who battled the mob died later, and several officers later took their own lives. This week, the USCP provided the information to the Justice Department as part of its ongoing prosecution of those involved in the Jan. 6 attack. The police opened the internal investigation in February, and announced at the time it was suspending six officers with pay. Whether they were among those recommended for discipline was unclear in the statement. The department said the six cases “should not diminish the heroic efforts” of the Capitol Police on Jan. 6

Those that committed a wide array of crimes (allegedly) continue to whine about their ordeal…..this one is whining about his ankle bracelet….

A man accused of storming the Capitol on Jan. 6 is asking a judge to remove his ankle monitor because it’s noisy, embarrassing, and interfering with his business. Gabriel Garcia, a former GOP candidate who oversees 14 employees at Supreme Aluminum Florida, a Miami-based business he founded in 2017, has made numerous requests to remove the ankle monitor and a 10pm-to-6am curfew since he was arrested Jan. 19 on charges of civil disorder, entering a restricted building, and violent entry and disorderly conduct on Capitol grounds, per the Washington Post and Business Insider.

A court removed only the curfew after Garcia said in May that he wanted to operate his business 24 hours a day to help pay for legal fees, per the Post. In a new filing, his lawyers say the ankle monitor “has randomly started beeping loudly around potential clients, immediately followed by an embarrassing phone call from pretrial services asking for his exact location.” They also claim the monitor is a safety hazard that catches on the rungs of ladders. “One time, he almost fell off the ladder” as a result, they add. Prosecutors filed a Wednesday motion to deny the request, which awaits a judge’s ruling, arguing there’s been no meaningful change to the circumstances that led to the original court order.

Prosecutors say Garcia filmed himself in a confrontation with Capitol Police officers inside the Capitol building on Jan. 6. “We just went ahead and stormed the Capitol. It’s about to get ugly,” he allegedly said in a live video shared on Facebook. He also allegedly urged members of the crowd to storm a line of officers who were trying to block the mob from advancing and yelled “Free Enrique,” apparently referring to Proud Boys leader Enrique Tarrio, who’d been arrested days previously. Prosecutors believe Garcia, a former US Army captain, is a member of the far-right Proud Boys group and say he participated in at least one other “hostile demonstration” in Washington, DC, before Jan. 6.

Poor little piglet!

Here is an idea for this slug…..maybe he would not have to indulge the courts if he had not decided to participate in the insurrection.

Just a thought.

The there is the guy that claims his signature was forged on his court documents….

A Capitol rioter who was sentenced to prison in July is now claiming, through his new attorney, that his signature was forged on a plea agreement.

Paul Hodgkins, a crane operator from Florida, is attempting to take back his guilty plea, arguing that his previous attorney — Patrick LeDuc — bullied him into accepting it.

During a hearing Wednesday, Hodgkins’ new attorney — Carolyn Stewart — claimed a handwriting expert will testify that someone forged her client’s signature on the plea agreement. Hodgkins says he “can’t remember what he signed and wouldn’t have signed this version,” according to reports.

It is far from over….the actions of 06 January were just the opening salvo of the coup attempt…..

The New York Times, conservative National Review writer Kevin Williamson outlined how Republicans are still trying to execute former President Donald Trump’s coup attempt — and how the Capitol attack on January 6 was only the beginning of the effort.

“As the Republican Party tries to make up its mind between wishing away the events of Jan. 6 or celebrating them, one thing should be clear to conservatives estranged from the party: We can’t go home again,” wrote Williamson. “The attempted coup’s foot soldiers have dug themselves in at state legislatures. For example, last week in Florida State Representative Anthony Sabatini introduced a draft of legislation that would require an audit of the 2020 general election in the state’s largest (typically Democratic-heavy) counties, suggesting without basis that it may show that these areas cheated to inflate Joe Biden’s vote count.”

Meanwhile, noted Williamson, there has been a heavy effort from the GOP to downplay or even valorize the Capitol riot itself.

This saga continues and the insurrection is still at a boiling point.

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