Trying To Reason With The Hurricane Season–2021

The big news about the Hurricane Ida attack last weekend is Louisiana…once again this region is the brunt of the damage inflicted by this devastating storm.

My town was ravaged by Katrina in 2005 and this time we got heavy rain and some hard wind…..but the damage was minor compared to what it could have been…..

For those interested (probably not that damn many) here are a few photos of the town and area around it……..

As you can see we were fortunate this time….but there is still two months to go in the 2021 season… it ain’t over ’til it’s over.

On a personal note–We never lost power but my WiFi was lost for a couple of days….I had minor damage to trees….my garden is history but I was able to save 4 okra plants….2 blueberry bushes took damage and my privacy fence lost an entire section…..the house and cars made it through unscathed…..all in all I was very fortunate.

We still have about 2 months of the season so we keep a sharp eye on the tropics….hoping we have had our storm this year.

Have a great Sunday….Be Well and Be Safe……

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That ‘Old Time Religion’

I usually do not post much on religion for to me it is a personal thing and should stay with the person….but here I will make an exception because of all the religious bullshit around this Covid thing and a lot of false and misleading info is coming out of them mouths of religious MORONS….it is pathetic and it is not helping.

But why do they choose stupid over knowledge?

From Darwin to COVID the church has been wrong. It’s really about fear among the Christian faithful when they turn away from science. Even scientific theory is dismissed out of hand by the church because of a fear that somehow science will prove that God does not exist. As the pandemic spreads from one church to another and global warming continues to be ignored by the evangelical movement, it is clear that practitioners of the current Christian faith have not evolved from their ancestors who condemned Galileo and Darwin.

This is why it has been so difficult to get evangelicals to accept things proven by the scientific community. You have probably noticed that many Republicans still will not confirm that climate change is even a thing. They almost certainly know better but are spineless, too afraid to alienate their hardcore Christian constituency, despite the clear ignorance behind the evangelical understanding of the climate crisis.

What are white evangelical Repubs afraid of?

The belief that God controls everything that happens in the world is a core tenet of evangelicalism — 84 percent of white evangelicals agreed with this statement in PRRI polling from 2011, while far fewer nonwhite, non-evangelical Christians shared this belief. The same poll also showed that white evangelicals were more likely than any other Christian group to believe that God would punish nations for the sins of some of its citizens and that natural disasters were a sign from God. What’s more, other research from the Journal of Psychology and Theology has found that some evangelical Christians rationalize illnesses like cancer as God’s will.

Why Some White Evangelical Republicans Are So Opposed To The COVID-19 Vaccine

My question is…if God controls everything why does he not protect us from bullets or hunger or homelessness?

Somewhere in the myths I believe there is something written about ‘bearing false witness’ and these bigots charlatans break that rule on almost every occasion.

In 1980 when Reagan was running for the presidency I aid that it was a big mistake to allow the religious chattering class to become part of the campaign….good to see I have not lost my touch.

I am starting to have NO compassion for these idiots….for if you take health advice from a pastor then maybe God is deciding who lives and dies…..and you could be of the short end of that stick.

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