Protect The ‘Winkie’

It is Sunday and it is Halloween….. I was looking for something unusual to post….and I found it…..and if you are young then it can be very scary.

When I was young and staring showing interests in girls my grandfather sat me down and told me to be careful in my choice of girls for there is a bug out there that would rot your ‘winkie’ off….as I got older I was amused at the horror story my grandfather spun….

Just found out that his story may not be as fanciful as he had painted…..

Doctors in the UK are warning about a rising number of cases of a sexually transmitted disease that can cause genitals to “rot away.” Donovanosis, caused by the bacterium Klebsiella granulomatis and spread through unprotected sex or other skin-to-skin contact, doesn’t eat the skin but is often described as “flesh-eating” due to the appearance of red and sometimes bloody sores on the genitals and anus that, if left untreated, can progressively damage body tissue, per the Washington Post. Cases usually pop up in tropical areas, including India, Papua New Guinea, Australia, the Caribbean, and southern Africa, per USA Today. But cases have also been appearing in the UK and US in recent years.

Some 19 cases were reported in the UK in 2016. That increased to 30 cases in 2019, followed by 18 cases in 2020, per the Post. Though the infection was eradicated in the US in the 1950s and ’60s, about 100 cases are now reported in this country each year, most in people who’ve spent time in areas where the disease is common, according to the National Library of Medicine. But Dr. Melinda Pettigrew of the Yale School of Public Health tells USA Today that cases could “theoretically” increase in the US as risk factors for unprotected sex are on the rise. “The worst thing we can do is shame people,” she adds. “Then they don’t talk to their partners, they don’t get diagnosed, and they don’t get treated.”

Donovanosis, which is a risk factor for the transmission of HIV, is treated with antibiotics. The CDC notes a relapse is possible six to 18 months following treatment. But without treatment, “extragenital infection can occur with infection extension to the pelvis, or it can disseminate to intra-abdominal organs, bones, or the mouth.” A pharmacist told the Liverpool Echo in 2018 that even a delay in treatment “could cause the flesh around the genitals to literally rot away.” Luckily, donovanosis cases represented just .004% of the 2,554,908 STD cases reported in the US in 2019. More than 1.8 million (72%) of those were chlamydia, and some 616,392 (24%) were gonorrhea, per USA Today.

That is just scary….I mean really…..I am so glad that I am an old fart and sex is not as important to me as it once was….dodged the bullet on this one.

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Saturday News

It is the weekend and as it begins I want to post on the stuff the MSM missed……

On the health front… there a ‘broken heart syndrome’?

The technical term is takotsubo cardiomyopathy, but most would probably know the ailment by its informal name—broken heart syndrome. Now, a new study in the Journal of the American Heart Association finds that cases are on the rise, particularly among women ages 50 to 74, reports WebMD. Don’t be fooled by the nickname: The syndrome is a very real physical problem—and a serious one—though cases are rarely fatal. Still, patients may end up in the ICU for weeks recovering. The ailment is usually preceded by an extreme shock, stress, or loss, and symptoms include chest pain so severe it feels like a heart attack, fainting, and shortness of breath.

The peer-reviewed study shows that while the ailment isn’t common, neither is it as rare as once thought. Researchers found 135,463 US cases from 2006 to 2017, and 88.3% of them involved women 50 or older, per USA Today. In fact, cases were rising most quickly (up at least six-fold) in the 50-to-74 age group of women. Lead researcher Dr. Susan Cheng of Cedars-Sinai Medical Center says the trigger can be something as innocuous as a surprise party or anything from a car accident to a romantic breakup. The formal name speaks to the telltale clue of diagnosis: The heart’s left ventricle changes shape and resembles an octopus pot used by Japanese fishermen called a takotsubo.

“Men and women have different biology and susceptibility to diseases,” says Cheng. “Those differences get exaggerated over time, and in this study, it seems to be applicable here also.” Greater awareness is playing role in the increased diagnoses, but Cheng says still-unidentified environmental factors are probably a factor, too. Future research will try to pinpoint who might be most vulnerable. “There probably is some underlying genetic predisposition,” she says

More news on the real discovery of North America…..

The first permanent settlement of Vikings in North America—a seaside outpost in Newfoundland known as L’Anse aux Meadows—has tantalized archaeologists for more than 60 years. Now, scientists at last have a precise date for the site: Tree rings show a Viking ax felled trees on the North American continent exactly 1000 years ago, in 1021 C.E. The result is a star example of a relatively new dating method using a spike in solar radiation that left its mark in tree rings around the world.

“The precision is astounding,” says Rachel Wood, a radiocarbon scientist at the Australian National University who wasn’t involved in the new study. “The idea to use these short-term sharp fluctuations in radiocarbon … has been around for a few years, but it is great to see it actually being used to date an important archaeological site.”

The Vinland sagas, a pair of Icelandic texts written in the 13th century, describe the Norse explorer Leif Erikson’s expeditions to a land referred to as Vinland. Although the texts contain their fair share of embellishment, most historians agree the sagas show Vikings sailed southwest from Greenland and reached the North American continent sometime at the turn of the millennium. The discovery of a Viking-era archaeological site in 1960 featuring the remains of distinctive Norse-style buildings, a bronze cloak pin, iron nails, and other Viking artifacts bolstered such evidence.

Do you own a leaf blower?

If so you might want to read this…..

A lot of crimes against nature are committed in the name of lawn care. Pesticides are involved. Other practices endanger insects, birds, and plants. But with its high levels of chemical emissions, deafening noise, and unhealthy pollution, Margaret Renkl writes in an opinion piece in the New York Times, the leaf blower stands alone. California is phasing out gas-powered lawn equipment, and should that idea catch on, Renkl doesn’t think the nation—or its lawns—would miss it.

California has stricter emissions standards than the federal ones. Partly because of that, the state has turned the tables, with passenger vehicles’ emissions running below that of other machinery. “Think about that for a minute: Lawn-care equipment creates more pollution in California than cars do,” Renkle says. Most of the equipment uses the outdated two-stroke engine, which holds oil and gas in the same chamber and releases up to one-third of the fuel into the air as unburned aerosol. And that engine is loud.

Some versions produce as much noise as a plane taking off. In total, the equipment burns almost 2.2 billion gallons of gas per year. The dust the blowers kick up contains mold, pollen and chemicals, adding risk of lung cancer, asthma, cardiovascular disease, premature birth, and other problems. “What’s bad for the environment is bad for humans, too—most menacingly, of course, for the employees of landscape services,” Renkle writes, “who are exposed to these dangers all day long.”

Electric leaf blowers are an improvement, Renkle says. But they still take a toll on biodiversity. Renkle says she resists the temptation to fire up a gas-powered engine when leaves start to cover her lawn. “The leaves that fall across every inch of this wild half acre of suburbia are so much prettier than any unnaturally green lawn beaten into submission by stench-spewing machinery,” she writes. Read the full piece here.

On the ironic front…..or ‘karma is a bitch’ category…..

Poaching wild animals isn’t safe for humans, either. Another suspected poacher was found dead in Kruger National Park in South Africa on Thursday, USA Today reports. Just last April, rangers caught three men hunting for rhinoceros and gave chase. One of them was caught, but another one came across a herd of elephants and was trampled to death. Park officials investigating the incident say they think the man was killed by elephants, and that none of the park’s resident wildlife was harmed. In a tweet, representatives for the park said “it is dangerous to hunt illegally in the KNP. Criminals stand to lose their lives and their freedom.” The man’s body was found during an operation in the park organized to crack down on poaching.

Officials say a cell phone was found with the deceased, which authorities are hoping will lead to his accomplices, CBS News reports. Rhinoceros poaching is common in the park, which has lost 70% of its rhinos in the last ten years. Elephant poaching has become so prevalent that the population appears to be evolving, with more and more calves born tuskless. Four rhino poachers were caught Tuesday, though, as part of a recent effort to stop poachers before they actually hunt any animals. COVID travel restrictions have decreased the number of poachers, too, and the park says the number of illegal kills is down 37 percent compared to 2020.

That is all the mundane news you cannot use…..

Enjoy your weekend and have a safe Halloween weekend….

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Closing Thought–29Oct21

As you know this country is becoming more and more divided…..and the rise of hate groups is also a growing problem.

But which state has the highest number of haters?

That would be Montana.

The Southern Poverty Law Center releases data each year on hate groups across America. The 2020 figure was 838. One of the factors in the analysis is that hate groups are divided into groups that range from neo-Nazis to racist skinheads to anti-migrant groups. The study also shows where the groups are located based on years of observation.

The state with the most hate groups is Montana. Here are the details:

Hate groups in 2020: 5.55 per million people (six total)
Percentage of population identifying as white: 85.8 (fifth highest)
Percentage of population foreign-born: 2.3 (third lowest)
Median household income: $57,153 (11th lowest)
Largest hate group headquartered in the state: Last Chance Patriots

What is a hate group according to the study? The study included this definition:

This Is the State With the Most Hate Groups

My state, Mississippi, is number 16…..(I would have thought it would be higher on the list)……

For me this whole division thing is very disturbing…..I am an old fart so I fear that this country will not heal in my lifetime for that reason I fear for my granddaughter in the future.

Please any thoughts?

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All In The Name Of The “Deal”

This year has been a bust for the Dems in Congress….they failed on police reform and voting rights (2 bills) and as the midterms are quickly becoming a thing and the Dems need something to run on the president is willng to gut his famous infrastructure bill to try and help Dem candidates win their re-election.

The answer is as it always is to gut the great legislation to grab that elusive deal between the parties and to pass a bill.

Same as it ever was.

This time around the $3.5 trillion infrastructure bill is being gutted to the tune of 50%……

President Biden declared Thursday he has reached a “historic economic framework” with Democrats in Congress on his sweeping domestic policy package, a dramatically scaled-back deal announced hours before he departs for overseas summits, per the AP. Biden’s remarks at the White House came after he traveled to Capitol Hill to make the case to House Democrats for the still robust domestic package—$1.75 trillion of social services and climate change programs the White House believes can pass the 50-50 Senate. “It will fundamentally change the lives of millions of people for the better,” Biden said at the White House.

Together with a nearly $1 trillion bipartisan infrastructure bill heading for final votes as soon as Thursday, Biden told lawmakers it would be a domestic achievement greater than those from Franklin Roosevelt or Lyndon Johnson. “I need your votes,” Biden told the lawmakers earlier, according to a person who requested anonymity to discuss the private remarks. Biden was eager to have a deal in hand before departing later in the day for global summits. But the revised package has lost some of the Democrats’ top priorities as the president’s ambitions make way for the political realities of the narrowly divided Congress.

  • Out: Paid family leave and efforts to lower prescription drug pricing are now gone entirely from the package, according to senior administration officials.
  • Still in the mix: Free prekindergarten for all youngsters, expanded health care programs—including the launch of a $35 billion new hearing aid benefit for people with Medicare—and $555 billion to tackle climate change. There’s also a one-year extension of a child care tax credit that was put in place during the COVID-19 rescue and new child care subsidies. An additional $100 billion to bolster the immigration and border processing system could boost the overall package to $1.85 trillion if it clears Senate rules.
  • The Hill has a comprehensive look at what’s in and what’s out.

This is not a done deal but it is close….but it ain’t over til the fat white guys vote.

I guess the old political saying still rings true….”something is better than nothing”…..unfortunately I do not think this will be the vote getter that the Dems think it will….2022 will be a bad year for Dems.

I am not disappointed for this is typical legislative drama that is in there for the optics these days.

And you wonder why the country has not moved forward….look no further than the legislative process and the unwillingness of the players to ‘stick tom their guns’.

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Covid Side Effect

Closing Thought–28Oct21

I know….I know…..there has been TMI on the pandemic….I mean ….really?

I decider that this side effect should be reported since the government spent decades convincing the public that this ‘addiction’ was ruining our health…..

The side effect I speak of is smoking.

The pandemic wasn’t good for America’s lungs in more ways than one. CNN reports that cigarette sales ticked up for the first time in two decades, per the FTC’s annual Cigarette Report. The increase was a nominal one—just 0.4%—but it marks a reversal in the downward trend we’ve been seeing since 2000. In 2020, some 203.7 billion cigarettes were sold to wholesalers and retailers in America, up by 8 million from 2019. Smokeless tobacco sales also inched up, from 126.0 million pounds in 2019 to 126.9 million pounds in 2020.

The FTC report didn’t provide any theories on the uptick, but CNN reports the rise aligns with other changes in consumer behavior during the pandemic, such as increased consumption of alcohol. NPR flags an April 2020 report from Bloomberg that noted Q1 sales for Marlboro-maker Altria were up due in part to “bulk purchases—what the company calls ‘pantry loading,'” suggesting consumers were stocking up on more than toilet paper. But NPR reports the trajectory isn’t likely to stay upward. Nielsen data suggests that is the case, with Bloomberg reporting that for the four-week period ending Oct. 9, cigarette volumes were down 9.4% as compared to the same time last year.

Booze and smokes are a side effect that for me is understandable.

Be Well……

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“Looters” Not “Victims”

Yesterday the news was a buzz from something a federal judge instructed a jury in the thug Rittenhouse’s trial…..

Kyle Rittenhouse’s trial starts Monday, and you won’t hear the two men he fatally shot during protests in Kenosha, Wisconsin, referred to as “victims.” The judge in the case has a standard policy barring people from being called “victims” until an actual conviction, USA Today reports, and he said that using the term in this case would be “loaded,” per the Washington Post. However, when prosecutors asked that defense attorneys be prohibited from referring to the two men as “looters, rioters, arsonists or any other pejorative term,” the judge declined to make such an order.

“Let the evidence show what it shows,” was all he said. Prosecutors argued the terms should not be used unless there’s specific evidence Joseph Rosenbaum or Anthony Huber engaged in those activities. Rittenhouse, who was 17 when the shootings took place last year, has pleaded not guilty to homicide in both of their deaths as well as not guilty to attempted homicide of Gaige Grosskreutz, who was shot and wounded. His lawyers are expected to argue he acted in self-defense amid protests over the police shooting of Jacob Blake. Columnist Will Bunch runs down the judge’s controversial history in a Twitter thread (that ultimately calls for his removal) here.


The dead will be put on trial to save the life of a murderer?

This sounds a lot like one of those ‘activist judges’ that conserv are so worried about…..

This should be sound grounds for an appeal to overturn the ruling…..

Does anybody ever heard of judge Hoffman?  Think Chicago 7 trial and the total bigotry of a presiding judge.

Let’s be honest….this is a judge wanting to effect the outcome of the trial….time for this slug to go!

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Closing Thought–27Oct21

Do you still need proof that the GOP is down a rabbit hole?

Then this ought to put the question to bed.

Wisconsin is a hot bed to stupid…and now it gets even more stupid and pathetic…..

A GOP gubernatorial candidate in Wisconsin is calling on Republicans to “hire mercenaries” to engage in “ballot harvesting” to win 2022 elections.

Rebecca Kleefisch, who served as lieutenant governor for eight years and is vying to unseat Democratic Gov. Tony Evers next year, made the comments on Saturday during a speech to Republicans in Door County, according to audio of her remarks obtained by the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.

The newspaper reported that Kleefisch “said the methods she needs to use to win bother her so much she will need to wash herself with steel wool.”

“If her campaign strategy works, she said she would quickly sign legislation overhauling how elections are conducted,” according to Journal Sentinel.

“We execute with excellence, we will beat them at their own game. And the next morning, we all wake up, take a shower with steel wool, and then, after swearing in in January … (the Legislature) is going to pass all these bills again, and then I’m going to sign them all. And we will never do elections like that again, but this is how we win,” Kleefisch said.

“If you are recording, I don’t want you to put this part online to share with Democrats, OK? It is about election strategy,” she added. “What I’m about to say may feel ugly to you guys.”

According to the newspaper, Kleefisch then talked about “ballot harvesting” and hiring “mercenaries.”

I wish I could say that these statements are shocking….but these days the GOP  candidates just try to out stupid each other daily.

Anybody that buys into this insanity and votes for any of these d/bags then I question their mental capabilities.

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Murder Of The Middle Class

There is a slow and torturous murder being inflicted on the Middle Class in this country.

Since the last half of the 20th century the Middle Class has been struggling to maintain the position and the life that they have been enjoying since the invention of the Middle Class….and sadly it is a losing battle.

Corporations have been chipping away at the Middle Class status with the help of the government….and it began in earnest with the election of Reagan in 1980.

Forty years ago, on August 5, 1981, President Ronald Reagan fired 11,345 striking air traffic controllers and barred them from ever working again for the federal government. By October of that year, the Professional Air Traffic Controllers Organization, or PATCO, the union that had called the strike, had been decertified and lay in ruins. The careers of most of the individual strikers were similarly dead: While Bill Clinton lifted Reagan’s ban on strikers in 1993, fewer than 10 percent were ever rehired by the Federal Aviation Administration.

PATCO was dominated by Vietnam War-era veterans who’d learned air traffic control in the military and were one of a vanishingly small number of unions to endorse Reagan in 1980, thereby scoring one of the greatest own goals in political history. It’s easy to imagine strikers expressing the same sentiments as a Trump voter who famously lamented, “I thought he was going to do good things. He’s not hurting the people he needs to be hurting.”

I have written many posts on the death of the Middle Class…..

What’s Killing the American Middle Class?

Who Or What Killed The Middle Class?

The American middle class is dying.

In 2015, it dipped below 50% of the population for the first time since data collection started on the issue. It’s now an official minority group.

Meanwhile, nearly half of Americans don’t have enough money to cover a surprise $400 expense. Many are living paycheck to paycheck, with little to no cushion. And US homes are less affordable than they’ve been in decades—possibly ever.

I’ll tell you why this is happening and how to secure your spot among the “haves” in a moment. But first, let’s take a look at the America that was.

The Long Death of America’s Middle Class

Centrism and corporate control of the government is killing the Middle class….not long from now there will be little left of what use to be the jewel of the American economy… it is all about the shareholders and cash….the workers mean NOTHING.

I do not see a reversal of this trend….since cash drives the politics in this country it will only get worse.

Be Smart!

Learn Stuff!

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Who’s The ‘Socialist’ Now?

Closing Thought–26Oct21

How many years have we had to endure the lies and manure spread by the GOP about those damn socialists?

Well for at least the 50 years that I have been writing about our f*cked up politics.

Looks like the worm  is turning (as they say)….

The GOP is trying desperately to convince the working class that they are the way forward…well at least for the next couple of elections….

Republican candidates running for president often start by declaring that the economy under a Democratic president is in horrible shape — a veritable “carnage” as Donald Trump put it — even though it wasn’t, and with supreme confidence declare that only they have the vision to right the ship.

Their vision — or delusion — is that cutting regulations and taxes is the key to stimulating growth. Unfortunately, the only ones who get “stimulated” are the rich who see the biggest gains from tax cuts.

I have previously shown how tax cuts have not helped the working class. Take a look at this graph. The bottom 50 percent of workers did not see any income gains during the 1980s from Ronald Reagan’s huge tax cuts enacted in 1981.

It is a smoke screen to help their corporate owners get much ‘benefits’ from the government.

Sorry sports fans but the solutions to our domestic problems whether it is poverty, hunger or homelessness will not be solved by corporate America….the real ruling party in this country.

And these problems will not be solved by Congress either….their ineffective governance is a by-product of their corporate ownership.

There are solutions but few want to think about….

Liberals and progressives would do well to understand that while class is not everything – far from it, as I shall argue below – there are still no real or lasting solutions to problems that rightly agitate them under capitalism and bourgeois democracy, that is, under the de facto material dictatorship of the capitalist class and its mode of production. Take the giant American problem of racial inequality and oppression. Does it have a certain real life of its own, one that should not simply be reduced to class in economistic ways? Sure. Of course. Go to any major US city and observe how residence and employment and the lack of both are apportioned and spaced by race. Look at the long and continuing legacies of Black chattel slavery and its ugly stepchild Jim Crow: the de facto racial apartheid, separate and unequal settlement, schooling, and investment patterns that are endemic across the United States along with racially disparate mass incarceration and felony marking and numerous other and interrelated practices and policies wired to produce savagely disparate outcomes by race. Look at the dogged denial of race and systemic white racism’s continuing central relevance in American life on the part of millions of right-wing white Amerikaners, whose politics are shaped at their core by absurd narratives of white victimization and a fear of white demographic encirclement. Race has a terrible space and life of its own in the US. Race matters. It matters a lot.

No Solutions Under Capitalism: Revolution is Required

Dems have a limo dick approach….they wait for the GOP to attack and then they get outraged and counter attack…..but their attack is a haphazard attempt to look engaged….they are not.

The GOP plays the long game on their issues and Dems sleep through their time and react when it is way too late….and there is you main problem….Dems are just as owned by corporations as the GOP….they have NO interest in bucking their donors and owners.

Dems are the biggest problems of our society…..

Turn The Page!

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Means Testing

The buzzword used by GOPers and conserv Dems to stop people from getting the help they need.

What is this policy to prevents people from assistance?

A means test is a method for determining whether someone qualifies for financial assistance to obtain a service or good, for instance, welfare payments. It looks at the means, or monetary resources, a person has available to them to pay for a particular service or good, then determines that person’s access to financial assistance based on their ability to pay for it.

The Senate is in the middle of reconciliation which means that conserv Dems will screw the rest of us….hard and steady.

Personally I am against such programs….and I am not alone……

As Democrats weigh what to include — and what to cut — in their budget reconciliation bill, lawmakers are grappling with an existential question: who should qualify for vastly expanded social services.

Sen. Joe Manchin (D-WV) is among the moderate Democrats who have pushed to prevent the well-off and wealthy from receiving benefits like universal pre-K or free community college, as lawmakers try to get the $3.5 trillion bill closer to $2 trillion. “I cannot accept our economy or basically our society moving to an entitlement mentality,” Manchin said in late September.

But this call for means testing, policy parlance for limiting eligibility for social programs based on income, overlooks a few problems, experts say. Means-tested benefits can actually be more expensive to provide, harder to sell politically, and less effective than universal social programs, and they can place both a social stigma and discouraging bureaucratic requirements on Americans in need.

Means testing have also long been associated with a moral argument that some segments of the population are deserving of government benefits, while others are not. This idea undercuts the belief that a social safety net is intended to help support those broadly in need, and shifts the burden onto individuals to prove that they’re worthy of getting basic help.

I have a hard time with this burden of proof thing…..we do not seem to demand such proof from our representatives….we just roll over and play dead as they go about screwing your neighbors.

We need Medicare For All….

Time for the American people to learn to get involved with the government beyond some beauty contest ever 2 to 4 years.

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