Is The Minimum Wage Dead?

The pandemic bill passed the House and included a $15 minimum wage section….and then it went to the chamber of rich f*cks known as the US Senate…..and like all other good ideas… dead.

The Dems caved to the cowards in the party…..and here are those COWARDS for all to see…..


Remember their names for their next election…..

The political drama began with that idiot Ron Johnson of Wisconsin that wanted the bill read aloud for the record……

Before President Biden’s $1.9 trillion COVID-19 relief bill can be voted on by the Senate, all 628 pages had to be read aloud by clerks. That was Republican Sen. Ron Johnson’s idea, USA Today reports. He said he doesn’t like much of what’s in the bill, so it’s important to delay the vote so Americans can learn its contents. “So often we rush these massive bills,” Johnson said. Polls show broad public support for the bill, so Democratic Sen. Chuck Schumer said reading the provisions aloud, which began Thursday at 3:21pm, per the New York Times, was fine with him and that there would eventually be a vote. “No matter how long it takes, the Senate is going to stay in session to finish the bill this week,” the majority leader said, per the Washington Post. The vote might not take place until the weekend. So how long did it take? Fox News reports the reading concluded at 2:05am Friday.

At least Bernie tried to save the $15 but as usual the Dems made the difference… failed…..

Sen. Bernie Sanders tried again for a $15 federal minimum wage Friday but was undercut by a handful of Democrats. On a 58-42 vote—though the final count could change—the Senate rejected an attempt to slip the minimum wage increase into President Biden’s $1.9 trillion COVID-19 relief bill, the Hill reports. (Sanders was trying to find a way around this decision by the Senate parliamentarian.) After falling two votes short, Sanders said he’ll try something else. “If anybody thinks that we’re giving up on this issue, they are sorely mistaken,” he said. “The American people understand that we cannot continue to have millions of people working for starvation wages.” Sen. Joe Manchin, who’s in position to decided the fate of a lot of legislation, was among the Democrats who voted against Sanders’ measure.

The others were Sens. Chris Coons, Kyrsten Sinema, Jon Tester, Jeanne Shaheen, Maggie Hassan, and Tom Carper. Independent Angus King sided with them. Sinema said she backs raising the minimum wage but wants it debated on its own, apart from pandemic relief, per Politico. A spokesman for the organization Justice Democrats criticized the group of senators for telling “millions of essential workers earning poverty wages that they are ‘heroes’ but they don’t deserve a $15 minimum wage.” A Senate candidate in next year’s election, Pennsylvania Lt. Gov. John Fetterman, said “every single senator who voted against a $15 minimum wage today should be forced to live on $7.25 an hour so that they can demonstrate to all of us how it’s possible.

Remember their names!

For those that want more depth analysis…..

I am sure that with this failure Bernie will lead the way for future attempts…..

Sad that a pack of rabid idiots that have more money than most of us….cannot bring themselves to help out working families.

Maybe these twats should have to work for $15 an hour for six months……time to rid ourselves of the Senate and go to a unicameral system……maybe then progress can be made to move this country forward.

Any Thoughts?

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5 thoughts on “Is The Minimum Wage Dead?

  1. Sad that people earning so much money for doing so little resent giving people $15 an hour for working hard.
    But that has been the story of ‘civilisation’ ever since we crawled out of the caves. Only revolution will change that.
    Best wishes, Pete.

  2. All employment should be a contract between the employer and the employed, should be negotiated between the parties and signed, sealed and delivered with working conditions, terms of employment and agreed upon wages and advancement spelled out in black and white before employment ever commences. It should all be “At-Will” employment negotiated on a contractual basis between the parties.No government interference in wage structures or in retail prices for that matter. Let each party to these agreements get the best deal they can get and live with it.

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