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Golden Idol For Sale

That effigy of Donald the Orange that was on display at CPAC for all the attendees to worship at the feet is now for sale….

The breakout star at the Conservative Political Action Conference taking place in Orlando is from Mexico. A gold, 200-pound statue of former President Trump has drawn a selfie-taking crowd since it arrived in a hotel lobby Thursday evening, CNN reports. As popular as it is, there’s been a backlash even to inanimate Trump. For one thing, there’s some awkwardness to a statue suggesting Trump brings manufacturing jobs back to the US—he’s holding a magic wand, a reference to a quote from former President Obama—being an import. And there’s a religious argument to be made about the sculpture that’s showing up online. Tommy Zegan, an American who lives in Mexico, per the Hill, explained his symbolism. “The coat and tie is the fact that he’s a professional, he’s a businessman,” the artist said. “The red tie symbolizes he’s a Republican. The red, white, and blue is that he’s a patriot. The fact that he’s wearing thongs and shorts is that he’s at the age where he should be retired. He should be at the beach right now.”

Online art and political critics cited the false idol teaching of the Old Testamant, in which Moses destroys a golden calf being worshipped by Israelites in his absence. God’s wrath upon the Israelites followed. Some said Republicans are worshipping a false idol through their loyalty to Trump, who falsely claims to have been reelected, per MarketWatch. “If only there were some sacred text, one most people at CPAC claimed allegiance to, that very explicitly warns against making golden idols,” one tweet said. “I know the biblical definition of an idol,” Zegan answered, per Mediaite. “This is not an idol. This is a sculpture.” The likeness displayed at CPAC’s hotel is just the fiberglass mold of the statue, Zegan said, and it’s for sale for $100,000. He’s got the real stainless steel sculpture in a warehouse in Tampa. The statue took him and helpers six months to make and cost his life savings of $50,000. “It is museum-quality, and that’s the one I’m eventually hoping to get in the Trump library,” Zegan said.

Made in Mexico?


Now who will be the proud owner of the golden idol of the the GOP?

On a side note…I have been waiting for all those religious bloggers to actually say something about this ‘idol’….and yet the sound of crickets prevail.

Place your bids before it is too late.

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This Apathetic Nation

It is like deja vu all over again.

Recently I gave my thoughts on this since the election of Joe Biden……read my thoughts here……

People, at least those here, were so concerned about the direction under the Trump leadership(?)…..and since the election of Biden the sound of crickets is prevalent.

Look at the past week…..the Super Bowl was the most important topic for discussion….like however won the game would change the face of the nation… did not and all it accomplished was the possibility of a super spreader for the pandemic that we all are trying to avoid…..well apparently NOT all.

In 1995 I gave up writing for a decade because few could see the direction of the country was spiraling downward and few could care less….was like people thought that since they had shelter and food the whole country was in great shape… issues meant nothing to these people.

After a decade of silence on my part I could stand the deafening apathetic attitudes of the American people and in 2005 I started trying to educate about the problems that were building just under the skin of the republic.

For example the rise in GOP led policies that try and limit voting by people that might vote Dem…..

Since former President Donald Trump failed to reverse the outcome of the 2020 presidential election, Republicans in more than two dozen states have introduced over 100 bills to restrict voting access, an alarming development that voting rights advocates have pointed to as yet another reason for Democrats to abolish the filibuster, an anti-democratic tool currently allowing the GOP minority to block the enactment of a suite of popular pro-democracy reforms.

Mother Jones journalist Ari Berman on Thursday reported on the GOP’s ongoing nationwide push to make voting more difficult—particularly for communities of color and other Democratic-leaning constituencies—and in some cases to empower state legislatures to overturn election results. He called state-level Republicans’ efforts “a huge scandal that should be getting as much attention as Trump’s plot to overturn the election.”

Already this year, 106 bills have been introduced in 28 states—including 17 under complete GOP control, where passage is more likely—to undermine access to the franchise. According to the Brennan Center’s report, “These proposals primarily seek to: (1) limit mail voting access; (2) impose stricter voter ID requirements; (3) limit successful pro-voter registration policies; and (4) enable more aggressive voter roll purges.”

And yet the minds are closed….and NO one gives a crap.

Another example…..about 12% of Americans live below poverty line and yet the nation is perfectly fine with CEOs getting multi-million dollar bonuses while wrecking the economy… that is pathetic if it weren’t disgusting.

This nation gets dumber and more apathetic by the year…shades of the movie Idiocracy.

I blame my generation, the Baby Boomers, for these problems….we brought about the Me Generation where my personal life was more important than the nation…..we have tunnel vision…..we think that if we give to the Red Cross (for example) then we have done our part….and we give only because it can be a tax write off not that it benefits the people of this country.

After 15 years of trying to wake people up I am having the same apprehension I had back in 1995…..NO one cares anymore.

My grandfather had the perfect saying that expertly describes these dark days…..”When you teach pigs to dance you accomplish two things…first you waste your time and secondly you PISS off the pig”.

Maybe I would be more pleased if I just learned to “give a shit” like the majority…but sadly I was taught better than that….so for now I will continue to lecturing and point out the manure we are creating for ourselves.




CPAC 2021–Final Day

The big night for CPAC…..the Donald emerges from the fog of the 2020 election…..


But before they start all must bow to the golden idol… the god of the GOP…..


Waiting for those damn evangelicals to offer up a biblical verse…..(sound of crickets)……

I skipped Day two of the CPAC because it can be summed up as Different Day, Same Sh*t….all kiss the kings ass speech after speech.

The final day (mercifully)….and the speakers are the biggest airbags on the planet….

Former White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders

Former Arkansas governor Mike Huckabee

Former National Economic Council director Larry Kudlow

Former US president Trump

Let’s begin with the speech from ex-Pres. Trump…….

Taking the stage for the first time since leaving office, former President Trump on Sunday called for Republican Party unity in a speech at a conservative political conference, even as he exacerbated its divisions and made clear he intended to remain a dominant force in the party. Trump used his speech at the Conservative Political Action Conference, where he has been hailed as a returning hero, to blast his successor, President Joe Biden, and try to cement his status as the party’s undisputed leader despite his loss in November, the AP reports. “Do you miss me yet?” Trump said after taking the stage, where his old rally soundtrack had been playing. “I stand before you today to declare that the incredible journey we begun together … is far from being over.” Though Trump has flirted with the idea of creating a third party, he pledged to remain part of what he called “our beloved party,” saying, “I’m going to continue to fight right by your side. We’re not starting new parties. We have the Republican Party. It’s going to be strong and united like never before.”

The conference, held this year in Orlando instead of the Washington suburbs because of COVID-19 restrictions, has been a tribute to Trump and Trumpism, complete with a golden statue in his likeness. Speakers, including many potential 2024 hopefuls, have argued the party must embrace the former president and his followers, even after the deadly insurrection at the US Capitol on Jan. 6. And they have repeated his unfounded claims that he lost his bid for reelection only because the election was “rigged.” The conference’s annual unscientific straw poll of just over 1,000 attendees found that 97% approve of the job Trump did as president. But they were much more ambiguous about whether he should run again, with 68% saying he should. Speaking of the current US president, who defeated him in November, Trump said: “Joe Biden has had the most disastrous first month of any president in modern history.”

Nothing new in that speech….the same rhetoric as always…..and the same lame language he has become known for……

Then there was the straw poll….and Trump won 55%…..I would have thought it would be larger with all the Trump sycophants in attendance…..

Who does CPAC want to win the presidential election in 2024? The same person who won it in 2016. Former President Donald Trump on Sunday won the Conservative Political Action Conference straw poll, with 55% of respondents saying that if the election were held today, they’d vote for him. Coming in second, per the Hill, was Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis with 21%, followed by South Dakota Gov. Kristi Noem with 4%. Per the New York Times, just 68% of respondents said they wanted Trump to run again, while a whopping 95% said they wanted the GOP to continue to advance his policies and agenda. The poll results were announced just before Trump’s big speech.

The secret ballots were submitted by a group of current and former elected officials, activists, writers, and others—generally representative of the Republican Party’s far-right wing, the Times notes, meaning attendees were likely to be disproportionately Trump fans. Indeed, his approval rating among CPAC attendees was 97%, and a massive 87% of respondents said they strongly approve of him. CPAC straw polls don’t have a great record in terms of actually predicting future nominees; Sen. Rand Paul won three consecutive years before Election 2016, and his presidential campaign that time around only made it through the Iowa caucuses.

Could we be witnessing of the Grand Old Party death throes?

Watch This Blog!

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The “Grand Old Party”

Before I bring you my post on the final day of CPAC….I would like to know what do people know about the GOP…..that is beyond the party of Lincoln and Trump….

You probably know that there are two major political parties….the Dems and the Repubs…..and right now there is a big debate going on within the GOP because of the influence of Trump.

But let us look at the history of the GOP.

What do you know about the party?

Most people know the Lincoln was the first GOP candidate and later president…..but there is so much more….

Trying times spawn new forces. The Missouri Compromise of 1820 divided the country at the 36° 30′ parallel between the pro-slavery, agrarian South and anti-slavery, industrial North, creating an uneasy peace which lasted for three decades. This peace was shattered in 1854 by the Kansas-Nebraska Act. Settlers would decide if their state would be free or slave. Northern leaders such as Horace Greeley, Salmon Chase and Charles Sumner could not sit back and watch the flood of pro-slavery settlers cross the parallel. A new party was needed.

Salmon Chase
Salmon Chase

Where was the party born? Following the publication of the “Appeal of Independent Democrats” in major newspapers, spontaneous demonstrations occurred. In early 1854, the first proto-Republican Party meeting took place in Ripon, Wisconsin. On July 6, 1854 on the outskirts of Jackson, Michigan upwards of 10,000 people turned out for a mass meeting “Under the Oaks.” This led to the first organizing convention in Pittsburgh on February 22, 1856.

The gavel fell to open the party’s first nominating convention, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, on June 17, 1856, announcing the birth of the Republican Party as a unified political force.

Know the history of the party that you pretend to support…..

The GOP was a noble party that had a great run…..that is until about 1980 when it started weaponizing religion and hatred…..

Be Smart!

Learn Stuff!

I Read, I Write, You Know

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