“I’m Still In Jail!” “It’s Not Fair!”

Closing Thought–05Mar21

WE all have heard of the insurrection that occurred on 06 January….and law enforcement has arrest hundreds for their part in the breach of the police line around the Capitol.

The last offender that has not been released from incarceration was in court and made a terrible impression on the judge…..

A man charged with breaking into House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s office during the Jan. 6 attack on the US Capitol exploded in anger during a hearing Thursday, forcing a recess. Richard Barnett, 60, was photographed at a desk in Pelosi’s offce during the riot, a stun gun on his belt. The Arkansas man is also charged with stealing Pelosi’s mail, the New York Times reports. Barnett, who wants to be released on bond, was appearing on video in Federal District Court in Washington. He began yelling as the judge set his next court date in May.

“They’re dragging this out!” Barnett shouted. “They’re letting everybody else out!” He yelled at his lawyers, as well as the judge, that it wasn’t fair and that he didn’t want to stay behind bars for “another month.” Judge Christopher Cooper called a recess for Barnett to cool down, then told him he’d consider a new request to be released on bond, once his lawyers filed it. Barnett has pleaded not guilty, per the Democrat Gazette.

Read more……https://www.rawstory.com/capitol-rioters/

He is the last of the arrested insurrectionists still in jail….that is a crime…all of them should be still in jail.

I say screw him…let him rot in jail maybe he will learn how to think.

On another story…the famous QAnon shaman is begging for leniency….


Because he stop a muffin theft.

Yep a muffin thief.

The notorious “QAnon Shaman” has insisted his actions during the Capitol riot were not an attack on the United States—and that he can prove it because he stopped other rioters from stealing muffins.

Jacob Chansley, who became arguably the most infamous Capitol rioter due to his furry and be-horned costume, has given a bizarre interview to CBS News in his latest attempt to beg for mercy.


How silly is this defense?

My grandfather use to say…”If you gonna be stupid you need to be tough”…..

Morons each and everyone!

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Are Conservative Principles Dead?

To answer my question….I think they are very dead and sadly they did not die a noble death.

For years I have pointed to the GOP 1956 platform as something that was issues that ALL Americans could support….

The Devolution of the GOP, From Eisenhower to Donald Trump

But let us look deeper into the party platform…


Those were the good old days for the GOP……

If you watched the CPAC 2021 then you heard nothing about principles….onlyn hat the election was stolen and Dems hate the country and Trump is the second coming of a savior…..where were those conservatives principles?


What are those conservatives principles of which I speak?

So sad that Repubs NO longer embrace the principles that made the GOP a great party.

Principles that they, the GOP, seldom followed after they embraced them vigorously.

All the GOP has left is a deep hatred of any Liberal…gone are the days of noble principles.

But let’s look at those now defunct principles one at a time……

Strong Families–without a good education or a good paying job the family cannot be strong and BS about abortion or which bathroom one should use does nothing to make a family strong.

Principled Innovated Leadership–The GOP has had NO innovations since 1956

Limited Government–This is nothing but a tagline these days…the GOP has expanded spending for decades….especially with war.

Honest Compassion–All Compassion left the party in 1980 with the election of Reagan.

Freedom–Subjective at best and is nothing but a campaign slogan or some theatrics from Ted Cruz.

Quality Education–Education has been in decline since the 1990s…so this principle no longer applies.

Rugged Individualism–This principle died with Trump….and the importance of social media.  These days it all about “me”…..no concern for the country or its people….as long as they get what they want then screw everyone else.

Personal Responsibility–No longer important in the days of social media that controls all for the party.

Opportunity For All–as long as one is white….minorities continue you to suffer….so the compassion thing comes into light again.

Conservative principles are dead….and looks like will be gone forever.  All they have left is political games that smack of reality TV.

More thoughts on the death of true conservatism….




As a student of political philosophy I have been telling people that conservatism is no longer active or relevant….especially in the 21st century.

Any thoughts?

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How To Strengthen Social Security

For years we have been bombarded by the narrative the the Social Security system is broke and will eventually fail….this has been a Repub narrative for as long as I can remember….and yet SS goes on and on….

But if you want to sure up the system then maybe eliminating the cut-off point for paying into it….and everyone regardless pays into it.

Those are the simple ones…but those are unacceptable to politicians because the wealthy do not want to buy into the system.

Here is yet another way to help strengthen the system….

What does the minimum wage have to do with Social Security? On the surface, they might seem like unrelated issues. After all, the minimum wage is for workers and Social Security is for people who’ve stopped working due to old age or disability. But in fact, the two are closely linked—and raising the minimum wage to a $15/hour living wage would strengthen Social Security.

Social Security is extremely popular, effective, and efficient, but it has one major flaw—benefits are too low. Raising the minimum wage would be a big step towards fixing this problem. That’s because the more money workers pay into Social Security, the greater their future benefits. In other words, raising the minimum wage doesn’t just increase workers’ current compensation. It also increases their future compensation: Social Security.

In practice, this means that a $15 minimum wage will increase the future Social Security benefits of low-income workers by up to $5100 a year. That translates to millions of seniors and people with disabilities who won’t have to cut their medications in half in order to afford groceries.

Raising the minimum wage would also bolster the Social Security trust funds. When workers earn more, they contribute more into Social Security. A $15 minimum wage would generate over $130 billion for our Social Security system by 2035. But the same Republicans who endlessly demand cuts to Social Security so it doesn’t go “bankrupt” (which is impossible) refuse to support a living wage.

The benefits to Social Security are just one of many reasons why we need to update the minimum wage to $15. It will make millions of workers and their families more economically secure. It will pump billions of dollars into communities across the country. And it will save money on means-tested assistance programs.


One final thought……

If you are one of the struggling families during this pandemic…..these are the Reps that voted against you getting help…..remember their names in 2022 and send them packing…..

Let us not forget the two cowards in the Democratic Party that voted against the bill…..The two Democrats who sided with the GOP were Rep. Jared Golden, who represents Maine’s 2nd District, and Rep. Kurt Shrader, who represents Oregon’s 5th District.

Please keep these names handy and vote their worthless asses out of Congress….they do not deserve you respect or support because they do either for you.

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Our Failing Infrastructure

Different president–Same problems—Little solutions…..

Once again the biggest problem in the US in search of a solution is our failing infrastructure….every president likes to thumping their chest like a crazed primate about infrastructure and then the sound of crickets once they get elected.

I have written about the problems in the past…..https://lobotero.com/2020/12/09/infrastructure-again/

And yes Uncle Joe has a plan for this problem……this from his website….his plan includes…..

Biden will make far-reaching investments in:

  • Infrastructure: Create millions of good, union jobs rebuilding America’s crumbling infrastructure – from roads and bridges to green spaces and water systems to electricity grids and universal broadband – to lay a new foundation for sustainable growth, compete in the global economy, withstand the impacts of climate change, and improve public health, including access to clean air and clean water.
  • Auto Industry: Create 1 million new jobs in the American auto industry, domestic auto supply chains, and auto infrastructure, from parts to materials to electric vehicle charging stations, positioning American auto workers and manufacturers to win the 21st century; and invest in U.S. auto workers to ensure their jobs are good jobs with a choice to join a union.
  • Transit: Provide every American city with 100,000 or more residents with high-quality, zero-emissions public transportation options through flexible federal investments with strong labor protections that create good, union jobs and meet the needs of these cities – ranging from light rail networks to improving existing transit and bus lines to installing infrastructure for pedestrians and bicyclists.
  • Power Sector: Move ambitiously to generate clean, American-made electricity to achieve a carbon pollution-free power sector by 2035. This will enable us to meet the existential threat of climate change while creating millions of jobs with a choice to join a union.
  • Buildings: Upgrade 4 million buildings and weatherize 2 million homes over 4 years, creating at least 1 million good-paying jobs with a choice to join a union; and also spur the building retrofit and efficient-appliance manufacturing supply chain by funding direct cash rebates and low-cost financing to upgrade and electrify home appliances and install more efficient windows, which will cut residential energy bills.
  • Housing: Spur the construction of 1.5 million sustainable homes and housing units.
  • Innovation: Drive dramatic cost reductions in critical clean energy technologies, including battery storage, negative emissions technologies, the next generation of building materials, renewable hydrogen, and advanced nuclear – and rapidly commercialize them, ensuring that those new technologies are made in America.
  • Agriculture and Conservation: Create jobs in climate-smart agriculture, resilience, and conservation, including 250,000 jobs plugging abandoned oil and natural gas wells and reclaiming abandoned coal, hardrock, and uranium mines – providing good work with a choice to join or continue membership in a union in hard hit communities, including rural communities, reducing leakage of toxics, and preventing local environmental damage.
  • Environmental Justice: Ensure that environmental justice is a key consideration in where, how, and with whom we build – creating good, union, middle-class jobs in communities left behind, righting wrongs in communities that bear the brunt of pollution, and lifting up the best ideas from across our great nation – rural, urban, and tribal.

All impressive plans….very aggressive and much needed…..

The latest findings by the American Society of Civil Engineers paints a dire picture of our infrastructure….

America’s infrastructure has scored near-failing grades for its deteriorating roads, public transit, and storm water systems due to years of inaction from the federal government, the American Society of Civil Engineers reports. Its overall grade: a mediocre C-, a slight improvement from its D+ grade in 2017, reports the AP. In its “Infrastructure Report Card” released Wednesday, the group called for “big and bold” relief, estimating it would cost $5.9 trillion over the next decade to bring roads, bridges, and airports to a safe and sustainable level. That’s about $2.6 trillion more than what government and the private sector already spend. More:

  • Of the 17 categories making up the overall grade, 11 were in the D range that indicated a “significant deterioration” with a “strong risk of failure.” Four areas got Cs: bridges, which dropped from a C+ to a C in 2021, energy, drinking water, and solid waste. Just two areas—ports and rail—scored higher, with a B- and B, respectively.
  • Though they scored a C, NPR reports bridges are a major area of concern, with the report noting that 42% of the country’s 617,000 bridges are more than 50 years old, and 7% of all bridges are rated “structurally deficient,” meaning they’re in bad shape.
  • According to the report card, the nation is only paying about half of what it needs to lift overall US infrastructure to an acceptable “B” level. Left unaddressed, America’s overdue infrastructure bill by 2039 will cost the average American household $3,300 a year, or $63 a week, the group said.
  • President Biden’s administration and lawmakers in recent weeks have begun laying the groundwork for a long-sought boost to the nation’s roads, bridges, and other infrastructure of $2 trillion or more, to be unveiled after Congress approves legislation on COVID-19 relief.
  • Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg, who has been meeting with lawmakers about the effort, has said the aim would be to rejuvenate the post-coronavirus pandemic economy and boost crumbling roads and bridges while encouraging alternative forms of transportation to cars, as well as create thousands of green jobs by making environmentally friendly retrofits and public works improvements. “This report card is a warning and a call to action,” Buttigieg told the AP.

All this near disastrous findings and what does the Biden admin do?

Do they upgrade the bridges or electric grid or support public transportation?  NO!

The decide to give Texas (of all places) a new toll road……Buttigieg announced on Tuesday the first low-cost federal transportation loan in the Biden administration, up to $448 million to Texas for toll-road projects in Austin to ease congestion, touting bike-friendly features such as a planned 10-foot-wide paved sidewalk for cyclists and pedestrians with access to trails.

I will be watching and reading to see just how important this is to the new admin.

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