The Mississippi Aquarium

My final post on this Saturday….is one of congrats to the new Mississippi Aquarium that open September 2020 on the day that Katrina destroyed the Coast.

Gulfport’s very own Mississippi Aquarium has reeled in one very prestigious recognition.

It looks like they’re big fish now as they ranked number four by USA Today as one of the top ten in the category ‘Best New Attraction.’

They were selected by a poll with people from all over the country voting. The aquarium is thrilled to receive this award, especially considering they’ve only been open since September 1st.

While the fish, alligators, and birds probably had something to do with it, the aquarium says they’re really thankful for the people. Mississippi Aquarium President and CEO Kurt Allen said, “Our community support in Gulfport and the state has been tremendous. We have over 6,000 members already supporting us in our mission. Everything we’ve done is built on education, conservation, and community. So, we’re always trying to foster a relationship in those three areas. Everything has been really, really positive so far.”


I offer my congrats for a job well done.

But there is a problem……

Us mere peasants cannot afford to visit the attraction… cost $30 dollars per visit….no discounts for locals that would generate more income in my opinion.

Other than that it is a marvelous attraction for our visitors.

Have a good day… well….be safe….

“lego ergo scribo”

2 thoughts on “The Mississippi Aquarium

  1. It looks wonderful, though I agree $30 is a steep entrance fee. But it is actually a lot less than the ticket to London’s Sea Life Centre, which is a huge £30! ($40.70) That is reduced to £24 if you buy tickets online in advance. I have no idea how people can afford to visit such attractions in the huge numbers they do.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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