Medicare For All Update

By now we have heard all the lies and accusations about Medicare For All (M4A)…..especially those pieces of CRAP that call it socialism (I would argue this point and I will as soon as the critics learn what the Hell they are talking about)….one of the biggest lies would come from the radical Right think tank, Heritage Foundation, and it would be too damn expensive to cover absolutely everyone with health care.

I have been writing about M4A extensively…..

(I realize there are redundancies in those posts but some times the reader needs to be bombarded to get the point through)

Well the CBO under the Trump thumb has contradicted the lies spread about the costs of implementing M4A…..

The Congressional Budget Office on Thursday released a report examining the costs associated with universal healthcare proposals that are based on Medicare’s fee-for-service program and found that implementing a single-payer health insurance program in the United States would not only guarantee coverage for every person in the country but would also reduce overall healthcare spending nationwide.

In the words of researcher Matt Bruenig—founder and president of the progressive think tank People’s Policy Project who called the CBO’s working paper (pdf) on the topic “more exhaustive than any other recent study on the subject”—the new analysis shows that administrative costs under a single-payer healthcare system “will be lower than what even the most rabid Medicare for All supporters have traditionally claimed.”

According to Bruenig, “Modeling the cost of a single-payer program is relatively straightforward. You begin with the status quo healthcare system and then make educated guesses about the following questions:

  1. How many more units of healthcare services will be demanded and supplied when price barriers are removed?
  2. How much more efficient will health insurance administration be after the enrollment and payment systems are radically simplified?
  3. How much money will be saved by reducing the payment rates for healthcare providers and drug companies?”

This program would not be so bad if we diverted the cash from our endless wars to a program that would benefit everyone….not just the slugs in the M-IC….but I know that will not happen as long as YOU keep elected Centrists that owe their position to the wealthy toads on Wall Street and in the depths of the Pentagon.

M4A is the ONLY answer to covering the American people…regardless what people like Biden/Harris say.

And yet the American people had rather be scammed by the industry than look for a option that will protect them all the way….all from the use of an obsolete term.

Be Smart!

Learn Stuff!

I Read, I Write, You Know

“lego ergo scribo”

3 thoughts on “Medicare For All Update

  1. As soon as any better system for health care is announced, people start screaming ‘Socialism’, and it never gets to work properly.
    Best wishes, Pete.

    1. Yes that was what I was trying to get through to those in opposition…..don’t care what it is called but if it protects people it is a good plan. chuq

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