Biden And Nukes

I have been writing a lot about the policies that the president-elect, Joe Biden, will most likely pursue once he takes the oath of office….I admit that there are not many of the policies of his that I can say I agree with…….all I can say is that at least he is not Trump….

I have tries to cover all policies that he would likely attempt….many of them are not what the American people need… the idea of nuclear power….

Then there is the offer of ‘clean energy”….something the Biden/Harris team will probably push…..

Although possibly a sad comment on his predecessors, incoming U.S. president, Joe Biden, is offering the most progressive climate policy so far of any who have previously held his position.

As Paul Gipe points out in his recent blog, the Biden-Harris climate plan uses the word “revolution” right in the headline — a bit of a departure from the usual cautious rhetoric of the centrist-controlled Democratic Party.

But ‘revolution’ is proceeded by two words which let us know we are still lingering in conservative ‘safe’ territory. They call it a “clean energy revolution”, which Gipe rightly refers to as “focus-group shopped terminology.” He goes on:

”Clean energy is a term forged by Madison Avenue advertising mavens in the crucible of focus groups. It ‘polls well,’ as they say. It means one thing to one interest group, something else to another. So it’s perfect for politics in America.

“To environmentalists, it means wind and solar energy, often only those two forms of renewable energy, and sometimes only solar. It also means good times to the coal and nuclear industry. (Ever hear of ‘clean coal’?)

“So clean energy is one of those misleading words that party leaders and, importantly, fundraisers can use to elicit money from donors of all stripes. Why say renewable energy, when you want to raise money from the coal and nuclear industries?”

In Promoting New Nuclear Power, Biden-Harris Back Fiction Over Science

Just like the lie of “clean coal” the lie of “Clean nuke energy” will do nothing but create a bigger problem from the waste it will generate….

Another fine mess the Centrists will get us into.  Go Team!

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Learn Stuff!

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2 thoughts on “Biden And Nukes

  1. Just being ‘Not Trump’ isn’t enough. The people who voted for him deserve some real changes, and improvements to everyday life. Is that going to happen? Answers on a postcard…
    Best wishes, Pete.

    1. Will not happen and the loudest yells will be from those that think “anyone but Trump” would improve their lives….it will not. chuq

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