Where’s The Wanker?

Closing Thought–01Dec20

We begin a new month and I just had to kick it off with a bit of weird news.

A large phallic statue in Germany has gone missing…..

German police have launched an investigation into the disappearance of a peculiar phallic-shaped sculpture from a mountainside in Bavaria, local media say.

The two-metre tall (6.5ft) wooden statue was apparently chopped down over the weekend, the Allgaeuer Zeitung newspaper reported.

The statue stood for years on the Grünten mountain, south-west of Munich.

Now, all that remains of the monument is a small stump and some wood chips.

It is not known who originally carved and erected the sculpture, which has become a landmark on the 1,738m-high (5,702ft) Grünten mountain, attracting many hikers to the area.

Even online map service Google Maps had recognised the sculpture’s status, designating it as a “cultural monument”.

No-one knows how the 200kg (440lbs) sculpture was hauled up the mountain either.


There are just some things that need to be reported…..this is just one example.

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Are We Still A Constitutional Government?

This is a continuation of a series that looks at our government and where it will possibly go…..the Rule of Law will be next…..chuq

Gulf South Free Press

College of Political Knowledge

Lecture Series……

Whenever someone does not agree with me about our democracy that tells me that we are a constitutional government (republic) not a democracy.

These days of protests and division among the people the question arises……..

Okay if that is can we still claim to be a constitutional government?

Answer the first question…… just what is a constitutional government?

The government of the United States cannot be intelligently discussed as a constitutional system until government; and the answer to that question is in effect a theory of politics.

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What is Constitutional Government?

I know Americans are proud as punch over their ground breaking Constitution….but recent events have me asking do we truly believe and support and constitutional government?

Legal scholars spend a lot of time debating the proper way to interpret the Constitution. Political scientists study voting blocks on the Court or trends…

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Biden’s Female Team Members

Biden is trying hard to look like a progressive and a president that has women’s best interests at heart…..he has made history by making his communications team all female….

Joe Biden and Kamala Harris plan to announce their senior communications team this week—and the big news is it’s all-female, CNN reports. “I am proud to announce today the first senior White House communications team comprised entirely of women,” Biden said in a statement. “These qualified, experienced communicators bring diverse perspectives to their work and a shared commitment to building this country back better.” Biden also plans to name three people of color to his economic team. One name making headlines is Jennifer Psaki, who is expected to be White House press secretary:

  • Psaki held several top roles in the Obama administration, including White House communications director and State Dept. spokesperson, CNBC reports. She’s been on Biden’s transition team and “repeatedly sounded the alarm about the Trump administration’s refusal to allow access to materials relating to national security and the coronavirus pandemic,” the Hill reported earlier this month.
  • Kate Bedingfield will likely lead the press shop as White House communications director, the Washington Times reports. Fortune notes that as communications director and deputy campaign manager for Biden’s campaign, she managed “a team of at least 100” and did it “all from home, with two young children at her side.”
  • Press team: Biden is expected to round out the team with Karine Jean-Pierre, a former official at the group MoveOn, as principal deputy press secretary. Pili Tobar, an immigration-reform advocate who worked for Sen. Charles Schumer, will be deputy White House communications director, per the Washington Post.
  • Harris’ team: Ashley Etienne, an ex-Biden campaign adviser and communications director to Nancy Pelosi, is expected to become Harris’ communications director. Symone Sanders, who also advised on the campaign, will be Harris’ chief spokeswoman.
  • Neera Tanden, an Indian American, will be nominated to lead the influential Office of Management and Budget. The New York Times reports that her confirmation might run into trouble with progressive Democrats who believe she worked in the shadows to scuttle Bernie Sanders’ 2016 run against Hillary Clinton. And Republicans might bristle at Tanden’s outspoken criticisms of President Trump.
  • Cecilia Rouse, a Black economist at Princeton University, will get the nod to lead the Council of Economic Advisers. Nigerian-born Adewale “Wally” Adeyemo, who advised on international economics for the Obama administration, is expected to be deputy Treasury secretary under Janet Yellen, Biden’s choice for Treasury secretary.
  • Criticism: Biden named three people of color after criticism arose that only one earlier pick—Linda Thomas-Greenfield, as US ambassador to the UN—was Black. “From all I hear, Black people have been given fair consideration,” Rep. James Clyburn told the Hill earlier this week. “But there is only one Black woman so far.”

History made and women move forward…..

Will women make a difference from the past?

I think not.

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How War Is Fought

In college I studies war in all forms and solutions that lead to war……

For centuries war was fought with cavalry and foot soldier attacks…..but then slowly the way war was being fought began to change…..

The weapons that changed the way we fight wars…..

Humanity fought its earliest wars using fists, clubs, and rocks. At some unknown point in time, a forward-thinking adversary learned to propel rocks towards the enemy through the use of a sling. Later improvements in military efficiency included edged weapons, and the use of spears, flung with the force of a strong arm. Smaller spear-like projectiles used the flexibility of yew wood and the strength of leather to be launched towards their target. Each advance, as it were, allowed attacks upon the enemy from a greater distance, rather than assault and hand-to-hand combat.

As weapons evolved, so did the means by which they were employed and countered. Bladed weapons were countered with shields and armor. Body armor remains a feature of 21st century combat troops. Strategy and tactics evolved to better take advantage of modern weaponry and to counter its effects on the battlefield. The latter itself changed, expanding to ever increasing areas of conflict. Each advance has been followed by others superior to it, a trend throughout history which continues today. Here are 10 weapons which changed the manner in which war was, and still is, fought around the world.

10. Gunpowder

Ironically, gunpowder first appeared in 9th century China as a formula for medical use. First created by alchemists in the futile search for the elixir of life, medicinal uses of gunpowder were limited. But its use as a weapon was self-evident, as a means of starting fires. During the Song Dynasty, in the early 11th century, the use of gunpowder as an incendiary rather than an explosive appeared, documented in ancient texts of the time. Fire arrows became both an offensive and defensive weapon. About two centuries later, explosives in the form of bombs appeared. By the late 13th century, Chinese hand-held cannons were a feature of the battlefield.

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