Closing Thought–11Dec20

This post should have been made yesterday but I got side-tracked with life…..I apologize.

On 10 December 1967—the day the music died.

One of my favorite musicians died in that plane crash…..Otis Redding.

His song “Dock Of The Bay” was a standard for us in Vietnam…..and to this day I get goose bumps when I hear him sing…..especially that song.

The song is a classic and should NEVER be re-recorded. PERIOD!

On December 10, 1967, a plane carrying Otis Redding and other members of his band, The Bar-Kays, plunged into Lake Monona.

They were on their way to a show, when their twin-engine aircraft crashed in the lake, miles from the airport. Redding, 26, a soul singer and songwriter, along with six others, died in the crash.

Learn more about the Voice of Soul……

In his memory I would like to present his song that I still cannot get enough of…..and the memories flood back into my psyche.

May he Rest In Peace….we miss you.

Be Well….Be Safe….

Biden On Education

Our president-elect has made so many statements it is hard to write about them all… let me do one about a subject that is extremely important to most Americans…their kids education.

What is Biden’s plan for his “first 100 days” (damn I hate that term and we have to hear it every 4 years)….here are some of the policies that he should pursue (he won’t but it is a good thought)……

What about Joe’s ideas for education…..

Joe Biden pledged Tuesday to bring the coronavirus pandemic under enough control to open most of the nation’s schools during his first 100 days as president—going much further on the issue than he has in the past, even while warning that the US is facing a “dark winter.” The president-elect said that promise is dependent on Congress providing sufficient funding to protect returning students, teachers, and campus staff, the AP reports. He made the promise during an event in Delaware to introduce a team of health experts set to help the new administration combat a virus that has already killed more than 285,000 Americans. The first coronavirus vaccine, from drugmaker Pfizer, is expected to be endorsed by a panel of FDA advisers as soon as this week, with delivery of 100 million doses—enough for 50 million Americans—expected in coming months.

Biden said he’d call for all Americans to wear masks for 100 days and would distribute at least 100 million vaccines during his first 100 days in the White House, in addition to seeking to reopen most of the nation’s schools over the same period. He said officials will prioritize getting vaccines to educators “as soon as possible” after health care personnel and people in long-term care facilities have gotten them. Biden’s comments won praise from the nation’s two major teachers unions. “All I can say is hallelujah,” said Randi Weingarten, president of the American Federation of Teachers. “We finally have a president-elect who understands that we need resources and strong public health measures in order to reopen school buildings.”

Waiting for more plans for the making of education by the new president… know stuff like…… teachers pay…..student debt….renovation of schools….etc.

The one big policy that could make him the ‘hero’ is to do something like forgive student debt….

There is an easy option available to President-elect Joe Biden to ease the economic suffering of Americans on the first day he takes office, and that is to cancel outstanding federal government student loans. Senator Elizabeth Warren made the case during a recent Senate Banking Committee hearing, saying that, “All on his own, President-elect Biden will have the ability to administratively cancel billions of dollars in student loan debt using the authority that Congress has already given to the Secretary of Education.” She added, “This is the single most effective economic stimulus that is available through executive action.”

She’s right. About 45 million Americans have a whopping $1.6 trillion of student loan debts, and a significant number have made no progress in paying them off. After home mortgages, student loans are the second most common debt in the United States. There is no mystery as to why this is the case. While the cost of higher education has risen, wages have simply not kept up, and debt has slowly ballooned. The burden of debt repayment has held people back from buying homes, moving out of their parents’ homes, having children, pursuing further education, starting businesses, and more. In other words, it has dragged down lives and the economy.

Why Biden Should Forgive Billions in Student Debt

Now that could show that Biden is a true progressive and not the gutless Centrist I believe he is.

But this would go against the corporations that own him and his staff.

I Read, I Write, You Know

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The Case For Martial Law

Have you heard all the rumblings from those mental midgets on the Right, the Trump-ites, about the coup against the president by people that want the rule of law?

Well have you?

The calls are out there as I type….

An Ohio-based political organization is calling on President Donald Trump to impose limited martial law and conduct a new presidential election, a move that Ohio’s Republican attorney general called “utterly irresponsible.”

The We the People Convention, based in Akron, took out a full-page ad in the Washington Times on Tuesday, asking Trump to “invoke limited martial law in order to allow the U.S. military to oversee a new and fair federal election,” according to a news release.

Political group asks Trump to impose martial law, hold new election

Yes I believe that those calls are scary….but I found a scary situation….from within the military retired generals that have called for martial law……

Michael Flynn and a top Pentagon nominee are under fire for backing conspiracy theories that urge President Trump to overturn the 2020 election results by declaring martial law, CNN reports. They claim without evidence that Trump won in “landslide fashion” and Joe Biden’s victory was fraudulent. “I don’t know who needs to hear this,” said a Twitter account retweeted by Flynn, who was recently pardoned by Trump. “But calling for martial law is not a bad idea when there is an attempted coup against the president and this country happening right now.” The story is gaining media traction despite Attorney General William Barr’s statement this week that “we have not seen fraud on a scale that could have effected a different outcome in the election.” For more:

  • ‘Trump won’: Scott O’Grady, Trump’s pick for a senior Pentagon position, is among retired military officials who are promoting conspiracy theories that sometimes call for martial law, NPR reports. In his tweets and media appearances, O’Grady has said that “Trump won & Biden & his Comrades will now attempt a coup”; called former President Obama and military generals “sworn socialists”; retweeted a message calling former Defense Secretary James Mattis a “traitor”; and urged Trump to declare martial law. Trump himself has spread conspiracy theories claiming the election was stolen.
  • Insane’: The notion that America’s military would step in and oversee a second federal election is “insane in a year that we didn’t think could get anymore insane,” a defense official tells the Military Times. A Syracuse University professor calls the idea “preposterous,” adding that “state and now federal investigators have found no evidence of election fraud” and martial law “has no place in the United States absent a complete breakdown of civil governing mechanisms.”
  • An ‘outrage’: “It seems that Donald Trump is trying to conscript people to help him overturn or steal an election where he didn’t like the outcome,” said former GOP Rep. Charlie Dent, who called Flynn’s tweet an “outrage,” per WBAP. On CNN, he said the martial law idea was “simply insane.”
  • We the People: Flynn has tweeted support for a tea-party affiliated group in Ohio called We the People, which recently placed an ad in the Washington Times calling for martial law and another election, per Fox 19. Ohio Attorney General Dave Yost, a Republican, calls the ad “utterly irresponsible, ahistorical and without precedent or legal rationale.”
  • Trump’s powers: Business Insider reports that Trump can declare martial law but cannot undo or alter an election—a power bestowed to Congress. The outlet notes that Biden won 306 Electoral College votes and the popular vote, and while Republicans have filed over two dozen lawsuits nationwide to void the election results, “they haven’t won a single case so far.”

This situation makes me call into question the mental stability of those we pick to lead the military.

How soon before we have a “Days In May” scenario? (Confused?  Look it up….find the Google button and do your own damn research for a change)

But how does martial law work?

In the United States, martial law usually refers to a power that, in an emergency, allows the military to take the place of the civilian government and exercise jurisdiction over civilians in a particular area. But “martial law” has no established definition, because across history, different people have used the term to describe a wide variety of actions, practices, or roles for the military. The law governing it is complicated and unsettled — and, as a result, the concept has never been well understood.

This call is far too common to be written off as just wild imagination.

Any thoughts?

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US MUST Ask Permission?

We have a new president and he has said that he would return to the deal made with Iran and their pursuit of nukes…..Joe Biden still says he will work with Iran to return to the JCPOA. In an interview last week, Biden said he would return to the deal and work on follow-on negotiations for a stricter agreement that covers Iran’s ballistic missile program.

This is a good thing IMO…..but Saudi Arabia has said that the US must ask the Saudis before they return to the table…..

Saudi FM Prince Faisal bin Farhan is warning that any move to rejoin the Iran deal could only be sustainable if Biden consults with the Gulf Arab states first. He added he is “ready to engage” when Biden takes office.

The incoming administration hasn’t commented, but there are reasons to doubt this happening. The talks would be high risk for little reward, as the Saudis are almost certain to remain opposed to the deal, and the US oughtn’t give the impression they need a Saudi imprimatur to make the move.

The new administration may feel it is only courteous to keep the Saudis in the loop, but would want to make clear they aren’t asking permission. This is particularly true in the case of an early deal, as Biden will want to stake out a more independent foreign policy than his predecessor.



Ask permission?

Who do this pack of barbarians think they are?

I sat f*ck the Saudis ans well as I say f*ck Israel…..none of these d/bags should have any say on what our policies will be.

The arrogance of these two POS countries need to get a grip…..

Will US bow and scrap to these murdering bastards….or will we show them the door?

And now I can add Morocco to the list of barbaric nations we should avoid.

Israel and Morocco have agreed to normalize relations, President Trump said Thursday, marking the fourth Arab-Israeli agreement in four months. As part of the deal announced near the end of Trump’s term, the United States will recognize Morocco’s claim over the disputed Western Sahara region, per the AP. Trump said Israel and Morocco would restore diplomatic and other relations, including the immediate reopening of liaison offices in Tel Aviv and Rabat and the eventual opening of embassies. US officials said there would be joint overflight rights for airlines. The White House said Trump and Morocco’s King Mohammed VI had agreed that Morocco would “resume diplomatic relations between Morocco and Israel and expand economic and cultural cooperation to advance regional stability.”





“Another HISTORIC breakthrough today! Our two GREAT friends Israel and the Kingdom of Morocco have agreed to full diplomatic relations—a massive breakthrough for peace in the Middle East!” Trump tweeted. The US will recognize Morocco’s claim over Western Sahara, the former Spanish territory in North Africa where a long-running dispute has confounded international negotiators for decades. Morocco is the fourth Arab nation to recognize Israel as the Trump administration seeks to expand a diplomatic framework that began over the summer with an agreement between the Jewish state and the United Arab Emirates. Bahrain and Sudan followed suit, and administration officials have also been trying to bring Saudi Arabia into the grouping. (New York Times columnist Thomas Friedman is no fan of Trump, but he likes this Mideast progress.)

Friedman?  He is a staunch advocate or Israel and a war hawk….so I take everything he say s as pure bullshit.

More on this situation later….

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