Medicare For All

The idea of expanding Medicare to cover all Americans is becoming more and more popular…..

In a historic step toward replacing America’s uniquely expensive and deadly for-profit healthcare system with a humane program that would leave no one behind, Rep. Pramila Jayapal (D-Wash.) on Wednesday will officially introduce Medicare for All legislation that policy experts and advocates have praised as comprehensive, strong, and “battle-ready.”

“The state of our healthcare system is absolutely atrocious,” Jayapal told reporters on the eve of the bill’s release. “How is it possible that the United States, the richest country in the world, is the only major country that does not guarantee healthcare to our residents?”

Of course few Repubs will like this turn of events….and we will be bombarded with the specter of socialism….it is all they can do for they no zero ideas.

The news that Medicare For All is moving along the insurance companies who have a choke hold on American health care suffered a bit on the markets…..

Support for Medicare for All is rapidly gaining momentum in Congress—and insurance investors are starting to get nervous.

Health insurance stocks tanked on Wednesday as Rep. Pramila Jayapal (D-Wash.) introduced comprehensive Medicare for All legislation with the backing of more than 100 House Democrats and major progressive organizations, including America’s largest nurses’ union and national consumer advocacy groups.

“The S&P 500 Managed Health Care Index plunged as much as 4.9 percent, the most since Dec. 6, led by UnitedHealth Group Inc., Humana Inc., and WellCare Health Plans Inc.,” Bloomberg reported after Jayapal unveiled her bill during an event on Capitol Hill. “Insurers UnitedHealth and Cigna Corp, which also own the country’s largest pharmacy benefit managers, were both down about four percent.”

All I can say is screw the “industry” Americans need adequate health care…..

I among others have been calling for this action for decades and finally we have someone who listens and acts…..

46 thoughts on “Medicare For All

  1. Not only the ‘Socialist’ slurs, but I suggest that the name of the proposer may affect the popularity of this bill too. At least where Republicans and Trump supporters are concerned. We have a similar problem here, when MPs with Muslim, Indian, or Arabic names try to get taken seriously.
    Best wishes, Pete.

  2. I’ve been wondering how we counteract the constant cries of the GOP calling everyone on the left a Socialist. We know socialistic programs are broadly popular with Americans, but they bristle at the term Socialist. Today, I saw a suggestion that we start using the term Progressive Capitalism. Which I have to say, I’m feeling pretty optimistic about.

    1. It is all the GOP has to oppose popular ideas….fear mongering and it will work….we can re-name stuff but the GOP will revert back to the 1960s with the socialism…..chuq

      1. Notice we can’t pay for Medicare either…. It’s going bankrupt. But Medicare for All actually DOUBLES the current US Annual Budget. A budget we cant currently pay for already. Doctors aren’t going to keep working if they aren’t getting paid. Not to mention, remember the promises of Obamacare? If you like your doctor…. remember how that turned out? Government needs to get OUT of healthcare.

      2. It is “failing” because Congress will not stop messing with it…..Doctors are getting paid and paid well….I like my doctors and I have kept them….another BS to scare people into believe the insurance industry has their best interests to heart….private health care needs to stop raping the people. chuq

      3. No one I know on Medicare lost a doctor……Medicare for all is the subject not Obamacare…..chuq

      4. I was no longer able to keep my plan or go to my doctors without paying 100% out of pocket. It personally hit me and many people I know. And Medicare for All takes Obamacare further. Government is not capable of running quality healthcare.

      5. That is how lies get started….but that is okay if you want the high price stuff they pass off for health insurance then you should be able to waste your money anyway you choose….chuq

      6. What is how lies get started? That Medicare for All is not actually Medicare? Do you know anything about Medicare? I am a licensed Insurance Agent and I am telling you Medicare for All is not the same thing as what is now Medicare. It is fundamentally different. That being said, prices only started to skyrocket after the passing of the ACA. Government needs to get out.

      7. The new “universal Medicare program,” as the bill calls it would cover: hospital inpatient and outpatient services, ambulatory services, primary and preventive care, prescription drugs and medical devices, mental health and substance abuse treatment, lab and diagnostic services, reproductive and maternity, newborn care and pediatrics, dental/hearing/vision services, short-term rehab, emergency care, transportation for low-income and disabled individuals to receive these services, and home and community-based long-term care.

        Like I said your industry will see that it is beat down….not to worry chuq

      8. I have not ignored your question only you do not like the answer. Try cut Pentagon and its endless wars. Again you avoided my question as well….but no need to answer it is evident where your loyalties lie chuq

      9. You have made your point…the health industry will save us all from ruin. (That was sarcasm in case you missed it)

      10. I’ve definitely made my point, but you fail to make yours. You just parrot this free healthcare system that we have no ability to pay for, and you peddle the lie that it is the same as current Medicare when it is not. Why do you avoid those points? Because when people hear what it really is they don’t like it. So people like you and Bernie Sanders have to lie and mislead about it.

      11. Then I disagree…so why not ignore me and stop trying to BS me into something I will not agree with? Just a thought. chuq

      12. Because I do not agree with your corporate-centric opinion I do not live in reality….I told you I like the midea but that is not good enough….I have said that I do not think that it will fly because your industry will not let it….so thanx for the memories chuq

      13. By the way, we currently spend $716 Billion on Defense each year. Medicare for All is going to cost 3.2 TRILLION per year. How exactly is cutting some defense spending going to pay for that?

      14. Not continuing wars does not even pay for 1/3 of it. And 10% tax, you really think that pays for it? That will only pay for 2/3 of it at most. How will you pay for rest of it? Do you really think Americans will stomach a 10% tax INCREASE? Why not just have private healthcare and have people shop and pay? That is the BETTER option. There is no such thing as free healthcare.

      15. I know there is no such thing for you guys have made a pile ….so I understand why you think you7 are right….but you are not. chuq

      16. You sell private insurance ergo go will not like Medicare for all…sorry you do not “make a pile” off of ACA…all this is a moot point for it will not happen…it is that simple… stop worrying your place is safe chuq

      17. Goodness is right…I pay a rep to work out details…you know kinda what you do when not trolling blogs

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