Parachuting Puppies

My regulars know that I am a dog person and I write about them as often as I can. I have written about our canine vets many times….and this is a story from World War 2 and our canine heroes of the effort against the Nazis.

Did you know that there were parachuting dogs in that war?


Then read on……

On the eve of the Normandy invasion, three planes carrying the members of Britain’s 13th Battalion took off for France. In addition to the 60 men aboard, each plane carried one dog. The story of how these paratrooping canines got there — and what happened next — is nothing short of remarkable.

Lazar Backovic has penned a fascinating article for Spiegel Online chronicling the brief but astounding story of Britain’s parachuting dogs, or “paradogs.” Much of the information in the article was drawn from a recent book written by Andrew Woolhouse, 13 – Lucky for Some: The History of the 13th (Lancashire) Parachute Battalion.

Animals have been used in war throughout history, the Second World War being no exception. Famous examples include message-carrying pigeons, soldier-bears, and anti-tank dogs.

In the case of the 13th Battalion, the dogs were trained to perform tasks such as locating mines, keeping watch, warning about enemies, and even serving as morale boosting mascots (indeed, dogs were also commissioned at US and British air bases for that sole purpose).

These canines are truly the unsung heroes….time for them to enter the light…..

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Alien Stuff

My regulars know I like to get a bit whimsical on weekends…..well this one is no different only I am eating leftovers for days to come.

Let’s look to the stars…..or something like that…..

Mysterious circles in space…

A mysterious, hazy, circular object has appeared in space, and astronomers have been trying to figure out what it is for over a year.

According to an article in The Conversation by Ray Norris, a science professor at Western Sydney Universe, via, astronomer Anna Kapinska presented an image to Norris and the rest of her colleagues in September 2019 labeled “WTF?” The image showed a smoky ball chilling in space. None of the scientists knew what it was.

Another was found a few days later. Now, scientists estimate there are about 1,000 of them. An image of the phenomena can be seen in The Conversation. Scientists have named them ORCs, which stands for “odd radio circles.” They don’t know how big or far away these rings are.

Could they be a message from some “Galactic Federation/Empire?

There are claims/reports of a photo of  crashed alien ship….

main article image

Any species reaching for the stars is bound to have its fingertips singed. Probably more than once.

One of NASA’s posts on the Astronomy Picture of the Day website is an iconic reminder of the mishaps in our spacefaring history.

“A flying saucer from outer space crash-landed in the Utah desert after being tracked by radar and chased by helicopters,” states the photo description, posted in November 2018, although NASA is not hinting at an alien visit here.

The banged-up dish, half-buried in the desert sand, was actually the return capsule of the Genesis spacecraft. And it wasn’t supposed to touch down in such a brutal way.

Launched on 8 August 2001, the Genesis mission was the space agency’s ambitious effort to send a spacecraft into our home star’s solar wind, gather samples, and return them to Earth.

Did I peak your interest?

Let’s say those elusive aliens decidef to make themselves know….what question should we ask before we start shooting?

Any science journalist would rejoice at the revelation of aliens on Earth. It would be the story of a lifetime. So it’s not surprising that a former Israeli space official’s claim that a Galactic Federation is known to the U.S. government has made a few headlines and trended on Twitter.

Of course, most science journalists have already been alerted to the presence of aliens by any number of readers who would like to testify about their personal E.T. encounters.

Yet despite how desperately some science journalists wish for alien visitation to be real, few among us ever believe any such reports. Proper policy is to decline to interview any would-be informant about their alien experience and instead insist on interviewing the aliens themselves.

And so I would be willing to come out of retirement and conduct such an interview if any Galactic Federation alien monitoring Science News would be willing to submit to some tough questions. Only condition would be the alien must wear a high-quality mask, covering its damn nose if it has one.

Top 10 questions I’d ask an alien from the Galactic Federation

But since we have not seen any of those space dudes…..could there be a reason?

There is lots of theories to why we do not see more aliens visiting this part of the universe….from they await our development before revealing themselves to this piece of research……

While we have never, ever found signs of life outside of our planet, a recent study, published in the Cornell University arXiv database claims that alien civilizations that were part of our galaxy have probably already killed themselves off already.

The new study employed the use of modern astronomy and statistical modeling in efforts to map the life and death of intelligent life forms in time and space across our Milky Way. These results, which are a more concise update to Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence founder Frank Drake’s 1961 famous equation. Drake’s equation concerned a number of different variables used to determine just how many alien civilizations are detectable in the Milky Way. Some of the variables included the rate of formation of stars suitable for the development of intelligent life (number per year), the number of planets, per solar system, with an environment suitable for life, the fraction of civilizations that develop a technology that produces detectable signs of their existence, and the average length of time such civilizations produce such signs (years). This equation was made more popular by Carl Sagan in his 13-part mini-series Cosmos: A Personal Voyage.

Aliens Aren’t Visiting Because They Killed Themselves Off

Personally I am not visiting because there is a bouy in space that states….”Warning;  This world has an extremely dangerous species that should be avoid at all costs.”

About all I have for this Sunday…..enjoy and relax for next week we start all this over again.

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