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As I tried to take mind off the antics of a few Americans that have more belly fat than brains…I started thinking about the term “president-elect”….that time from the end of a presidential election the winner calls himself “president-elect”…..but where did the term come from and when did it become into common use?

In 1793, Washington wrote a letter concerning his upcoming second inauguration as president in which he referred to himself as “president-elect.”

Numerous letters by the Founding Fathers contain the term “president-elect” in connection with the 1796 presidential election.

Of particular note is a letter from James Madison to Thomas Jefferson, sent on Christmas Day 1796. Wrote Madison:

“Unless the Vermont election of which little has of late been said, should contain some fatal vice, in it, Mr. Adams may be considered as the President elect. Nothing can deprive him of it but a general run of the votes in Georgia, Tenissee & Kentucky in favor of Mr. Pinkney, which is altogether contrary to the best information.”


A great source for info on the history of our politics….

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A Biden 2021 To Do List

AS 2020 comes to an end let us look ahead to issues that need addressing by the new president…..

Soon our new president Joe Biden, will be taking the oath of office and there are things that this country needs and he should focus on the greatest needs and leave the crap for the donors for later.

First, Biden needs to spend and spend big…

Expec­ta­tions are high for the incom­ing Joe Biden admin­is­tra­tion, not because the polit­i­cal cir­cum­stances are advan­ta­geous, nor because of Biden him­self, but because our trou­bles are so great. 

Tens of mil­lions of Amer­i­cans are unem­ployed. The death toll from Covid-19 in the Unit­ed States now tops 300,000. An avalanche of evic­tions and fore­clo­sures is on its way. And this is on top of our ongo­ing polit­i­cal cri­sis: A stub­born minor­i­ty of vot­ers refuse to rec­og­nize the results of the elec­tion, while many of Pres­i­dent Trump’s sup­port­ers remain unwill­ing to observe ele­men­tary safe­ty mea­sures to reduce the fur­ther spread of the virus. In Wash­ing­ton, D.C. last week, a ram­pag­ing mob of fas­cist goons assault­ed ran­dom passers-by and van­dal­ized black church­es — osten­si­bly as a way to show feal­ty to Trump. To put it mild­ly, Amer­i­ca is in bad shape.


Next he should repair the voting rights in this country….

Manufactured claims of fraud to explain away Trump’s loss of the popular vote in the 2016 election led to the creation of a sham commission that eventually disbanded after failing to provide any factual evidence to support Trump’s preposterous statements that millions of people had voted illegally. And following his loss of the 2020 presidential election, Trump has led a rabid assault on American democracy, which has eroded the public’s faith in the outcome of the election and catapulted efforts to subvert the will of voters by overturning the results of the election.

Undeniably, there are problems with our democracy that must be fixed. But these issues do not arise from purported voter fraud. Rather, they are the legacy problems of our republic: systematic efforts by politicians to erect voting barriers and to discriminate against voters of color to tip the balance of power. These problems are enduring, persistent, and verifiable.


This should definitely be a priority because the GOP are looking for ways to limit voter participation….

Changes to the way millions of Americans voted this year contributed to record turnout, but that’s no guarantee the measures making it easier to cast ballots will stick around for future elections.

Republicans in key states that voted for President-elect Joe Biden already are pushing for new restrictions, especially to absentee voting. It’s an option many states expanded amid the coronavirus outbreak that proved hugely popular and helped ensure one of the smoothest election days in recent years.

President Donald Trump has been unrelenting in his attacks on mail voting as he continues to challenge the legitimacy of an election he lost. Despite a lack of evidence and dozens of losses in the courts, his claims of widespread voter fraud have gained traction with some Republican elected officials.

They are vowing to crack down on mail ballots and threatening to roll back other steps that have made it easier for people to vote.

Republicans Plotting New Ways To Make It Harder To Vote

What about the massive student debt?

Do not look to Biden for much help on this front.

A coalition of 236 mostly progressive groups, including close allies like the American Federation of Teachers and the National Education Association, called on the president-elect on Wednesday to cancel student debt using his executive powers on the first day he takes office.

In a letter to Joe Biden and Vice President-elect Kamala Harris, the groups did not specify how much debt they’re asking to be canceled. But they noted that Biden pledged during the campaign to cancel $10,000 of each borrowers’ debt “immediately” as part of his response to the coronavirus epidemic.

“Before the COVID-19 public health crisis began, student debt was already a drag on the national economy, weighing heaviest on Black and Latinx communities, as well as women. That weight is likely to be exponentially magnified given the disproportionate toll that COVID-19 is taking on both the health and economic security of people of color and women,” the groups wrote, saying “bold action is needed.”


More on this issue…..https://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/12/24/unacceptable-and-immoral-say-progressives-after-biden-admits-he-will-be-unlikely

These are not all the situations that a Biden presidency will face but they are some of the most pressing and the ones that will help the people….again leave to donors until all else is done.

The big question….who Biden really be working for?  I have an answer and Biden supporters do not like it.  Something Biden said recently says it all for me….” Biden proclaimed that, as a president who wants to “avoid inflaming a closely divided Congress,” he plans to “tread lightly when it comes to using his executive power.” Biden seems very confident that his passivity won’t “inflame” any of the remaining progressives in a “closely divided Congress.” Biden’s been on or around Capitol Hill for 45 years and he hasn’t witnessed any uprising from the Congressional left yet. He must feel he’s on pretty safe ground.”

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Biden And Nukes

I have been writing a lot about the policies that the president-elect, Joe Biden, will most likely pursue once he takes the oath of office….I admit that there are not many of the policies of his that I can say I agree with…….all I can say is that at least he is not Trump….

I have tries to cover all policies that he would likely attempt….many of them are not what the American people need…..like the idea of nuclear power….

Then there is the offer of ‘clean energy”….something the Biden/Harris team will probably push…..

Although possibly a sad comment on his predecessors, incoming U.S. president, Joe Biden, is offering the most progressive climate policy so far of any who have previously held his position.

As Paul Gipe points out in his recent blog, the Biden-Harris climate plan uses the word “revolution” right in the headline — a bit of a departure from the usual cautious rhetoric of the centrist-controlled Democratic Party.

But ‘revolution’ is proceeded by two words which let us know we are still lingering in conservative ‘safe’ territory. They call it a “clean energy revolution”, which Gipe rightly refers to as “focus-group shopped terminology.” He goes on:

”Clean energy is a term forged by Madison Avenue advertising mavens in the crucible of focus groups. It ‘polls well,’ as they say. It means one thing to one interest group, something else to another. So it’s perfect for politics in America.

“To environmentalists, it means wind and solar energy, often only those two forms of renewable energy, and sometimes only solar. It also means good times to the coal and nuclear industry. (Ever hear of ‘clean coal’?)

“So clean energy is one of those misleading words that party leaders and, importantly, fundraisers can use to elicit money from donors of all stripes. Why say renewable energy, when you want to raise money from the coal and nuclear industries?”

In Promoting New Nuclear Power, Biden-Harris Back Fiction Over Science

Just like the lie of “clean coal” the lie of “Clean nuke energy” will do nothing but create a bigger problem from the waste it will generate….

Another fine mess the Centrists will get us into.  Go Team!

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Biden On Education

Our president-elect has made so many statements it is hard to write about them all…..so let me do one about a subject that is extremely important to most Americans…their kids education.

What is Biden’s plan for his “first 100 days” (damn I hate that term and we have to hear it every 4 years)….here are some of the policies that he should pursue (he won’t but it is a good thought)……https://lobotero.com/2020/12/04/those-first-100-days/

What about Joe’s ideas for education…..

Joe Biden pledged Tuesday to bring the coronavirus pandemic under enough control to open most of the nation’s schools during his first 100 days as president—going much further on the issue than he has in the past, even while warning that the US is facing a “dark winter.” The president-elect said that promise is dependent on Congress providing sufficient funding to protect returning students, teachers, and campus staff, the AP reports. He made the promise during an event in Delaware to introduce a team of health experts set to help the new administration combat a virus that has already killed more than 285,000 Americans. The first coronavirus vaccine, from drugmaker Pfizer, is expected to be endorsed by a panel of FDA advisers as soon as this week, with delivery of 100 million doses—enough for 50 million Americans—expected in coming months.

Biden said he’d call for all Americans to wear masks for 100 days and would distribute at least 100 million vaccines during his first 100 days in the White House, in addition to seeking to reopen most of the nation’s schools over the same period. He said officials will prioritize getting vaccines to educators “as soon as possible” after health care personnel and people in long-term care facilities have gotten them. Biden’s comments won praise from the nation’s two major teachers unions. “All I can say is hallelujah,” said Randi Weingarten, president of the American Federation of Teachers. “We finally have a president-elect who understands that we need resources and strong public health measures in order to reopen school buildings.”

Waiting for more plans for the making of education by the new president…..you know stuff like…… teachers pay…..student debt….renovation of schools….etc.

The one big policy that could make him the ‘hero’ is to do something like forgive student debt….

There is an easy option available to President-elect Joe Biden to ease the economic suffering of Americans on the first day he takes office, and that is to cancel outstanding federal government student loans. Senator Elizabeth Warren made the case during a recent Senate Banking Committee hearing, saying that, “All on his own, President-elect Biden will have the ability to administratively cancel billions of dollars in student loan debt using the authority that Congress has already given to the Secretary of Education.” She added, “This is the single most effective economic stimulus that is available through executive action.”

She’s right. About 45 million Americans have a whopping $1.6 trillion of student loan debts, and a significant number have made no progress in paying them off. After home mortgages, student loans are the second most common debt in the United States. There is no mystery as to why this is the case. While the cost of higher education has risen, wages have simply not kept up, and debt has slowly ballooned. The burden of debt repayment has held people back from buying homes, moving out of their parents’ homes, having children, pursuing further education, starting businesses, and more. In other words, it has dragged down lives and the economy.

Why Biden Should Forgive Billions in Student Debt

Now that could show that Biden is a true progressive and not the gutless Centrist I believe he is.

But this would go against the corporations that own him and his staff.

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Infrastructure Again

Since Bill Clinton there has always been these vague references to our aging infrastructure and Biden is NO different.

He has promised…..the same promises made by every president since GW Bush…..to save our crumbling infrastructure……and sadly I do not believe it will be any different with a new president.

But what does it take to constitute infrastructure?

Infrastructure is the general term for the basic physical systems of a business, region, or nation. Examples of infrastructure include transportation systems, communication networks, sewage, water, and electric systems.

How will it change in 2021?

Another presidency has passed, four more years during which grandstanding over America’s crumbling infrastructure problem once again produced very few results. Our bridges still need fixing. Yes, our airports are falling apart. But as these projects languish, the very way we use our cities and transportation networks has been changing. New technologies are providing new answers to old problems. The election of Joe Biden brings a conversation about infrastructure that has long been waiting in the wings to center stage.

Biden ran on promises to address the long overdue repair and modernization of highways, roads, bridges and airports. However, his administration’s ambitions go further, with a plan to address the infrastructure America will need both to combat climate change and modernize urban transportation. This includes a plan for 500,000 public charging stations for electric vehicles, changes to our cities that allow drivers, pedestrians, cyclists, and others to safely share the road, and investment in critical clean energy technologies.

Simply put: infrastructure today is not just about filling potholes and repaving. Of course, when we can’t even pass an infrastructure bill despite it being the one issue that Democrats and Trump could agree on during his term, it might seem difficult to imagine how we will get from being unable to fix critical roads to the lofty goal of zero emissions by 2050. But frameworks are already in place, and many of the infrastructure projects we need do not bear the kind of price tags that traditional infrastructure upgrades do.


In other words…..same as it ever was….an aging electric grid….roads and bridges falling apart…..transportation sucks…..and oh so much more…..it all will remain and graded as “SUCKS”…..

What will Biden accomplish with the infrastructure?

I want to hear from his die hard supporter.

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Why Do You Dislike The SecDef Nominee So Much?

President-elect Joe Biden has designated Michele Flournoy as the new Secretary of Defense…..and I have not agree with his choice….my earlier thoughts…..https://lobotero.com/2020/11/19/will-michele-be-the-new-secdef/

I am a what use to be called a pecae-nik….I abhor war in all its forms…and Flournoy is the very best example of a warmonger….

“Flournoy was wrong about Iraq, as Biden has acknowledged he was. But she was then also wrong about Afghanistan, Syria, Yemen, and Libya,” Ellsberg said in a statement released by RootsAction.org, part of a coalition of progressive advocacy groups pressuring the former vice president to pick a defense secretary committed to peace and without ties to the military-industrial complex.

“She is wrong right now in opposing the congressional ban on all arms sales to Saudi Arabia, and in planning to maintain Minuteman-type land-based ICBMs, the hair-trigger to the Doomsday Machine,” Ellsberg continued. “Her unquestioned intelligence and competence have long been in service to her serious interventionist misjudgments and to her own involvement in a revolving-door military-industrial complex.”

To the chagrin of progressives leading the charge against Flournoy, the former Pentagon official has gained the support of some prominent organizations, including the Ploughshares Fund and the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists. Other anti-war groups have yet to speak out publicly about Flournoy, who is still considered the Biden team’s frontrunner for defense secretary.


I guess if you have been interested enough to pay attention to the past then Flournoy is perfect fit with Biden….for he was for all our wars before he was against them.

If confirmed then we will continue our endless wars….putting our people in danger and wasting valuable time and money on unwinnable bullshit.

Flournoy like Biden decisions are made from politics not conviction….and that is what gets Americans killed for no damn reason other than to keep profits coming in.

Does that help explain why I dislike his choice for SecDef?

If not then you are thick!

Sadly all my work to show why she would not be the best choice was for naught…..Biden nominated another M-IC hardliner as SecDef…..

President-elect Joe Biden will nominate retired four-star Army general Lloyd J. Austin to be secretary of defense, according to four people familiar with the decision who spoke to the AP. If confirmed by the Senate, Austin would be the first Black leader of the Pentagon. Biden selected Austin over the longtime front-runner candidate, Michele Flournoy, a former senior Pentagon official and Biden supporter who would have been the first woman to serve as defense secretary. Biden also had considered Jeh Johnson, a former Pentagon general counsel and former secretary of homeland defense. Biden offered and Austin accepted the post on Sunday, according to a person familiar with the process. Three sources who spoke to Politico say a formal announcement could come as soon as Tuesday. Austin’s nomination, however, is already proving controversial.

As a career military officer, the 67-year-old Austin is likely to face opposition from some in Congress and in the defense establishment who believe in drawing a clear line between civilian and military leadership of the Pentagon. Although many previous defense secretaries have served briefly in the military, only two—George C. Marshall and James Mattis—have been career officers. Marshall also served as secretary of state. Like Mattis, Austin would need to obtain a congressional waiver to serve as defense secretary since he has not been retired for the necessary seven years. Congress intended civilian control of the military when it created the position of secretary of defense in 1947 and prohibited a recently retired military officer from holding the position. Austin is a 1975 graduate of the US Military Academy at West Point and served 41 years in uniform. He retired from the Army in 2016.

If you cannot get a bureaucratic warmonger then you go to the M-IC and the revolving door of retired generals for your pick.

No change here…..just do the favor for your high dollar donors.

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Those First 100 Days

Ever since I can remember every new president has always used the guide post of the “First 100 Days” as some sort of challenge they must meet.

And as I think about it I cannot remember any of them actually succeeding in their promises for those first days.

I am sure that the Biden/Harris team will be NO different…..but let’s look at what the Center for American Progress has called for in those first 100 days….

Read the entire plan for yourself…..

Click to access NSIP100-6-GlobalChallenges.pdf

There are a few parts that I do not see going anywhere…..partnering with Congress….the Senate is out of the question…..

I do not see the endless wars ever ending under the Biden administration…..too many M-IC influencers in his cabinet…..

Good ideas…but they will fall way short of success….

Why am I so pessimistic?

Biden’s actual mandate begins with the fact that most of the people who voted for him were primarily voting not for him but against Donald Trump. This is because Trump is the only candidate of the two who ran on an actual belief-based agenda: a weird mixture of narcissism, white supremacy, corporate interests and God knows what. This agenda was rejected. The people energizing the Biden campaign were the same people who have taken to the streets throughout 2020, demanding justice, sanity, and a dismantling — at last — of the country’s racist infrastructure.

Yes, there’s powerful opposition to this. The Republicans want to keep the racism but dismantle democracy itself, and in the process make sure Trump remains in the White House. This is all the more reason why Biden and the Democrats should put principles first and rally the nation around a serious vision: an agenda not simply to “restore the soul of America” but to expand that soul, make this country a true global leader as Planet Earth faces its treacherous future.


One thing that I would point to as the only thing that will possibly help this country during those 100 days…..

ven when he becomes president in January, Joe Biden won’t have the authority to order Americans to wear masks. But he will make it a request on Day One, the Hill reports. “Just 100 days to mask, not forever,” Biden said Thursday. “100 days.” Biden made the comments in a CNN interview. He said he will issue a mask mandate for places where the president has authority to do so, such as in federal buildings and in interstate transportation, including airplanes and buses. The president-elect has been an advocate of wearing a face mask to slow the spread of the coronavirus throughout the pandemic, and he’s been mocked by President Trump for it.

Biden said he thinks that if more people wear masks as the first round of vaccinations takes place, the combination will “drive down the numbers considerably,” per the BBC. And he and Vice President Kamala Harris will set an example by masking up, he said. Biden has asked Americans to get past the politics of masks and other pandemic restrictions. “It’s time to end the politicization of basic, responsible public health steps like mask wearing and social distancing,” he said last month. “A mask is not a political statement, but it is a good way to start pulling the country together.”

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Obama Redux?

Our new president-elect is set about putting a cabinet together to run this country and so far he has done nothing that would have me believe he wants his own mark on the presidency.

Why would I say that?

So far he has nominated people from the Obama admin….so is he trying to make the Obama years to extend another 4 years?

Foreign policy–Obama…..

President-elect Joe Biden’s latest picks for upcoming national security and foreign policy posts have received mixed reviews from progressives, as leaders and activists express concern, as well as hesitant approval, over the administration’s exclusively Obama-era transition team. 

Biden and Vice President-elect Kamala Harris on Monday announced their nominations for some top policy posts, including secretary of state; secretary of homeland security; director of national intelligence; national security advisor; and US ambassador to the United Nations, among others. 

While progressive congressional leaders have largely stayed away from harsh criticisms, progressives activists, who last week largely condemned Biden’s choice of Pentagon advisers, are accusing the incoming president of going with nominations that will extend US interventionist policies.


Because he cannot get past the M-IC there will be little difference between Obama and Biden admin….foreign policy and national security…..

Joe Biden has named a group of Obama-era officials for top foreign policy and national security positions in his prospective administration.

The former vice president intends to nominate Tony Blinken, who was deputy secretary of state under former President Barack Obama from 2015 to 2017, as secretary of state.

Alejandro Mayorkas, deputy secretary of homeland security from 2013 to 2016, is Biden’s choice for secretary of the Department of Homeland Security. Mayorkas would be the first Hispanic to serve in the position if confirmed by the U.S. Senate.


I see nothing changing in these endless wars and the massive corruption and influence of the M-IC on our government.

Is this what you wanted for your vote?

I have said many times before and after the election that nothing will change….only the fool on the Hill….this is what you get when you vote against a person and not for policies or values.

And a poll that gets little attention bares out what I keep saying….

Bolstering calls for President-elect Joe Biden to keep business insiders and industry lobbyists out of his Cabinet, new survey results reveal that 68% of Americans want members of the U.S. Senate to reject any corporate-linked nominees proposed by the incoming president.

The Data for Progress poll, sponsored by Demand Progress and first reported Tuesday by The Daily Poster, found that a majority of Democrats, Republicans, and Independents across all documented demographics agree about how the Senate should respond to such nominees.

The majority of likely voters surveyed believe that if Biden tries to install corporate executives and lobbyists in top positions of his administration, senators should vote against confirming them and urge the president-elect to “instead put forth nominees who have worked to forward the interests of everyday Americans.


I know…..polls are usually wrong….is that your choice of attack?

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Biden’s Female Team Members

Biden is trying hard to look like a progressive and a president that has women’s best interests at heart…..he has made history by making his communications team all female….

Joe Biden and Kamala Harris plan to announce their senior communications team this week—and the big news is it’s all-female, CNN reports. “I am proud to announce today the first senior White House communications team comprised entirely of women,” Biden said in a statement. “These qualified, experienced communicators bring diverse perspectives to their work and a shared commitment to building this country back better.” Biden also plans to name three people of color to his economic team. One name making headlines is Jennifer Psaki, who is expected to be White House press secretary:

  • Psaki held several top roles in the Obama administration, including White House communications director and State Dept. spokesperson, CNBC reports. She’s been on Biden’s transition team and “repeatedly sounded the alarm about the Trump administration’s refusal to allow access to materials relating to national security and the coronavirus pandemic,” the Hill reported earlier this month.
  • Kate Bedingfield will likely lead the press shop as White House communications director, the Washington Times reports. Fortune notes that as communications director and deputy campaign manager for Biden’s campaign, she managed “a team of at least 100” and did it “all from home, with two young children at her side.”
  • Press team: Biden is expected to round out the team with Karine Jean-Pierre, a former official at the group MoveOn, as principal deputy press secretary. Pili Tobar, an immigration-reform advocate who worked for Sen. Charles Schumer, will be deputy White House communications director, per the Washington Post.
  • Harris’ team: Ashley Etienne, an ex-Biden campaign adviser and communications director to Nancy Pelosi, is expected to become Harris’ communications director. Symone Sanders, who also advised on the campaign, will be Harris’ chief spokeswoman.
  • Neera Tanden, an Indian American, will be nominated to lead the influential Office of Management and Budget. The New York Times reports that her confirmation might run into trouble with progressive Democrats who believe she worked in the shadows to scuttle Bernie Sanders’ 2016 run against Hillary Clinton. And Republicans might bristle at Tanden’s outspoken criticisms of President Trump.
  • Cecilia Rouse, a Black economist at Princeton University, will get the nod to lead the Council of Economic Advisers. Nigerian-born Adewale “Wally” Adeyemo, who advised on international economics for the Obama administration, is expected to be deputy Treasury secretary under Janet Yellen, Biden’s choice for Treasury secretary.
  • Criticism: Biden named three people of color after criticism arose that only one earlier pick—Linda Thomas-Greenfield, as US ambassador to the UN—was Black. “From all I hear, Black people have been given fair consideration,” Rep. James Clyburn told the Hill earlier this week. “But there is only one Black woman so far.”

History made and women move forward…..

Will women make a difference from the past?

I think not.

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Biden On The Middle East

This is a continuation of my series looking at the direction the Biden administration will most likely pursue…..this time it is the hot bed of the Middle East…..

We know there will be a change from Trumpian policy….but what will those policies be most like?

This is an interview of a person looking deeply into the possible Biden policies for the region.

Here in Washington when a new administration is set to take over–well, in due time–we love to play the game of asking what will happen in every single corner of the world. I think it is a good exercise, for the most part, allowing many times fresh ideas, old concepts, and lots of opinions to get floated and refloated and compared in the weeks leading up to January 20. So, in that spirit, I asked my friend Michael Rubin from AEI for his ideas on where Joe Biden will take U.S. foreign policy when it comes to the Middle East. As always, his thoughts are sharp, comprehensive, and born from years of thinking through this topic for decades in a depth that is rare these days.

First, despite what Donald Trump may believe, we now can say there will be a change in administrations with Joe Biden taking office on January 20th. How do you think his policies will change towards Israel? Clearly, the U.S. and Israel had a strained relationship during the Obama years. Could we see a return to that? How will Biden approach this important alliance?

The Democrats are divided and the policies Biden pursues will depend more on who ultimately wins each position than on what the twitter base of the Democratic party may want. We’re far more likely to have a Secretary of State Tony Blinken or Chris Coons than Ro Khanna or Barbara Lee.

What Will Joe Biden’s Middle East Strategy Look Like?