Random Thoughts For a Sunday

The weekend and I feel like going off the rail as they say…..just a few thoughts that got my blood boiling this past week.

I recently wrote a letter to the City Council thanking them for putting in the sidewalks in my neighborhood and giving the self-absorbed d/bags a place to park their extra cars…..god forbid any pedestrians do not need to use them there is always the street in which they can walk or jog.

Buffalo wings…..first that sauce is nothing more than butter and hot sauce.  This fad always amazes me….the industry has conned people into paying good money for something that is mostly bone and with a big price tag.

Hummus can only be made with chick peas…..if it is not made with chick peas then it is nothing but a “dip”.

Are you a baller?

There is a fad for artisan ice cubes……you can even buy a refrig that makes ice balls.  Why?  How pretentious can people get?

After 60 years Coke is dropping its iconic diet soda….Tab….

Coca-Cola is discontinuing its first-ever diet soda, Tab, which acquired a huge fan base in the ’70s and ’80s and maintained a small but devoted following through the years.
“Tab had an amazing run,” said Robert Bixby, executive director of the Concord Coalition and a longtime Tab enthusiast. Bixby said messages of condolences have been pouring in. “As a business decision I can understand it, but it’s a very sad day … I do feel it’s like losing a friend.”
Tab is one of several “underperforming” products Coke has said it is eliminating from its brand lineup by the end of the year as the company seeks to streamline production and focus on bestsellers.
More bad news for Florida…..not only have hurricanes made living on the Coast an exercise in futility….but now the prediction for 2045 is not so good either…..
A 2018 study warned that 64,000 Florida homes were at risk to chronic flooding by 2045 because of rising sea levels. The figure rises to 1 million homes by 2100. Now, new research suggests this effect already is showing up in the state’s real estate market, reports NPR. The volume of home sales in areas most at risk in Florida have dropped along with prices, according to Benjamin Keys and Philip Mulder at Penn’s Wharton School. They say the downturn started in 2013, per the New York Times. From that year to 2018, the volume of homes sold in Florida’s “more exposed” coastal areas fell 16% to 20% relative to “less exposed” areas, according to the researchers’ working paper.
It took longer for prices to start falling as well, but the researchers say that began in 2018. Since that year, prices of homes in “more exposed” areas have dropped compared to those in “less exposed” tracts, for a difference of 5% to 10% in 2020. This suggests “fewer buyers are willing to bear [flooding risks] at current market prices,” the authors write, noting Hurricane Sandy in 2012 and a pair of 2014 climate change reports may have played a role. The bottom line is that “coastal housing is in more distress than we thought,” Keys tells the Times. Jeff Dorian at the Miami Herald weighs in: “South Florida can’t afford any more delays,” he writes. “To mitigate sea-level rise, the global emissions curve must be reversed.”
But don’t worry there is no climate change and there is nothing for Floridian home owners to worry about, right?
A local crematorium held a “Customer Appreciation Barbecue”….think about that….

Next for all you nerds that live and breathe Star Wars…..some engineers have come up with a real live honest to god light saber……that’s right a real light saber…..

The engineers behind the YouTube channel “The Hacksmith” have crafted a real-world “Star Wars”-style lightsaber that burns hot enough to cut through steel.

The steampunk hilt can send out a laminar flow of compressed liquid propane gas and oxygen, which burns at 4,000 degrees Fahrenheit.

To allow it to burn in such a specific way, the team used “laminar nozzles,” which allow an extremely concentrated flow of gas to escape, creating a beam of plasma. These nozzles cost a pretty penny — about $4,000 each — and are often used in the glass-blowing industry.


For a mere $4000 and it can be yours and the envy of every geek at ComicCon.

Almost the closing…music from space…..

Finally….my region will celebrate the Civil War this weekend…..

Beauvoir in Biloxi will host its 34th annual Fall Muster Saturday and Sunday.

The Civil War came to an end in 1865, but spectators still gather for battle reenactments 155 years later. The home of former president of the Confederate States holds over 150 years of history and this year more than 1,000 people are expected to visit the property to attend.

There will be guns and cannons, soldiers, cooking over open fires, and live music.

The battles take place Saturday and Sunday. Admission is $12.50 for adults, $7.50 for children, and kids six and under get in free.


I Read, I Write, You Know

“lego ergo scribo”

5 thoughts on “Random Thoughts For a Sunday

  1. I never got the concept of wings. Why pay good money for so little meat? I didn’t like Tab. I thought it tasted weird, and never understood anyone who liked it.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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