2020 Presidential Debate #2

For those that are waiting on the edge of their chairs or those that have not heard the news yet…..THERE WILL BE NO SECOND DEBATE!

It seems that the bully of the airways are afraid to debate virtually.

First came the decision to make the second debate virtual between President Trump and former VP Joe Biden. Now, an update: There’s won’t be a debate at all. Per CNN, the Commission on Presidential Debates has nixed the debate scheduled for Oct. 15 after Trump said he wouldn’t do the virtual format, with some worried he may still be contagious with COVID-19. Now, all eyes are on the debate that had been scheduled after that at Belmont University in Nashville, Tenn., on Oct. 22. The Wall Street Journal reports that Trump’s campaign had called for moving the dates for both debates back a week, but Biden’s camp refused that option. “It is now apparent there will be no debate on October 15,” the commission said in a statement. “Both candidates have agreed to participate in the October 22 debate.” That debate will be moderated by NBC anchor Kristen Welker.

On Oct. 15, Biden will instead participate in a town hall hosted by ABC News, NPR reports. Trump is hoping to hold a rally or a town hall on NBC, though plans for neither have been finalized. There’d been a bit of hubbub involving C-SPAN’s Steve Scully, the moderator set for the second debate, after a now-deleted tweet apparently sent by Scully to former White House communications chief Anthony Scaramucci emerged, in which Scully asked: “Should I respond to Trump?” Trump accused Scully of being a “Never Trumper,” per Politico. Scully, for his part, alleges he didn’t write that tweet, Fox News reports. Meanwhile, in South Carolina, another canceled debate: one set for Friday between GOP Sen. Lindsey Graham and his rival, Democrat Jaime Harrison, after Harrison said he wouldn’t attend if Graham didn’t take a COVID-19 test; Graham refused, the Hill reports. Instead, the two were interviewed in separate 30-minute segments on a local station.

What A Titty Baby!

How can any American support this coward?  (That is rhetorical)

Instead of a debate the two candidates had battling townhalls…..not everyone is pleased at this turn….

NBC News’ decision to host President Trump’s town hall Thursday night—which will air on the network at the same time ABC News is airing Joe Biden’s competing event—is not going over well in some circles. The Los Angeles Times reports #BoycottNBC is trending on Twitter, and even former NBC star Katie Couric weighed in: “Having dueling town halls is bad for democracy—voters should be able to watch both and I don’t think many will. This will be good for Trump because people like to watch his unpredictability. This is a bad decision.” Fox News rounds up more criticism, with one political analyst calling NBC’s decision “indefensible.”

President Trump refused the virtual format that was offered for the debate originally scheduled for Thursday, so the whole thing was scrapped, and Biden decided to do his town hall instead. Trump’s decision came next, and Couric is not the only former NBC person accusing the network of capitulating to the POTUS. “I am dismayed—more like disgusted—by NBC’s decision to air Trump’s ‘I won’t play by the rules so let me make my own rules’ town hall opposite Biden’s,'” a former executive VP posted on Facebook; a former producer also said it’s a bad idea. And a reporter tweeted, “I’ve heard from over a dozen NBC, MSNBC, and CNBC sources (talent and staff) and the frustration with and anger toward their employer for scheduling a town hall against Biden is palpable.” The network has not weighed in on the criticism.

What a waste!

Debate #3 will be (as of this printing) on 22 October….and I will be watching….so you do not have to…..

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7 thoughts on “2020 Presidential Debate #2

  1. Reblogged this on It Is What It Is and commented:
    #BoycottNBC … read an see why! … “I’ve heard from over a dozen NBC, MSNBC, and CNBC sources (talent and staff) and the frustration with and anger toward their employer for scheduling a town hall against Biden is palpable.”

    The network has not weighed in on the criticism.

  2. I can’t get excited about this, as the debates are meaningless anyway. And anyone who doesn’t already know Trump is a buffoon has been living in a cave.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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