Another Bad Day For Trumpites

Those people around Donald the Orange have not had a goo run in the court systems…..just look at the criminals that have saddled up to Trump.

Rick Gates: Convicted. Paul Manafort: Convicted. George Papadopoulos: Convicted. Mike Flynn: Convicted. Michael Cohen: Convicted. Roger Stone: Convicted. Donald Trump: Impeached.

Now we can add yet another Trumpian stoolie….Steve Bannon.

Remember him?

He has been indicted by the Manhattan court….

Former top White House adviser Steve Bannon appears to be facing serious legal trouble. Federal prosecutors indicted him Thursday on charges that he defrauded hundreds of thousands of donors in a online fundraising campaign, reports CNBC. The charges are related to a group co-founded by Bannon called “We Build the Wall,” which sought to raise money to build a border wall, per Bloomberg News. Prosecutors say he used money raised by the group for personal expenses. Three others also were charged, reports CNN. Bannon has been arrested and was due to make a court appearance Thursday.

Prosecutors say that Bannon and another organizer, Brian Kolfage, pledged to take no compensation, but that Bannon received $1 million and Kolfage more than $350,000, reports the Washington Post. Those two and two others (Andrew Badolato and Timothy Shea) are accused of routing money from the online campaign through a shell company in an attempt to conceal their personal payments, say prosecutors. They all face charges of conspiracy to commit wire fraud and money laundering in the campaign, which the Hill reports raised more than $25 million. Bannon was a key adviser in President Trump’s 2016 campaign, then served as a top strategist in the White House until he was fired in the summer of 2017.

Donald the Orange is having a real bad year and it just keeps getting worse….more and more of his toadies are getting snapped up by the judicial system.

Trump’s pardon finger has got to be getting tired….and I am sure that he will use it more and more between now and January of 2021…….then hopefully he will be back in New York bothering locals instead of screwing the nation.

I Read, I Write, You Know

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32 thoughts on “Another Bad Day For Trumpites

  1. Why do people keep sending donations to these crooks? How many times to they have to see it is just corrupt, before they stop sending money? I despair at the lack of basic good sense.
    Best wishes, Pete.

  2. Trump is going nowhere. He has too many brainwashed automatons running around out there eating his every word like they were Holy Communion and wiping his rear end off their noses with every breath.

      1. Lobotero, you should seriously consider writing more balanced and fact-based posts. You’re clearly shilling for the corrupt corporate Democrats.

      2. I hope you are being sarcastic…..Have you not been reading my stuff? There is NOTHING about Dems that I like…..and don’t get me started on Bubba Clinton….LOL chuq

      3. If that’s the case, I apologize. I haven’t had time to see all of your essays; however, certainly you followers tend to seem to take many of your articles as representing the corporate Dems as the lesser of two evils (a method of choosing I detest, even though it seems to be our only option at this point). What is “chuq” by the way. I’m always the last to know about such things. 😀

      4. chuq is short for my name I have not voted for a winner in almost 50 years….the last :”major” candidate I voted for is Jimmy Carter….this time I supported Gabbard until she dropped out and then I stated that zI would look elsewhere because I cannot support Biden and Harris…..chuq

    1. There is plenty of media brain-washing on both sides of the political divide. To deny that is simply to lie. Let’s not forget that Clinton was impeached as well. Not to mention that the Clintons hang out with some of the most disreputable people on the planet. I’m not defending Trump in this case but simply stating facts. By the way, pursuing an ad hominem approach is not very intelligent or effective, whether directed at fellow commenters or subjects of a post. And don’t forget, we now know, actually HAVE known (those of us who don’t parrot the mainstream media), that Russia-gate, the politically-motivated witch hunt, was based on sheer lies, resulting in the current Obamagate.

      1. Putin is a great leader. Russia-gate not only has been completely debunked but it was never even a plausible conspiracy. (We can get into specific facts like the fictional Steele Dossier if you like.) It was pure party propaganda (easily fueled by left-over Cold War paranoia which the clueless masses stupidly bought into because they’re television-watchers and believe the neolib/neocon narratives sold to them like soap) and promoted viciously, self-defensively (the Dems refused to admit they had legitimately lost), and recklessly to boot. (Fueling this idiotic conspiracy further increased tensions between two nuclear-armed nations. How intelligent was that?) It was like the McCarthy era all over again, with its post-WWII commie paranoia of the 1950s; except, guess what…Russia hasn’t been “the Soviet Union” since 1990. It’s just as aggressively capitalistic now as we are. But it’s a lot less aggressive geopolitically speaking. It’s not an “empire” with military bases spread all around the globe, or initiating endless war in every direction. Sadly, Americans don’t have an understanding of the broader world. They can only parrot memes and sound bites fed to them by the thoroughly corrupt mainstream (lamestream) media who are directly beholden to Wall Street and especially the military-industrial-surveillance complex. They like to pretend or imagine that they’re a voice of the people as in days of old (which is also debatable that they ever were). Guess what, they’re certainly not now. They care only about ratings and profits, period.) Television: the worst invention of the 20th century.

      2. That is a lot to digest and, of course, we sincerely appreciate your taking the time and effort to share it with us. Thank you. Putin is, indeed a great leader … and I believe Trump must appreciate his methodology and I look forward to the day that Trump institutes that methodology right here in good old asleep-on-our-ass America. I can’t believe there haven’t been torchlight parades yet. After all, didn’t Trump just recently tweet that the “Real” Jews consider him to be “The King Of Israel” and almost like “The Second Coming Of God?”

  3. Trump was impeached by probably the most corrupt political entity that has ever existed in America’s history, the current Democratic party (who are NOT in any way on the “left”; if anything they’re right of center). I was a leftist all my life. Not one of these fake leftists (that is, cultural Marxists, screaming a patronizing victim-hood in every direction), but a REAL anti-imperial leftist. The corporate Democrats have oceans of innocent blood on their hands across many regions. Ironically, my humanity-based values have more in common with Trump right now (not the Republican party, mind you), but Trump the Washington outsider, who has resisted starting any more murderous wars. Nobody, no entity, is more corrupt or murderous than the current warmongering Democratic party. Their rhetoric consists of sheer lies. Again and again. Take a cynical and patronizing knee while wearing a Kente cloth Covid-mask. 😀 Hilarious. Thankfully people are waking up. #trumpderangementsyndrome

    1. I have written many times that I agree with him on some issues…war and troops….but disagree on his wider foreign policy….chuq

      1. You’d have to be specific if you actually mean it. Wider foreign policy. Is there a more broad or deep geopolitical issue than war? Maybe you’re American, I don’t know, who tend to have no issue at all with our murderous imperial wars. The various issues are not equal. #trumpderangementsyndrome

      2. I think if you are talking about the conflicts we fight I will agree a bit…..but the rest of our FP is just in tatters. chuq

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