OMG! The Horror!

You might think that I am referring to the Covid-19….you would be wrong. Or you might believe that I am writing about something around Donald the Orange…again you would be wrong. Maybe I am talking about something in China…wrong again.

I am talking about something that effects most Americans….most people in general……something that could change the complexion of the rhetoric in the world….something that happens at least 5oo billion times a year…..

I read the news that there could very well be a growing coffee crisis brewing (no pun intended)……

Nearly 500 billion cups of coffee are consumed every year, making it easily one of the most popular goods in the world. It’s cultivated in dozens of countries by nearly 25 million farmers who depend on it to make a living.

But coffee is becoming harder to grow. It’s a notoriously picky plant that requires very specific conditions to grow. And as climate change warms the planet, the places that can sustain the plant are shrinking. A recent study estimates that by 2050, the amount of land that can sustain coffee will have fallen by 50 percent.

But while there may be time to save the coffee plant, the crisis has already arrived for coffee farmers. Deteriorating conditions and plummeting prices have made it difficult to make a living growing coffee, not to mention invest in measures to adapt to climate change.


Does anyone realize what that will do to society?

For one it could stop Americans from buying those $10 cups of coffee….what will the “posers” do without trendy caffeine?

Will this news start a hoarding wave?  I mean look what the virus did to toilet paper.

This catastrophic news….tea just does not have the same umpf that coffee does in the mornings.

What will we do?

On a side note……one of the most famous spies in history was Mata Hari… look at the photo and tell me what you think…..

I can see why she was so successful…..can you?

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5 thoughts on “OMG! The Horror!

  1. I could probably live without coffee, but only as long as red wine grapes are not affected!
    Mata certainly had a way about her… 🙂
    Best wishes, Pete.

      1. I have 3 cups of instant coffee between 7 am and midday. Then I don’t drink tea or coffee after that. If I have no wine left, I drink cold milk. 🙂

      2. No milk for me….coffee depends on the season….normally I drink about 5-10 cups per day… and a good beer….chuq

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