Are You A Bad Person?

If you spend all your time on social media then you may well be a dickhead.

Recently a loyal follower of IST, Pete wrote a post about the social media craze of misspelling just about everything……

And then I read an article about social media and being a bad person……

Your addiction to social media is probably making you a jerk.

Addictions to Facebook, Snapchat, and other platforms aren’t just making you hungry for more likes and recognition; it’s also negatively affecting others in your lives, according to new research.

Researchers from Michigan State University and California State University-Fullerton found that there are dark sides to social media use including an enhanced call to be “cruel” and “callous online.” Dar Meshi, a cognitive neuroscientist and assistant professor at Michigan State University, said that researchers were interested in finding out both the benefits and problems with social media use.

I had noticed that there is a wealth of dickheads on social media….and now we can point to this study to explain just why they are such d/bags.

Don’t get me wrong…..I can be a dickhead….but usually after someone has attacked me or insulted me….I try to keep things civil but there is always one that will press that one remaining nerve and I lash back.

AS far as social media goes….I am on Twitter…..I use it as a news feed…..I do not go any further….no Facebook, no Instagram, No any of it.

I Read, I Write, You Know

“lego ergo scribo”

11 thoughts on “Are You A Bad Person?

  1. I mainly use Twitter to promote my blog posts. (And those of others) But then I get sucked in to looking at some issues being discussed there and end up wishing I hadn’t!
    Best wishes, Pete.

  2. I have been a total dick and a shock jock for years. I was born of asshole parentage and I was raised as an asshole and I am still an asshole today. I am the kind of person who takes no crap and I never sugar coat any shit. I speak it like I feel it and I do not give place to idiots and I doubt that I have a compassionate bone in my body at all. So if you want honesty in your bloggers, here I am.

      1. Animals are far more trustworthy than people so I see you point and it is a point well taken.

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