What Can We Expect With A Second Term?

I know……god forbid that should occur….but you never know how the election will turn out.

But I am just saying that he was not suppose to win in 2016….and yet he did just that….and it could happen again (god forbid)…….

If he does what will that second term look like?

No one is sure……actually some say it is a complete mystery because he has said nothing about his next term……

Republican lawmakers say they have little to no idea what President Trump’s agenda would be if he wins a second term, making it difficult for GOP candidates to coordinate campaign messages ahead of November.

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) said last year he wanted the 2020 election to be a referendum on socialism, but instead it’s turning into a referendum on Trump, a scenario that GOP senators wanted to avoid.

Congressional Republicans say Trump spends too much time going after critics on Twitter and not enough time articulating his vision for a possible second term. They would prefer more contrasts between their party and Democrats on issues such as taxes and regulation — areas they think could be part of a winning formula in the fall.


But Wait!

Trump does have vision for that second term…..

President Trump has a vision for his second term, if he wins one, of establishing a “National Garden of American Heroes” that will pay tribute to some of the most prominent figures in US history, a collection of “the greatest Americans to ever live.” His idea, conveyed in a speech Friday night at Mount Rushmore and expanded on in an executive order, comes as elected officials and institutions are reckoning with whether it is appropriate to continue to honor people, including past presidents, who benefited from slavery or espoused racist views, with monuments or buildings and streets named after them, the AP reports. Absent from Trump’s initial list are any Native American or Hispanic individuals. The White House and Interior Department declined to comment on how the list was assembled.

To be certain, the monument is far from a done deal and Trump’s plan could be dashed if presumptive Democratic nominee Joe Biden denies him a second term in November. It includes George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Abraham Lincoln and Martin Luther King Jr., all already represented on or near the National Mall in Washington, along with Susan B. Anthony, Daniel Boone, Davy Crockett, Frederick Douglass, Amelia Earhart, Billy Graham, Douglas MacArthur, Christa McAuliffe, Jackie Robinson, Betsy Ross, Harriet Beecher Stowe, Harriet Tubman, Booker T. Washington and Orville and Wilbur Wright. But Trump also is looking to put an ideological stamp on the idea of American greatness with the inclusion of conservative stalwart Antonin Scalia, the late Supreme Court Justice.

That is his big plan for his second term….basically a theme park.  Will there be rides and palm readers?

So the second term will be full of the same BS as the first….division, racism, lies and disinformation.

A vote for Trump in November is a vote for those precise policies.

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33 thoughts on “What Can We Expect With A Second Term?

  1. Impeachment. It’s very obvious the GOP will lose the Senate.. and no better in the House. He’s impeached inside of three months… and outta there!

  2. Hmm, so many typos and not even in the article itself. First, you misspelled “lobotomy” in the domain name because you most certainly have had one. And you included a space by accident in the blog name because for this post at least it should be “Insane Thought”.
    1. Yes, I am insulting you, but only for effect. I have no idea why I followed your blog, but I’m guessing the first post I read of yours seemed sane and interesting. I’ll have to go back and find it. You are welcome to “cancel” me from your blog, but hopefully you will at least read my thoughts and respond to them first.
    2. ?
    You seem to think that the President and the government have to DO something for YOU.
    I reject that premise.
    The government, including the President, should get the hell out of MY way and let ME do what I want and need to do for MYSELF. That includes getting out of the way of the companies I buy goods and services from.
    In the case of President Trump, he has already kept hundreds of promises he made during his campaign. (See PromisesKept .com) That, of course, is anathema for any politician and worthy of hatred. But President Trump is NOT a politician, he is a businessman, and businessmen measure their accomplishments by keeping promises and making the lives of other people better through the goods and services they provide.
    So “What Can We Expect With A Second Term?”
    Maybe YOUR god may try to forbid Trump a second term, but I am praying that my God grant him one so that America can continue to become free from government overreach.
    You mock Trump’s “National Garden of American Heroes”. Trump through his speeches is trying to INSPIRE individuals to PERSONAL greatness. The Democrats, and apparently you, want to coerce through central control and oppression, mediocrity and even poverty for all but themselves.
    Should we be inspired by “heroes” or the scum that make the headlines?
    Should we emulate those Trump named, or the likes of Epstein, Weiner, the Clintons, Pelosi, Schiff, Nadler, AOC and other Swamp Rats? Which group will make ME a better person?

    Absent from Trump’s initial list are any Native American or Hispanic individuals.
    Like virtually all anti-Trump reporting, this is FAKE NEWS. If you read the actual Executive Order, Sec. 7 includes Junipero Serra, a Hispanic.
    I’ll grant you that no “Native American” was named but they were NOT excluded.
    Which Native Americans would YOU include and why? I can suggest several offhand, can you?
    I hope that Trump does NOT announce any completely new promises for his second term. I hope that Trump continues to fulfill and keep the promises he made for his first term.
    I hope Trump continues to reduce taxes, eliminate regulations and transfer power back to the individual and away from government.
    I hope that Trump continues to put America First in all things and protect America from intrusion by foreign governments, people and ideas which are normally counter to the American values of “life, liberty and pursuit of happiness” by the individual citizen.
    I hope that Trump continues to expose the Deep State, both elected and bureaucratic, and that they are subsequently removed from office and positions of power through the appropriate actions (means).
    I hope that Trump continues to direct the bureaucracy to arrest pedophiles and sex traffickers, to protect the American borders and interior from illegal alien criminals, to enforce the laws, regulations and rules that protect individuals from corporations and organizations,
    I hope that Trump continues to promote American heroes to inspire the generations that have been indoctrinated with Democrat, Leftist, Communist, and Anti-American ideology in the education system to adopt and live AMERICAN values as espoused in the Constitution and Declaration of Independence and the writings of those that expanded on the freedoms enshrined in those founding documents.
    I pray that MY God grant America a second term for Trump and a second chance to Make America Great Again by following the Laws of Nature and of Nature’s God.

    1. You are a sick person……all you know is insults and hate…..there is a reason I pay for this site…it is mine and if you do not like what is written then by all means go away….you will not be missed. thanx for stopping by ttfn chuq

      1. What is obvious is that you and chuq up are Democrat trolls? Don’t worry your little snowflake heads, I won’t waste any more of my time on you.

      2. And yet this troll continues to insult and returns….he promised to go away and yet nothing……chuq

      3. I did not return. Someone replied to me so I carried on a discussion with them, not you. And you not me added more replies. You are the one that has continued to insult Trump and me. You are the one who started the insults in the original posts.

      4. You never replied to me.. a couple times. Not that I am on the edge of my seat to engage you… but you seem elitist enough to be passively worth a reply or two.

      5. I am replying via the WordPress app in notifications. I cannot see the thread there just individual replies. I care so little about what is being said in lobotomy’s blogs that other than telling you this I’m not going to waste my time. I have unfollowed the blog, but apparently the notifications of replies are persistent. As soon as I have time, I will try to cancel those as well.

      6. No, I’m not. I just don’t waste time when people don’t report facts. I can get all the diverse opinion I want elsewhere.

      7. And you have the corner on what are facts and truth in our present times? Or is what bugs you more about the interpretation of those facts.. and truths.. to fit a narrative that doesn’t fit your narrative?

    1. Dang, I really do hate the WordPress comment system. This is to another reply of yours. Apparently there is a limit on how many levels of reply a comment can have.

      OK. Let’s find out if I have “the corner on what are facts and truth”.

      Oops, we can’t because, at least in my understanding, “facts and truth” are OBJECTIVE, and the interpretation of them, aka opinion, is SUBJECTIVE. Therefore, no one can have “the corner on what are facts and truth.”

      But, since you have been civil and I am trying to be, let’s start with something completely different.

      OK, I was going to reference a comment by “By Hook Or By Book” but that is in another thread. I’ll just move forward here.

      Would you agree that it is a FACT that a group of people was shown on TV pulling down a statue? If so, then we agree on a FACT.

      I would NOT call that a “peaceful” protest. I would call it a criminal act. That is my interpretation of that FACT.

      What is yours?

      Based on “By Hook”‘s reply to me in the Florida thread, my OPINION is that By Hook would call it a “peaceful protest”.

      PS – Didn’t I reply to the question, What am I afraid of?, already. Now I have to go track that one down. Maybe it was in another thread, or the wrong thread, or I closed the app before it posted.
      I disagree that it was “peaceful” based on MY definition of that term.

      We could go on to discuss if FACT and TRUTH are two different things. I just recently began to ponder that after some politician (possibly Biden) said something that implied that FACT and TRUTH are two different things.

      But, let’s just start with your interpretation or opinion about the people and the statue

      What “bugs me more” is when OPINION is presented as fact or truth. My opinion is that several of you in these threads are trying to present opinion as fact.

      1. Somewhere I must have missed the discussion on the statue-pulling. Somewhere I made my opinion on it.. maybe was another blog. In essence… I agree pulling down statues is illegal according to the laws of the municipality/state.. and if nothing else, it shows the world that we can be just as impulsive are arbitrary as they are when they overthrow a dictator then run wild in the streets destroying any vestiges of that dictator. Many of those statues were placed there by vote of the local populace through their city/state governments. If so, then a vote should also remove them if that is their choice. BUT… I am in full agreement over the passions being released (racism) that result in statue-pulling (although one might also say… “What took you so long and why now? The damn thing has sat there for a hundred years and you could have peacefully had it removed.”). Demonstrating with passion and emotion over a cause does not insulate a person from responsibility for an illegal act… unless you want to martyr yourself.
        I have a wider range of opinion on historical statuary.. but that’s not what you asked.

      2. Thanks. I was trying not to conflate you and By Hook. See, I don’t have a corner on facts and we agree on the interpretation.

      3. Oh.. I did comment on the statue thing! Here’s is a more complete synopsis on my opinion.. and my apologies to buddy chuq and the other folks for the redundancy. This is for Bluecagt57’s benefit.

        Very generally speaking.. statues in general are erected following a conflict to honor those who fought IN it, not what they did after.. especially when their statue is not a depiction of said “hero” dressed in civilian clothes looking like some sage statesman.. but rather on horseback, in a (Confederate) military uniform, wielding a saber.
        Another tidbit… following the war the South was still deeply defiant so the statuary strewn about the South in front of city halls and in town squares depicts that general mood of the late 1800’s and into the teens that the spirit of that war lives on in some way. If not, then where are the statues in the South of Grant, Sherman, McClellan, etc. in uniform with a saber waving? Where are the Army posts with names of Northern generals? So.. you seem a bit off the mark suggesting that post-Civil War Southern statuary was all about burying the hatchet for a unified peace. It is, in fact, that underlying (and not so underlying) mood that allowed the KKK, Jim Crow, etc. to permeate the accepted culture of the South will into the 20th century.. and even today in less demonstrative ways.

        My personal view is no statue should be TORN down. In some way in me it violates a measure of free speech.. if not the simple idea that the statue was placed there by the will of the local people…. unless it was a private organization. If you want it removed and it was placed there by law.. then remove it by some law. The image of a rabble of a mob ripping these things down just sickens me in their act… and what it conveys to the world about American rule of law… in spite of my favor in the passion that is motivating them. We are not some Third World country deposing a leader and erasing his image.

        The Civil War still lingers in the American consciousness in one way or another, as it should. It’s a scab of a wound, slowly fading over time.. but every so often we all gotta pick at it because it itches in the periphery of our collective morality because we’ve not been able to address slavery in American history education… and present history to our young in such a way as to respect individual human achievement, the tenaciousness of persistence with passion to carry forward what it right against overwhelming odds, to understand that achievement can reflect heroism to a cause greater than self… but it does not make a person separate from their human foibles.

        I should clarify my last line… recognizing achievement and heroism should be done with the understanding that the person being lauded is only human and not a saint, and subject to the same human foibles as us all… and what they exhibited to make them honored is that they excelled in that instance beyond the human frailties possibly exhibited in their own ex
        We also need to consider the times in which heroes are honored were very likely far different than we might be now in respect to knowledge, moral awareness, scientific progress.. and political ideology. In Washington’s day slavery was a normal condition. Washington did his thing, accomplished what he accomplished, was the first president of the nation… risked much for an idea greater than self. He also enslaved other human beings… an accepted practice of the day and appalling by today’s standards. He was a hero in his day. Was his accomplishment any less important? Turn it around… would Washington approve of everything we do today if he were judging our times? Would Washington think Trump is a hero?

      4. Thank you again. I did check here and didn’t see this so maybe another blog. May I suggest that you add to your view on statues “that they are not erected until after the person is dead”? While not a statue, I have on several occasions heard of roads and other public works being named for someone who later turns out to be a “not good” person. That cost in one case the businesses and hence their customers thousands of dollars when the road name was changed.

      5. While I can see the frustration and complexities in glorifying people of accomplishment in placing their names/image on places of honor only to have them turn up having been schmucks in other ways… I see little need to make a law stating an honoree should be dead first. People should be responsible for doing their due diligence first to vet the person.
        Again, I feel a person can be honored for their accomplishments while at the same time present their accomplishments in context with their human frailties… with a measure of common sense, and advance vetting, of course.

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