Infiltration Of The Police

Recently there was a story in the news about some ex-police that had plotted to kill BLM leader Shaun King……

An investigation has been launched after members of a Facebook group for California law enforcement officers were found to be allegedly planning to kill Shaun King, an activist for the Black Lives Matter movement and other social causes.

In an article written for Medium, featuring screenshots of a discussion among members of the group, King said: “Inside of a private Facebook group for California Law Enforcement Officers, members of the group were openly plotting and planning my assassination.”

“Who do you call to report the misconduct of current or retired law enforcement officers? Because I lack confidence in any law enforcement system to handle this, I feel the burden to release this publicly for my own safety and for the safety of my family,” he said.


How could this be?

It seems that racists have been infiltrating PDs for years…..

The FBI warned more than a decade ago that white supremacists had infiltrated the nation’s police departments, but now experts say the problem “has gotten 10 times worse.”

An internal report, “White Supremacist Infiltration of Law Enforcement,” compiled in October 2006 has circulated for years in heavily redacted form, but 28 lawmakers have called on the FBI and the Department of Justice to finally release the full document, reported The Daily Beast.

“This report is more than 14 years old,” said Rep. Norma Torres (D-CA), who’s leading the effort to force its release. “God knows where these officers that were looked at back then are in the rank and file of our police departments.”

Here is the 2006 report…read it for yourself……

Click to access doc-26-white-supremacist-infiltration.pdf

This is sad….and the PDs should be ashamed of themselves…..

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10 thoughts on “Infiltration Of The Police

  1. This story reminds me of the ‘Dirty Harry’ film, ‘Magnum Force’. Rogue cops who decide to just go out and kill people, instead of trying to arrest them for crimes.
    Best wishes, Pete.

  2. Thanks for the report–I’ll definitely be reading it. I’ll even print it out at work if I must, because this is abhorent just to think about it. I always wondered why the “few bad apples” thing could get so bad and so pervasive. Well, if you got folks like this trying to create their own inner club and lash out with the protection of qualified immunity… yeah, that makes sense. And when people in command won’t do anything? I shudder to think.

    Other than a couple of traffic stops, I’ve never had a run-in with the police. Never a problem. But something about what’s going on elsewhere makes me wonder how much that crap’s infiltrated into the departments near me. I’ve gotta go read up on Houston policing again among other things now.

    Unfortunately, thanks to what’s finally been exposed and taken seriously (too bad too many had to die for it to happen, as usual) regarding police departments, when another dirty secret is exposed, I’m no longer shocked. I’m just numb and I think “yup, I can see that happening.” Especially with the protests; we’re in the storm now. The dirty laundry’s been exposed and these guys think if we’re violent enough, they’ll shut up about it because they’ll be intimidated. Not working, though, is it? It’s just fuel on the fire, and saying what minorities and others in the know have been trying to say all along for decades.

    Did you see the video about Elijah McClain’s memorial a few days ago? They had a “violin vigil”, pretty music and super peaceful, and cops in riot gear went to shove everybody out. I didn’t know about the pepper spray until I saw this version:
    Now nothing they can do surprises me. Can’t take a knee. Can’t hold your hands up. Can’t play violin music in memory of a life snuffed out. We’re in a police state.

  3. With out equating our situation with what the black community has to put up with everyday, one of the reasons why my husband and I left the town where we had spent our entire lives, was because of harassment which was condoned and at times even instigated by members of our police department. Despite them having a widely known reputation of being corrupt, they always got their accreditation renewed.

    1. Back in the 70s my city police had a heavy KKK presence…I know because I worked as a training officer. Pathetic chuq

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