Gone But Not Forgotten

It is official…….Gov. Tate Reeves signed the bill into law and made the loss of the state flag……Going….Going….GONE.

Some 155 years after the last battle of the Civil War, the Confederate battle flag no longer features on any state flags. Mississippi’s flag, the last in the nation to incorporate the Confederate emblem, became history Tuesday evening when Gov. Tate Reeves signed a bill to retire the flag the state adopted in 1894, the Washington Post reports. “This is not a political moment to me but a solemn occasion to lead our Mississippi family to come together and move on,” the Republican governor said at the signing ceremony. “A flag is a symbol of our past, our present, and our future. For those reasons, we need a new symbol.”

Mississippi lawmakers passed a bill to abandon the controversial flag Sunday. It calls for a “prompt, dignified and respectful removal” of the flag within 15 days. The move, which follows weeks of protest against racial injustice, had bipartisan support. Reeves said Tuesday that while he rejects “mobs tearing down statues of our history,” he understands “the need to commit the 1894 flag to history and find a banner that is a better emblem for all Mississippi,” CNN reports. Mississippi is now without an official state flag. The bill calls for a commission to create a new design by September, to be approved or rejected by voters in November. The only requirements set out in the bill call for the flag to have the words “In God We Trust”—and for the Confederate emblem to be excluded.

Mississippi has a long history with flags…..read and learn…..

Flags are powerful symbols that signify dominion and sovereignty and express personal and political allegiance to a state or nation. Mississippi did not officially adopt a state flag until 1861, when it seceded from the United States and joined the Confederate States of America. Prior to that time, several flags had flown over the territory that would become the state of Mississippi on December 10, 1817


This is a chance to put all the racism of the last 150 years behind us….and learn from mistakes.

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2 thoughts on “Gone But Not Forgotten

  1. With all the symbols of the Confederacy fast disappearing, I do hope that museums try to keep alive the memory of those turbulent years of the civil war. Good or bad, it forged modern America.
    Best wishes, Pete.

    1. I believe that they will…..we cannot change what happened…..I am afraid too many are going too far with some of this demands…..chuq

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