Why Not Try Non-Violence?

There is lots of calls for more non-violent protests these days….I just point out some historical context to the argument. chuq

Gulf South Free Press

We all have well aware of the protests and the riots and violence that keeps breaking out.

30 years ago I presented a paper at a scholars conference at the Univ. of Louisville on the “Shortcomings In The Theory Of Non-Violence”…..I apologize but the original paper was destroyed by Hurricane Katrina…I lost a large portion of my pre-pc papers in that storm.

This is the confirmation of my paper being accepted….

Let me say before I begin…I am not saying the a non-violent campaign has no place in protesting for change…only that it is not always a win even when it is declared to be one.

I have read many op-eds that call for these protesters to return to the days of Gandhi and MLK,Jr and their use of non-violence to achieve their goals.

Now I ask what did these movements achieve?

I actually wrote about this back in 2017…

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4 thoughts on “Why Not Try Non-Violence?

  1. You are quite contradictory. In one post you fanatically state that you are anti-war and war doesn’t solve anything and then you turn around and say peaceful methods don’t work either.

    1. Peaceful does work….not when it is nothing but a show issue and not pursued. That somehow makes me contrary because the attempts do not work…interesting. chuq

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