Who Will Confront The Protesters?

By now everyone has seen those protesters that show up and times decked out for combat….with the tac gear, their assault weapon at the ready…most of whom are standing with their comrades (why is there is seldom one that protests by him/her self?)

Remember images like this from Ferguson, MO?

Police take up position over demonstrators who were protesting the killing of teenager Michael Brown in Ferguson, Mo., in 2014.

Did you see this in Michigan?

We see very little police presence at these “protests” (they are not protesting just lonely little boys wanting to play army….it is called “cosplay”)…..but who could confront them since the police seem timid to do so?

Personally I am getting weary of these toads trying to intimidate so they can have their way about things….I have more respect for garden slugs than I do for any of these twats and their guns.

I feel there are some out there that would stand-up to these spineless bullies……please show these fools for the macho psycho cowards they truly have become…..

I have a thought…..

The conservatives have the demon NRA……maybe there needs to be an organization that will be the opposite…..an organization that truly cares about the rule of law…..

Not to worry there already is a group……the Socialist Rifle Association…..yes you read that right…..

The Socialist Rifle Association is an educational organization dedicated to providing the working class with the information they need to be effectively armed for self and community defense. This includes all manner of community defense, from the right of the working class to possess firearms to the ability to be well versed in the fields of medicine, disaster relief, logistics, agriculture, and survival skills. Our goal is to provide an alternate to the mainstream, toxic, right-wing, and non-inclusive gun culture that has dominated the firearms community for decades. We seek to provide a safe, inclusive, and left-leaning platform for talking about gun rights and self defense, free from racist and reactionary prejudices, while providing a platform for the working class to obtain the skills necessary for all aspects of community defense.

Our members produce quality manuals and guides for teaching firearms safety, marksmanship, history, and mechanics; as well as unarmed self defense, emergency medical care, disaster relief, and hunting. Our local chapters will provide in-person training and workshops, using individual members’ skills to help address the needs of their community. We also encourage members to pursue certification and outside training in EMT and disaster relief, so they can provide critical services to their community in bad times.

If you are any of the following: working class, progressive, anarchist, socialist, communist, eco-warrior, animal liberator, anti-fascist, anti-racist, anti-capitalist, PoC, LGBTQ+, or anyone else who is interested in learning about firearms and modern self defense — YOU are invited to join the Socialist Rifle Association today!


Reads like this group is for the members and not the manufacturers….that puts them heads above the NRA in my book.

Let’s say members show up to protest against the NRA thugs…..how many cops will show up?  Any takers on that question?

Just the name alone will make the news and the ire of conservatives and the cops…..these protesters would be treated like criminals while their opposites are tolerated….

I say screw the consequences…stand up to the protesters with NRA backing…..and see just how cowardly they truly are…..

All that said I am pleased to see that at least someone has stepped up in Michigan…..

Three black men brandishing rifles escorted a Michigan lawmaker to the State Capitol in Lansing on Wednesday, just days after hundreds of angry and armed white protestors stormed the building to protest the ongoing coronavirus lockdown.

Rep. Sarah Anthony told City Pulse that she didn’t ask for help, but was glad to have extra protection so she could attend an appropriations committee meeting without fear of being threatened. 

“We were all just appalled by the lack of support and lack of security that I had, that other legislators had, and the fact that a lot of the demonstrators last week were adorning many racist, anti-Semitic signage,” Anthony told the local news outlet. “I think it just triggered a lot of folks, especially African Americans.”


NOW more Americans need to step up and show these soulless SOBs that they do NOT run this country….that we are still a country of law.

I Read, I Write, You Know

“lego ergo scribo”

19 thoughts on “Who Will Confront The Protesters?

  1. I don’t think more guns are ever the answer to guns, except in a WW2 scenario. Look how the silent nurses made those demonstrators look so ridiculous recently. That feels like the way to go for me. The confrontation of two armed opposing sides will only end up with more deaths, possibly of innocent bystanders. And as you say, it is undoubtedly the SRA who will be arrested by the authorities.
    Best wishes, Pete.

    1. I think they need to be confronted at every level….non-violent and otherwise….if not we have a new Brown Shirt situation….this would not need saying if there were adequate laws preventing these toads from carrying assault weapons in public….and if the police did their jobs better and stop showing favoritism……chuq

  2. I don’t open carry, because I don’t want anyone to know, nor is it there business, if I’m lawfully carrying……and…..I think the lockdown protestors carrying rifles, dilutes their message and makes them look like clowns.

    But I don’t support a prohibition on open carry.

    1. I will support it when we Americans become responsible…..that is mots Americans…..some carry to look big and intimidate….chuq

      1. Sure, but just like idiotic speech to make one feel important…..I (and others) would argue that the Constitution protects the action….just like the armed Black Panthers.

      2. I agree but then I do not think that the assault weapons is something the Constitution was written for…..if I remember correctly the cops were all over them in the protests….not so much for the white dudes with guns….chuq

      3. Sure it was, the Brown Bess (and like rifles) was the “assault weapon” of its time, and the Founders were well aware of emergent multi-shot firearm technology when the Constitution was written.

      4. Exactly…1781…..not 2020….I am still not convinced that the 2nd was put in for the reasons that I hear all the time…..chuq

      5. The primary sources all point to the Individual Right, over that of the collective. Again, the Founders were men of science and knew the technological arc of tools.

        But carrying them at a protest not affiliated with the 2nd Amendment, drowns out their premise…..at least to the rational minded.

  3. BTW….I’ve been noting the irony of using militarized law enforcement squadrons to confront, well….really any criminal [or not] these days. THAT is the true threat to our safety.

  4. The protesters in Ferguson, Baltimore and elsewhere were confronting power structures that are based in injustice and inequity. The white-wing protesters want to uphold inequities and the existing system of economic injustice. The police would never bring out the military-grade weaponry on them.

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