More Covid-19 Sad News

Not all the news around the Covid-19 is about the health and medical issues…..racism and conspiracies abound….

First the racism from days gone by…..

There’s been a surge in harassment toward Asian Americans in recent weeks: According to Stop AAPI Hate, an organization that’s been tracking self-reported incidents, more than 1,100 physical and verbal attacks against Asian Americans have been documented since late March.

The high number of reports, which have been submitted over just two weeks, is especially striking since people across the country have predominantly been sheltering in place. The incidents — logged through the Stop AAPI Hate website, which launched on March 19 — are wide-ranging.

In one, an Asian American child was pushed off her bike by a bystander at a park. In another, a family at a grocery store was spat on and accused of being responsible for the coronavirus. For some, including one Japanese restaurant owner, the harassment has come in the form of vandalism.

Among these reports, which come from 46 states, there are notable patterns: women were more likely than men to say they were targeted, several incidents involved children, and harassment was more likely to occur at retail stores and pharmacies now that people in most states are sheltering in place.

These idiots are the ones that listen to the moron in the White House when he calls it a China virus…..mental midgets echo this sentiment that has no validity…..a virus has NO nationality.

And the other thing are the conspiracies flowing around the Covid-19…….now it is dealing with the new 5G network……

The CCTV footage from a Dutch business park shows a man in a black cap pouring the contents of a white container at the base of a cellular radio tower. Flames burst out as the man jogs back to his Toyota to flee into the evening. It’s a scene that’s been repeated dozens of times in recent weeks in Europe, where conspiracy theories linking new 5G mobile networks and the coronavirus pandemic are fueling arson attacks on cell towers. Popular beliefs and conspiracy theories that wireless communications pose a threat have long been around, but the global spread of the virus at the same time that countries were rolling out fifth generation wireless technology has seen some of those false narratives amplified, reports the AP, which says the claims range from the coronavirus being a coverup for 5G deployment to 5G installations actually having created the virus.

Officials in Europe and the US are watching the situation closely and pushing back, concerned that attacks will undermine vital telecommunications links at a time they’re most needed to deal with the pandemic. Some 50 fires targeting cell towers and other equipment have been reported in Britain this month, leading to three arrests. Telecom engineers have been abused on the job 80 times, according to trade group Mobile UK, making the UK the nucleus of the attacks. Photos and videos documenting the attacks are often overlaid with false commentary about COVID-19. Some 16 have been torched in the Netherlands, with attacks also reported in Ireland, Cyprus, and Belgium.

I am sure that there are other idiots out there…if anyone has a story about them please share it with me.

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5 thoughts on “More Covid-19 Sad News

  1. The crazy idea that 5G phone masts caused the virus is taking a real hold in the UK. I even had to spend time convincing my wife that radiation and viruses are not the same thing, as she was spreading anti-5G rubbish on her Facebook page. When people panic, they will blame anything or anyone, without realising that blame is already irrelevant and pointless.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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