Pandemic Health Care

Since this pandemic has started effecting the country there has been a debate about health care….people are losing their coverage and Dems have stepped up to help…….

Did they come up with a plan to get all Americans coverage?

NO they did not!

Their solution is to help insurers make even more profit off this disease.

Say What!

The Dems want to pay private insurers during the pandemic……

An unprecedented number of people are losing their jobs in the United States right now. Because of the employer-dependent health care labyrinth we have set up, that means an unprecedented number are also losing their health insurance. The new group of uninsured only adds to the huge chunk of the country—nearly 30 million people—that were already uninsured before the coronavirus hit.

Private health insurers’ primary motive isn’t keeping people healthy, but to cut costs, maximize profits, and deny coverage to boost their bottom line. Yet Democrats’ big idea to help insure people is to effectively subsidize that largely reviled industry. Vox reported on Tuesday that House Democrats are going to push for a bill to fully cover premiums for COBRA, a health insurance program that allows workers to keep buying into their employer-sponsored plans after they are laid off.

This should be a wake up call to all Americans that the Dems will protect the insurance and Big Pharma over the people.

Never fall for the BS that they, the Dems, are working on getting all Americans health care…..and yet the American voter falls for their lies hook, line and sinker…..every time!

Be Smart!

Learn stuff!

I Read, I Write, You Know

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6 thoughts on “Pandemic Health Care

  1. Universal health care government run has successfully creeped into the national acceptance because of the Chinavirus. Fed is paying for all testing and all Chinavirus illness treatment. Reimbursing doctors and hospitals at Medicare rate. Government run mobilization of private sector to provide medical supplies is also part of government run health care. The Chinavirus has opened the minds of the country for universal coverage as a matter of national survival and this is a big victory for universal health care advocates. Illness is not only at crisis for the nation. It is a crisis in the house of every individual family.

    1. This virus…considering the US leads the world in infection should be called the American virus or stop using infantile hatred…..this virus has shown the weakness in this health care system… is never about the medical but the profits. That needs to change. chuq

  2. You are never going to get a fair healthcare system, whichever party is in power. No more than your gun laws will ever change, whichever party is in power. The only real difference between your two biggest parties is who leads them, and where their ‘fan base’ is to be found.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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