Those “Anti-Stay” Protesters

First let me say I think these idiots need to get a grip and pay attention…..beyond that what are these d/bags really all about?

Donald the Orange and his “brain trust” think they can reshape human opinion by this stupidity.

Anti-social distancing and anti-stay-at-home order rallies are cropping up across the country, reminiscent of the early days of the Tea Party, when well-funded right-leaning groups lit a fire under an already outraged Republican base and helped ignite a political movement.

In fact, Adam Brandon, president of FreedomWorks, a right-leaning advocacy group that helped support the Tea Party movement back in 2009, said in an interview that “this has the same DNA [as] the Tea Party movement.”

The events — some, like in Michigan, featuring thousands of attendees — are organized largely by conservative groups calling state-based measures too draconian. Some of the groups have posted links and images on Facebook that downplay the seriousness of the virus. And other leaders have advocated against following guidelines from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, like a ban on big gatherings and the recommendation to wearing face masks in certain public settings (because wearing them would be “counterproductive”). Some of the protests have taken on the feel of 2016 Trump campaign rallies, with participants wearing Make America Great Again hats and waving flags emblazoned with the president’s face.

Then there are those small dick macho a/holes that think they can intimidate people by wearing there penis extensions called guns.  All standing around looking like they just had what few brains they possessed dragged out through their ears…..with their “tac glasses and web gear” to make them look like they might have some honor when they have NOTHING….but their role playing stupidity.  (sorry for the vulgarity but these types of “people” make me so pissed)

This has NOTHING to do with the virus and more to do with trying to raise his, Trump’s,  popularity numbers before the campaign starts in earnest.

Then there is his blame game….which is so pathetic that it is almost laughable…..and yet scary that he could be so callous as to not face the music and protect the people he took an oath to do so.

Talk about a pack of sheep….the more he lies the more they blindly follow…..that makes them IDIOTS!

Then the two dogs have said it all…..

Dogs are so perceptive.

I Read, I Write, You Know

“lego ergo scribo”

6 thoughts on “Those “Anti-Stay” Protesters

  1. So, the #FloridaMoron, aka Governor DeSantis reopened the beaches & hoards of idiots flocked en masse without masks because they don’t want a strange white area on their faces will lay on their beach towels less than 6 feet away from a person who may have COVID-19 but is asymptomatic. Then tthere’s hose gun toting protesters, called into action be he-who-shall-not be-named , itching to exercise their right to shoot anyone who opposes them, maybe on 5th Ave. where their general claims that he could do that & get away with it. There are a few other states with Republican idiots in charge who will probably open up…think maybe the deceived who voted for that man will see the light? Will those fools who open their states see a sharp rise in pandemic victims? Does the spawn of satan in the former white house, now home to a man with no soul care?

  2. Yeah, Florida’s gonna have a hard time with their economy this year, because the rest of the world (except Pakistan) is looking at the US and all it’s stupidity and do you think the tourists are gonna come from overseas to enjoy Florida? Hells no! They’ll stay home once this lifts because you know they’re thinking “do we wanna be surrounded by all those morons?”

    Seriously, the rest of the world thinks we’re idiots. I think we’re idiots.
    And yes, the dogs have it right.

  3. Those gun-toting protestors might think they look tough and intimidating, but they just look like foolish clowns to people over here. Their only fans are the other foolish clowns.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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