Can A Virus Save A Struggling Nation?

The virus has come upon us and we are in a panic……a president bumbling his way around the issue, markets unstable at best, and the Congress playing games with American lives……looks like our democracy is in a tail spin…..if so can we save this democracy from going the way of the Dodo?

The coronavirus pandemic is already having a profound impact on nearly all aspects of life in the United States, and even a best-case scenario will likely result in the deaths of tens of thousands of Americans. There is, however, one area in which it could lead to much-needed improvements: voting rights. 

For decades, some states have made it more difficult for certain Americans — namely people of color — to vote. Some of these efforts, like closing polling locations, limiting the number of voting machines available at certain sites, or reducing early-voting options, resulted in voters having to wait in line for hours to cast a ballot.

In the age of social distancing, those wait times are not just unacceptable but also dangerous. That is why experts are calling on governments across all levels to put in place measures that will protect voters from getting sick on Election Day. Implementing them would protect Americans not only from the coronavirus but also from these voter suppression efforts. 

Can the Coronavirus Heal America’s Broken Democracy?

Another thought…I have read some stuff around the news world that the DOJ is looking for expanding powers…..

The Department of Justice (DOJ) has reportedly asked Congress for a host of new powers as the coronavirus spreads across the country, including the ability to ask judges to detain people indefinitely without trial during emergency situations and natural disasters.

The requests, first reported by Politico’s Betsy Woodruff Swan Saturday, come amid concerns the Trump administration is using the pandemic to implement major policy changes such as tighter border and asylum restrictions. Given President Donald Trump declared a national emergency on March 13, the powers requested by the DOJ would likely be in effect should its request be granted. However, the requests are unlikely to be approved — a bipartisan group of lawmakers has already signaled opposition to them.

Whose idea was this expansion? 

More stuff being written about…..some have said that Trump will try and postpone/cancel the election in November until he can have a more favorable news cycle….ask….can he do that?

Ohio’s director of health, Dr. Amy Acton, delayed that state’s primary election, which was originally scheduled for Tuesday. She did so with the blessing of Republican Gov. Mike DeWine and of the state Supreme Court.

As a matter of law, this decision to delay the election is defensible, and there is no evidence that Acton or DeWine acted in bad faith — their efforts to postpone the election appear to be motivated by a genuine desire to slow the spread of the coronavirus pandemic.

But this delay of a state primary election understandably triggered fears that other officials, potentially even President Trump, might take advantage of the Ohio precedent to postpone or cancel November’s election if it appears that Trump is likely to be defeated.

So much disinformation……all we can do is try and separate the the crap from the sirloin……

This pandemic could save our democracy……but the people will need to want it to be saved…..

America is in a haze right now. It seems like half the country is in denial of the danger while the other half is awaking from apathy and frantically trying to prepare. This is creating a fog of confusion as one side screams “it’s nothing but the flu, stop buying up the grocery store…!”, and the other side just keeps stocking goods, though in an inexperienced way that prioritizes comfort over practicality.

The other day I went by the grocery store to grab a few peripheral items while they still exist on sale, and this was the first time since the Covid-19 situation began that people in my area actually seemed…different.   The usual carefree obliviousness was gone from their faces and they all had a deer-in-the-headlights look, their eyes wide as saucers as they nervously scrambled around the store.  None of them were absorbed into their cell phones.  All of them were alert as many people huddled over their cart, quickly snatching items from the shelves as if protecting themselves from potential thieves.  It seems that reality is finally hitting the masses square in the face like a sucker punch.

Sorry to say but the US use to be a strong leader around the world that others look to for leadership…..and after this virus is beaten the US will lead, reallY?

First, there are worrying trends to overcome. Global institutions already have absorbed damage from which it will be difficult to recover. The European Union, or EU, has taken a body blow. With the organization unable to generate a coordinated response, member countries are taking their own paths and some will be crushed by debt. Meanwhile, the World Health Organization harmed its reputation by uncritically accepting China’s official line on the virus. As internationalism recedes, more states may look inward.

It’s already happening for some citizens. Facing economic and social dislocation, the cross-border spread of the virus has increased nationalist fervor in many parts of the world. Collapsing supply-chains for things like medical equipment will increase reliance on domestic production, a change that some are cheering on. Political populism already on the rise in Europe and the United States will continue to spread, leaving a leadership void as the world struggles with recovery.

Sorry to say but I do not see this current administration capable of leading this country anywhere but ruin.

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22 thoughts on “Can A Virus Save A Struggling Nation?

  1. Could it be that this virus and the eco-crisis it has spawned, all this together.. IS a civil war? For months the Right has had a growing itchy trigger finger in exercising their Second Amendment rights to defend Trump and express their intense hatred for “Liberals” by declaring the Democratic ticket as being Socialist/Communists hell-bent on shredding the Constitution. They were the first to politicize this entire crisis by saying it was all some Left wing conspiracy to discredit Trump. While the latest polls shows something like 54% of voters don’t like Trump’s handling of this affair, something like 88% of Republicans think he is. Even when people are dying all around, the GOP is still off on another world, trying to disclaim everything as being a hoax. Trump supporters have even convinced themselves into hoarding that Lupus/Malaria medication just because Trump thinks it will work and the science says it likely won’t… but wait for the testing to complete.
    So maybe the “battelfield” of the next civil war is in fighting the virus itself. When enough people die where the numbers filter down to where each person either knows someone who got this bug and/or died from it, when the casualty rate reaches the family of the most stalwart Trump supporter, will they then realize the need to stop the divide and start focusing on the problem. That their guns are worthless in beating this enemy… and the real nasty virus all along was the one that produced Trump as President.

  2. I live in Wisconsin. We just saw first hand our voting rights being taken away in the primary this week. Putting people’s lives at risk is despicable. We are in the middle of a pandemic and Wisconsin Republicans are playing footloose with people’s lives. They will have blood are their hands.

      1. Yep.. Old Chicagoan here. Wisconsin was my “playground”.. more so when I lived in Rockford and had a retail store in Beloit.. way back about the time Lincoln passed through there.

      2. Big GM plant in Janesville. When I had my store in Beloit we’d sell at flea markets in Janesville. Didn’t know you had Badger background, chuq.

      3. My father was born there…I have only visited a couple of times… uncle worked at the plant and his wife worked for Parker. chuq

  3. To put it bluntly, NO, this pandemic can’t help America. The Dictator-in-Chief, even if he doesn’t cancel the elections in November (hopefully by then we’ll be out & about) won’t accept a loss should he lose. Remember what Michael Cohen said, he’ll refuse to leave in January .Can’t you see his militant base mobilizing to fight against any attempt to forcibly remove him? Even if a new president is inaugurated there will still be unrest. Sorry, when it comes to Trump i’m a pessimist.

      1. Trump has already been setting up ongoing court challenges to any election result he does not like by making an issue that allowing mail-in ballots is unreliable and corrupt.

      2. I was reading about that just today….sounds about right….Donald the Orange will not go in silence. chuq

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