Navy Screw Up!

The Big Stick has a problem with the virus and the captain put it on a northerly course and asked for help to evac the crew.

It seems he, the captain, has run afoul of a Trumpian tool in the Secretary position…..and has lost his command……

The captain of a US aircraft carrier has lost his command after asking the Navy to let him evacuate crew members who tested positive for the coronavirus. Thomas Modly, acting secretary of the Navy, said Thursday that he gave the order to relieve Capt. Brett Crozier of his command, the Wall Street Journal reports. Crozier had written his superior officers asking for permission to remove ill crew members from the ship in Guam, where the USS Theodore Roosevelt is docked. It wasn’t possible to isolate ill patients on the ship, he said. The San Francisco Chronicle, Crozier’s hometown newspaper, saw a copy of the memo and reported it; Modly declined to say whether he thought Crozier leaked it but said that would violate Navy policy. Crozier did forward the memo to as many as 30 people, Modly said. President Trump said late Thursday that he didn’t agree with distributing the memo, “not even a little bit.”

Modly said Crozier, who had written his bosses that “sailors do not need to die,” had exercised poor judgment, per ABC. “I lost confidence in his ability to lead that warship as it continues to fight through this virus, get the crew healthy, so that it can continue to meet its national security requirements,” he said. Distributing the memo, Modly said, “was a completely unnecessary thing to do in the midst of a crisis.” The ship has nearly 5,000 personnel on board. Modley said Friday that 114 sailors had tested positive and that the number would climb, per NPR, “maybe in the hundreds.”

I think it is a dereliction of duty for this man to be removed…..he did what he thought was the best thing for the men and women under his command and to be treated like this by the Trump admin is just pathetic……and I am not alone…..

Veterans have spoken out against the decision to relieve the captain of the U.S.S. Theodore Roosevelt after he sent a letter to the Navy pleading for help after his ship was stricken with the coronavirus.

Thomas Modly, the acting secretary of the Navy, accused Capt. Brett Crozier of having “poor judgment” for using a “non-secure, unclassified” email address to write an email to his immediate chain of command which also included “20 or 30” additional recipients.

Crozier’s letter, which was then leaked and published by the San Francisco Chronicle, asked officials for help in isolating more than 4,000 sailors onboard the aircraft carrier docked in Guam, after a COVID-19 outbreak was detected among its crew. A day after the letter was published, around 1,000 sailors were removed from the Theodore Roosevelt. A total of 114 crew have since tested positive for COVID-19.

In this time of crisis is this the time to be playing politics?

And the SecNav is just another sycophant that does Trump’s silly work….he should be ashamed.

The captain’s men showed how they feel about their captain…..

The captain of a Navy aircraft carrier fired Thursday after asking superiors to let him evacuate crew members sick from the coronavirus received a heartfelt goodbye from the sailors in his charge. Per USA Today, videos on social media showed rousing shows of support Friday aboard the USS Roosevelt, now docked in Guam, in a send-off for Capt. Brett Crozier. “Now that’s how you send out one of the greatest captains you ever had!” one man in a clip shown on Facebook proclaimed. The man in the video added, “The GOAT [Greatest Of All Time], the man for the people.” In another video, along with the caption “So long to our hero Captain Crozier,” a man (apparently Crozier) strolls down the ship’s gangway and to a waiting car, to cheers, applause, and chants of “Captain Crozier! Captain Crozier!”

Crozier was relieved of his command after sending an urgent memo on Sunday to the Navy, asking to get sick crew members off the ship and into isolation. The letter ended up getting leaked to the San Francisco Chronicle, which published it. Acting Navy Secretary Thomas Modly says Crozier was let go because he sent the letter via “non-secure unclassified email” to a “broad array of people.” Modly added that Crozier showed “extremely poor judgment” and incited “panic” on the ship. In a statement to NBC News, sailors from the ship said, “Modly has broken faith with the crew” and that “there was nothing alarming or sensationalist in Capt. Crozier’s letter. It was simply a recitation of the bleak facts facing this warship. Capt. Crozier has the full faith and confidence of this crew, who would sail with him again at a moment’s notice.”

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9 thoughts on “Navy Screw Up!

  1. Actually…. what a captain.. a military officer of any branch… is suppose to do is maintain operational readiness to carry out his/her mission… which then can include the health and safety of the troops needed to maintain that readiness. But “caring” is not the mission priority in and of itself. At this point we do not fully know the exchange he had with his superiors to force him to go outside Navy command. Apparently there is some Naval pre-investigation going on with results expected next week… then likely the Congressional inquiries will unfold.
    A lot of this will likely be an interpretation between carrying out the mission and holding to chain of command.. and defying same under some moral responsibility. Similar to a soldier questioning his commander’s order on moral grounds.
    To be a captain of any naval capitol ship is indicative itself of the Navy’s confidence in the ability, experience, and overall tenacity of that person. Operationally this is absolutely imperative given the responsibility of personnel.. and more importantly, the weaponry entrusted to him/her to utilize and maintain independently on the high seas… especially if this includes nukes. Any ship captain needs the faith, trust, loyalty of the crew to keep compliance… and Naval command has to have faith in the loyalty of it’s ship captains alone around the world.
    Let’s assume the carrier was left to simply bob around in the ocean to weather this virus on their own. By the math… there were 4,000 on the carrier. At the current mortality rate of 2% that means 80 sailors will die. Last math I heard was 20% of the population will require ICU attention, for days and weeks. On that carrier that means 800 would end up long term ICU patients. Then there’s the remaining 80% who would be a mix of “normal” flu recovery, maybe needing a couple days off work… to not being affected at all. So.. the end result nearly half the entire crew compliment would be offline, and most certainly operational readiness of the carrier would be offline indefinitely.

    We have to assume this math or something like it, the captain fed up the command in some form. Now.. if command made instructions to the captain to stand down (go inactive from mission) then the captain would seem to have an elevated concern for crew health and safety. But if the Pentagon was slow to respond or was ignoring certain available options to tend to crew help… the captain might assume some moral authority that saving lives were more important than simply being a floating petri dish, like a cruise liner.
    But we don’t yet know the details. One thing is for sure… the captain likely made a conscious choice about his own future in command was not worth not trying to save his sailors… then made the issue public in an attempt to solicit public help.

    1. As to the Navy relieving the captain from command… that could be an issue of “extreme prejudice” in deferring to Naval tradition that captains have to obey chain of command. Doesn’t mean the captain was wrong or the Navy was wrong. It’s a matter of faith and trust to carry out a mission as ordered.

    2. My feeling is he did nothing out of place…..his sailors agree…this was just another cheap shot at a military person by the admin….chuq

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