Curfews And Such

Closing Thought–24Mar20

This does NOT pertain to the nation as a whole….I offer up what is happening in my region as to what could be coming to the rest of the country.

It appears that our county supervisors will be taking up the possibility of a 2 week 24 curfew…..

Rumors are circulating about a possible “lockdown” in Harrison County in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Harrison County Sheriff Troy Peterson and police chiefs in Harrison County are recommending a two-week, 24-hour curfew beginning Monday night.

Mayor Andrew “FoFo” Gilich said he expects the issue to come up during a Harrison County Board of Supervisors meeting Monday morning.

Peterson and the police chiefs suggest the curfew run through April 6 at 6 p.m.

Possible two-week, 24-hour curfew for Harrison County likely to be discussed by leaders Monday

Read and weep for this could be a policy coming to you and your neighborhood soon.

This is just rumor for now…..we also had a rumor last week that we were going to see martial law in the cities soon…..that did not happen (not yet anyway) but it is still on the table from what I have heard.

This curfew thing would be a blast for MoMo she depends on her walks and if not she gets cranky.

AS I was preparing this post news came out that curfews were not something they want to do at this time….but it is still a consideration…..

On the advice of Coast mayors, the Harrison County Board of Supervisors rejected imposing a curfew Monday, but all warned that day could be coming as the new coronavirus continues to spread.

The supervisors did close the beach to groups of no more than 10, saying exercise and the ability to get outdoors is important for residents.

“There are so many things bouncing around,” Gulfport Mayor Billy Hewes told supervisors at the meeting, which was streamed live on Facebook with only mayors and supervisors in the Gulfport courthouse meeting room.

Something that is still on the table for future considerations.
This is the stuff that is coming to an area near you as well.

Be calm……Avoid crowds……Be well….Be Safe

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Biden And Social Security

College of Political Knowledge

I have been told by many people on the blog and in person that if we are to beat Trump then I must fall in behind Biden and get it done.

First of all….Bite Me!  Do you know how many years that same thing has been told to me?

I refuse to hold my nose and vote for someone I know is not what this country needs. (About here I should get some BS about not voting for Biden will assure Trump will win….again Bite Me!)

This series will be why I cannot support or vote for Joe Biden…..(that is my decision…I ask NO one to follow suit….I just want to info why I will not give him my vote)

I seem to be one of the few Americans left that will stand by my principles….and so it shall be.

I am going to do a series of post on the issue that I think Biden is lying to the voters about…..I will start with social security.

The most recent Dem debate brought these issues to the spotlight….

Former Vice President Joe Biden told at least five lies during Sunday night’s one-one-one Democratic presidential debate with his last remaining opponent, Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders. Networks and outlets from CNN to Politico covered the debate as a win for Biden.

Both candidates took fire on their past positions. Sanders hit Biden on Social Security, the 2005 bankruptcy bill, and abortion rights, while the Vermont socialist had to answer for comments on gun rights, foreign policy, and immigration.

Some commentators were left with the feeling that, while Sanders has spent time on the trail discussing his old positions and explaining his evolution,  the former vice president has been able to get away with nonanswers that skirt the truth. Here are a few examples.

Biden is an astute politician…he knows how to give non-answers to questions that seem to be an explanation….when in reality he is just flat lying.

But that is just me.  You make your own decision…but please base that decision on information not some misguided desire.

Be Smart!

Learn Stuff!


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Emma Goldman: A Woman Of Her Time

A re-blog from years gone by….Emma is a fascinating woman…….enjoy chuq

In Saner Thought

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Subject:  Women’s History

Another tradition I try to keep going is to post a woman that few know that has contributed greatly to the advancement of women and their rights…….

As an aged radical I learned of Emma at an early age mainly from her participation in the Russian Revolution of 1917 and her work demanding equal rights for women in the early days of the 20th century….but for those who have never heard of this lady…let me assist you…….

I would like to thank for this profile of Emma Goldman……

Emma Goldman was born in Kovno, Russia and emigrated to live with a sister in Rochester, New York when she was fifteen. Her family’s financial hardships forced her to leave school and work in a factory; her first job in America was as a seamstress in a clothing factory.

Goldman´s political consciousness was shaped…

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A Virus WTF!

After watching our fearless leader drag his feet on a response to the virus and his false and misleading statements he has gone so far to offer to help North Korea fight the virus.

Yes you heard that right….Trump offers to help Kim with the virus.

President Trump wrote a letter to North Korea’s Kim Jong Un, praising him for his efforts to protect the country from coronavirus, and offering US help in combating any outbreak. North Korea confirmed the letter but didn’t say what they’d done beyond that.

Administration officials also confirmed the letter, saying it was in keeping with Trump’s effort to engage world leaders on the coronavirus and offer US assistance if they needed it. Such offers did not, it seems, apply to Iran, where US officials declared that coronavirus “wouldn’t save them.”

How seriously the coronavirus has hit North Korea is the subject of some speculation, though the nation has denied any huge outbreaks. If they did have an outbreak, however, it’s not clear they’d have access to the equipment to treat many patients.

North Korea’s main interest would be getting some sanctions eased, and that might be done in the name of humanitarian aid for the virus.


Do not get me wrong I am NOT against helping others wit thus thing….but not before you have done everything possible for the people that put him in office.

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