A Presidential Meltdown

This is something that will not instill confidence in our supposed leader in this time of fear and confusion….

Please watch this short video and then you tell me if all is well in DC…….

I am sorry but time for someone to step up and take control of this situation for the person in charge is not capable.
“lego ergo scribo”

11 thoughts on “A Presidential Meltdown

  1. Reblogged this on It Is What It Is and commented:
    I didn’t watch real time … I CAN”T watch anymore. I saw after … ‘Trump has an epic meltdown and goes on a screed about the media when he is asked what he would tell people who are scared. Trump called NBC’s Peter Alexander a terrible reporter and started yelling and ranting.’

    “I am sorry but time for someone to step up and take control of this situation for the person in charge is not capable.” … I fully agree!!

  2. A couple of days ago, I actually tried to listen to Dump’s live conference on the 11am news stream. I gave up after 5 minutes. I don’t know how anybody can listen to him. It’s not what he was saying, exactly, but how he was saying it. I decided that anything coming out of his mouth needed to be reviewed before I read it, because I was so sick of trying to decipher the man. He has that habit of re-starting his sentences two or three times, or just jumping to something else or contradicting himself mid-sentence. How the hell anyone understands him (or thinks they do) baffles me.

    I’ll try to watch this again, but I’ll be shuddering the whole time. The man makes my skin crawl.

    1. Oh, hell. That was even worse than I thought it would be (my internet kept cutting off so I only got part of it the first time). The poor reporter looks totally baffled by the response, because honestly, I think he asked the easiest freaking question you could ask a person like Dump. Hell, it was an opportunity for Dump to look presidential. But obviously, the man has no plan or compassion for anyone.

      His empathy meter is so broke the needle’s been stuck below zero since he came out the birth canal, squawking and waving those tiny hands around.

  3. Recently, watching Trump stumble through a news conference, it occurred to me he no longer is relevant, that I don’t have to listen to him or be upset about anything he says. I just ignore him. I wait till the people who know what they are talking about speak and sort through it as best I can..

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