What Is The Defense Protection Act?

I will take a break from my traditional postings on the weekends to help my readers understand the confusion info they are being fed daily…..hopefully I can help.

In one of his daily babbles the President made reference to the Defense Protection Act……and now we need to know just what that means to the nation and its fight against a fast paced virus.


Pub. L. No. 81–774, 123 Stat. 2006, codified in relevant part at 50 U.S.C. § 4558 Link:


Section 708 of the Act requires the Commission and the Department of Justice to participate in developing, implementing, monitoring, and reporting on voluntary agreements among industry members, pursuant to federal determination of need and federal oversight, that are aimed at solving production and distribution problems impairing national defense preparedness (such as a voluntary agreement to make ships, services, and facilities available to the Department of Defense in case of military emergency). The Act establishes a limited antitrust exemption for such voluntary agreements.

The president has taken the action needed…..

The president invoked the Defense Production Act to get needed medical supplies such as ventilators and masks on the front lines, per the AP. Trump had said earlier in the week he would tap the 1950 act as needed, and on Friday he put that “in gear.” Essentially, he can marshal the private sector to help fight the pandemic. Senate Democratic Leader Chuck Schumer said he implored Trump during a phone call Friday to invoke the act immediately. The president told Schumer he would, then could be heard on the telephone making the order.

A more in-depth look into this “Act”…..

President Trump on Tuesday invoked the Defense Production Act, a wartime authority that allows him to direct industry to produce critical equipment, to confront the spiraling crisis over coronavirus pandemic.

The act was established in 1950 during the Korean War following war powers legislation used during World War II to direct private industry to produce weapons, vehicles and other materiel for war. At that time, automakers in Detroit, for instance, shifted production from automobiles to tanks.

The act gives the president a broad set of authorities to influence private companies for national defense, according to the Congressional Research Service. In 2009, Congress amended the act to include domestic preparedness and national emergency response efforts. 

“The Defense Production Act permits the president to push national security items to the front of the line, rather than following items that were previously ordered,” said Loren Thompson, a defense industry consultant and military expert at the Lexington Institute. “It exists to speed up urgently needed items.”


Remember in 1941 the US turns auto makers into airplane makers almost overnight……then why in an age of great technology why cannot that type of emergency work be accomplished again?

Will this help the situation?  Or could it be too little too late?


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24 thoughts on “What Is The Defense Protection Act?

  1. I believe that this law can be effectively used by the right POTUS, but in the case of the current administration it can also be very dangerous. A real POTUS would recognize the severity of any situation where this law was even considered. The current administration fails that check. A proper leader would realize this law is not an end point, but a tool to be used in conjunction with policies to combat a crisis. The current administration fails this as well. And finally, this law shouldn’t be brought up unless it will be used. It should never be enacted but not employed “unless it is a worst case scenario”. Once again the current administration fails the test.

  2. Thank you for another piece of very interesting information, Chuq! Hope your are well, enjoying your life. Have a beautiful weekend! Michael –
    P.S.: Now we are half self, half state sheltered, here, in Bavaria.
    The Bavarian President of the MInister is rehearsing the rebellion against the Federal Government. Contrary to the agreement, to speak again with other prime ministers, he had introduced a kind of curfew. Now we are getting better and better at what we might expect here in a war case.

      1. 😉 More and more – even als a German citizen – i think too, political Europe is founded and reigned by Germans “Upper Class”. Thats not as good, as it sounds.

      2. What a question? 😉 You are the prof, but i think we will get some similar things like civil war activities, here in Europe. They had not prepared saving the society. They only had prepared themselves for hiding money. Thank God for staying in the USA, Chuq!

  3. Reblogged this on It Is What It Is and commented:
    MEANING … ‘The act was established in 1950 during the Korean War following war powers legislation used during World War II to direct private industry to produce weapons, vehicles and other material for war. At that time, automakers in Detroit, for instance, shifted production from automobiles to tanks.’

    Here’s hoping that THIS ‘president’ follows through!! I really believe that THE PEOPLE will have to get this going … SOON!!

    1. So true…..I keep thinking the Congress will step up….but so far just the House the Senate ism still a pack of cowards….thank you chuq

  4. It is sadly no longer 1941. I suspect the real reason behind the 2020 use of this Act is to allow the imposition of martial law and lockdowns.
    Best wishes, Pete.

  5. Thanks for the information Chuq. It sounds like the sort of thing that could be helpful, but it should’ve been used at least a couple weeks ago. Seattle is already running out of certain medical supplies, and my city is a couple weeks away from the same.

  6. During the Obama years the congress authorized and expanded presidential powers esp martial law powers more than all of the martial law powers added up for all the president’s combined. Lincoln completely suspended habeas corpus and held 3,000 in prison suspected of being Southern spies without any due process.

    1. Still working on what Obama and Lincoln have to do with invoking the DPA…..we need the supplies and this frees up production to concentrate on those needed supplies….unless you have a problem with that chuq

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