South Carolina Leads The Way

Closing Thought–04Feb20

I could be writing about the upcoming Iowa caucuses for the Dems….but I am not….they lead the way in another way.

I have been a very vocal critic of our many undeclared wars….and it gets worse every year……I have tried to get the government to try and end these endless conflicts but I have not been successful……

Now South Carolina has done something that could be the start of something big….

A bipartisan group of Afghanistan and Iraq war era veterans praised S.C. State Rep. Stewart Jones (SC-14) on Monday for introducing legislation requiring that South Carolina’s National Guard units cannot be deployed for foreign combat or combat support duties unless Congress has formally adopted a declaration of war as provided by the U.S. Constitution.

“As veterans, we strongly support the U.S. taking strong military action when necessary to defend American lives and interests,” said former Idaho Army National Guard Sgt. Dan McKnight, founder of BringOurTroopsHome.US, who served 18 months in Afghanistan. “We thank Rep. Jones for acting to ensure that when South Carolina’s men and women in uniform are involved, it’s done the right way, the way the Constitution provides.

“Rep. Jones’ bill simply says that before ordering South Carolina’s National Guard personnel to leave their families and do their job, Congress should first accept responsibility in the comforts here at home of doing their job. We shouldn’t ask National Guard personnel to have the courage to put their boots on the ground, unless Congress at least has the courage first to put their names on the line.”

A small step but an important step……maybe others will follow…our continuous war needs to come to an end…..we need that cash here where it belongs.

KUDOS SOUTH CAROLINA!  Even if you do have one of the biggest warmongers in the country….

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4 thoughts on “South Carolina Leads The Way

  1. Appreciate your support! South Carolina is one of seven states that have introduced “Defend the Guard” legislation so far this year: Hawaii, Iowa, Michigan, Oklahoma, South Carolina, West Virginia, and Wyoming. And other states will follow.

    Yesterday in West Virginia, a motion to pull the bill out of committee for a vote on the House floor failed on a tie vote, 50-50, but other attempts will follow.

    For more information: DefendTheGuard.US and BringOurTroopsHome.US

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