Food For A Sunday

I am an old fart and one of the greatest joys in life is a good meal and a good glass of wine…..I admit it….I am a meat eater and will remain so until the day I die….

The trendy thing these days is “plant based” meat……a couple burger joints have jumped on that trendy thing….

I read a lot and I read stuff about th direction food is taking…..

I do enjoy a good steak…..but this may be a bit far for me…..

A number of startups have already managed to create plant-based alternatives to ground meats like hamburger. Creating a plant-based version of whole cuts of meats, however, has proven far more challenging.

But now, Spanish startup Novameat has unveiled a plant-based steak it says is the “most realistic” yet — and it costs about the same as what you’re likely to pay for a traditional cut of beef.

Novameat’s Steak 2.0 certainly looks like the steak you’d find at the grocery store, but it’s actually made out of a mix that include peas, seaweed, and beetroot juice.

The company used a 3D printer to produce thin fibers out of the ingredients, thereby giving its Steak 2.0 the “meaty” appearance that meat eaters are used to seeing in their steaks.

Maybe beef is not your cup of tea… like pork?  There is a Plant based answer for that as well…..

Impossible Foods Inc. has revealed its own plant-based take on pork called — you guessed it — Impossible Pork. Pork is the company’s second core offering after beef.

According to a press release, Impossible Pork can be steamed, baked in an oven, charbroiled, grilled on a flat-top or sauteed, much like the real thing.

But is it any good? Director Becca Farsace told The Verge after sampling the product at CES that although the texture wasn’t quite right, the taste was basically accurate. And visually, it looks amazing.

When I was young we were poor so meat was not the center dish at every meal…….I ate a lot of beans and veggies…..but I will admit that we never resort to this for a meal…..


Just a bit of yummies in closing….

I Read, I Wrote, You Know

“lego ergo scribo”

10 thoughts on “Food For A Sunday

  1. Plants are plants and meat is meat. Enough said.
    But ‘Chicken Paws’? They are feet, not paws, and I cannot imagine trying to eat one.
    Best wishes, Pete.

  2. As a child I had my share of chitlins, neck bones, spare ribs and so on and so forth … the “Meat” that the uppercrust would not buy …I remember Mom serving chicken necks …. and I cannot wait to find out all the biological hazards inherent in this new fake meat … I am sure the hazards will not be in the ingredients but in the preservatives and the processes themselves. I am sure this is only the beginning of an epicurual nightmare with far-reaching health ramifications. Any time humans get involved in the natural realm, the outcomes is always some kind of Frankenstein or the other.

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