Big News From Trump

News that gives me hope.

I find many people think I am a Never Trump person (a post for a later day)…..or those that accuse me have the attention span of a garden slug……it is true that I do not like the man or some of his ideas and in the past I have defended some of his ideas especially about our many wars.

And I have found another idea that I can support from the mind of Trump…..lower insulin prices for seniors….

The Trump administration is working on a proposal to lower seniors’ out-of-pocket costs for insulin, which have nearly doubled over the last decade.

Why it matters: Voters care deeply about prescription drug prices, and if the policy comes to fruition, it could both help seniors afford their insulin and give the administration political points.

Details: The White House, the Department of Health and Human Services and the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services are jointly working on the policy.

  • Details are unclear or undecided. One idea is to give insurers an incentive to offer plans with lower cost-sharing, a source familiar said.
  • “The goal is to make sure it’s technically sound and if it helps patients, get it out” as soon as possible, a senior administration official said.
  • A CMS spokesperson declined to comment.

I hope this is a true concern for seniors and not some ploy to win more votes in November…..the only way this will happen is if Big Pharma is eliminated from the decision making process….and that is hard for me to imagine.

As it is now profit is far more important than the lives of our seniors…..and these groups have a strong and massive army of lobbyists to see that this idea will die a rapid death.

It is possible the Pharma could support this idea….if they do then ask what has been giving to get that approval.

I support this attempt and a hope he can pull it off.

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8 thoughts on “Big News From Trump

  1. What concerns me on the bigger picture scale… with an “average” president I think we generally can rest assured that when he makes a policy decision, supports some popular social bill or program through Congress, or uses his pen in some presidential edict to avoid Congress… that there’s been some actual thought put to it.. who it might affect… are their other ramifications to public safety, national defense, etc. We typically assume the president will listen to his staff and advisers who we hopefully have steered valuable advice to afford the president in making as best a decision as possible. In other words, many minds are at work. Trump does none of this. So while it might look good on paper we can all rest assured Trump did not make any policy decisions based on traditional thought but rather impulsive whats-good-for-Trump-is-good-for-the-nation. Yeah.. one could say even a broken clock is correct twice a day… but the clock took no effort to get there.

  2. A goid decision is a goid decision. Does not matter whose idea it was, this decision had to have been approved by the president snd he should get credit for making the right decision.

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