Protests Go Global

The world is a light with the sounds of protests…Hong Kong, Lebanon, Iraq, Bolivia, Venezuela, Iran, Chile et al……the entire globe seems to be in protest….that is except here in the good old US of A…….

This country use to lead the world in protests for a wide array of reasons…..women’s rights, civil rights, antiwar, etc…… etc…..but these days we are a bit too lazy to actually care for much to protest….or so it seems……Without a mass movement continually pushing and prodding for real change and holding politicians accountable—for their policies as well as their words—our neoliberal rulers assume that they can safely ignore the concerns and interests of ordinary people.

The waves of protests breaking out in country after country around the world beg the question: Why aren’t Americans rising up in peaceful protest like our neighbors? We live at the very heart of this neoliberal system that is force-feeding the systemic injustice and inequality of 19th century laissez-faire capitalism to the people of the 21st century. So we are subject to many of the same abuses that have fueled mass protest movements in other countries, including high rents, stagnant wages, cradle-to-grave debt, ever-rising economic inequality, privatized healthcare, a shredded social safety net, abysmal public transportation, systemic political corruption and endless war.

We also have a corrupt, racist billionaire as president, who Congress may soon impeach, but where are the masses outside the White House, banging pots and pans to drive Trump out? Why aren’t people crashing the offices of their congresspeople, demanding that they represent the people or resign? If none of these conditions has so far provoked a new American revolution, what will it take to trigger one?

As a long time antiwar activist I cannot believe that after almost 20 years of continuous war and there is NO antiwar movement…..

It is embarrassing to witness just how LAZY the American people have become….that they cannot be bothered to learn about our many wars and decide if they are worth the cost in blood and treasure.

All I can say is “Be the change you are looking for”!

I Read, I Wrote, You Know

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3 thoughts on “Protests Go Global

  1. You certainly have a long-standing tradition of protest in your country. I was commenting only recently that I have been surprised by how little protest there has been over the constant mass shootings.
    Maybe people feel it is all getting pointless, when nothing changes? Or perhaps like me, those once ready to take to the streets are now too old for that?
    As for the younger people, they protest on Twitter instead. 🙂
    Best wishes, Pete.

    1. I also wrote that I am ashamed of the people for allowing the wars to go unchallenged…even when their family members are bleeding and dying in them…..chuq

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