The Death Of Local Journalism

I use to read my local paper it was an excellent source of news and opinions from around the area……it is now about 5 pages and is printed in a city 180 miles away…….the paper is in essence……dead……dead….dead…….

Now it is more about the ad dollar than the news……I would wager that this is a similar occurrence around the country.

The rise of social media and the internet has done what rival papers tried to do for decades…….killed local journalism…..and in-turn has fed the rise of the divisiveness of the nation……

In May 2017, former Republican Rep. Leonard Lance crossed party lines and voted against the GOP health care repeal, a proposal deeply unpopular with voters in New Jersey’s 7th District, which he had represented in Washington for nearly a decade.

A year later, Lance again joined Democrats to oppose the Republican tax cut bill. Although he supported portions of the bill and its overall intent, he decided to vote against it because it would hurt the ability of his wealthiest constituents to deduct the value of their state and local taxes.

Put simply, Lance was doing what a member of Congress is supposed to do: look out for the individual needs of the people who live in his district. Then he lost his reelection bid.

Once Bill Clinton allowed corporations to own the news the purveyors of propaganda took hold and now the MSM sets the dialog with the nation….it is not the voter that picks the candidate but rather the MSM chooses who is presented to them as the candidates.

The death of local journalism has signaled the end of any bi-partisanship ever……

In the long run we voters pay the price for the death of local journalism and that price is partisanship and the election of mental midgets that disguise their mental deficiencies with mindless slogans.

I Read, I Wrote, You Know

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7 thoughts on “The Death Of Local Journalism

  1. Our local papers have become outrageously expensive and there are days when the carriers don’t even show up and when you complain to the newspaper, they tell you, “Nothing we can do about today’s issue” — amd the papers have reduced their physical size and the size of their print to the point where you almost have to use a magnifying glass to read the damned thing … so we dropped it.

      1. If we are going to read something, we have to be able to get it delivered or at least delivered to the door and not on the roof and it has to be big enough that one does not need a microscope to read it.

      2. The whiz past in a car and throw them out the open window of the vehicle .. so the papers end up in gutters, storm sewers, rooftops, bushes and other people’s property.

  2. We used to have a good local paper here, and I bought it every week. Then it became ‘syndicated’, so local news became ‘regional’, and a lot less relevant.
    I no longer buy it, naturally.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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