Go To The Transcripts #3

The transcripts of the testimonies of the Congressional hearings witnesses is being made available to the public….and as an FYI service for my readers so that they can make up their own minds I have offered the transcripts as they have become available…..

In case you may have missed the other releases….you can read them all here on IST…….

Read Yovanovitch’s testimony in full here. (Initial news coverage of her testimony is here.)

Read McKinley’s testimony in full here.

Read Volker’s testimony here……https://assets.documentcloud.org/documents/6540429/CPRT-116-IG00-D007.pdf

And just yesterday yet another transcript was released to the public…that of Ukraine expert…..Bill Taylor and it can be read here……https://www.scribd.com/document/433753426/William-Taylor-testimony

This is ahead of the public hearings that are to begin next week…..please do not buy into the crap spread by the sycophants that there is nothing in these transcripts….that would be a lie…..I pray that my readers would take the time to see if what they are believing has any foot in reality or if it is all just so much stuff.

This service from IST will continue as long as the transcripts are made available for public consumption.

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6 thoughts on “Go To The Transcripts #3

  1. Thanks for transcripts. I started reading but immediately I told myself that even if I am reading the original source material to get the unmodified or uneditorialized facts I still can’t reach an accurate conclusion. I don’t know what is a lie, a half truth, lawful, unlawful, legal, illegal, constitutional because I am not an expert. so I’m right back listening to what the pundits say it reveals or what the democrats insist it demonstrates or what the republicans contend is relevant. They are the experts (allegedly). Plus we see no body language, nuanced expressions or tell tale discomfort without seeing video. Right back to square one.

    1. Sorry but they sworn testimonies I put faith in there are still public servants that still believe in the oath they take…regardless of what the naysayers want us to believe….most do not want to serve a jail time …….chuq

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