Mayor Pete Is Old Hat

Iowa polls are tightening up…..Warren, Biden and Mayor Pete….

I have been impressed with Mayor Pete from the beginning but as the season moves on I have come to realize that Mayor Pete is old hat……nothing about his candidacy smacks of anything new for the Dems…..he may be gay, he may be young, he may be articulate but he is as tired and old as the Clinton campaign.

It was the paradox that defined the fourth Democratic debate Tuesday night. Pete Buttigieg stood to benefit more than anybody from Joe Biden’s entirely forgettable performance, and yet with the possible exception of Biden himself, no one more vividly embodied all that is stale and sclerotic about the Democratic Party than the fresh-faced politician colloquially known as Mayor Pete.

Prior to the debate, Buttigieg threw punches to his left over health care, gun control and (perhaps most bizarrely) grassroots voters. And from the jump, he went right after Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.), trotting out one Heritage Foundation-tested line after another on health care: that the overarching desire of the public in health care is to have choice, that higher taxes equal higher cost, and that Medicare for All would result in “kicking 150 million people off their health insurance.” It was a line of attack that earned the South Bend mayor and self-styled Heartlands whisperer rave reviews from the likes of the Republican National Committee.

Pete Buttigieg Is the Past

There is nothing new and fresh about the policies of Mayor Pete…..he just teaks the policies of the Clintonian era…policies that let corporations own the DNC and the nation.

However Mayor Pete is rising in the polls after his performance, make no mistake it was a performance, in the last Dem debate.

If you do not have a candidate then I suggest that you look elsewhere from Mayor Pete if you want the country to move forward from the corruption and the criminality of the Trump years.

Do you want the nation to move beyond the stagnation we have had politically? 

If so……

Be Smart!

Learn Stuff!


I Read, I Wrote, You Know

“Lego Ergo Scribo”

5 thoughts on “Mayor Pete Is Old Hat

  1. His presence, body language and tone was better than the other candidates. Impressive if you ignore the content of what he was saying. He could wind up with the nomination.

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