The Great Antiwar President?

I recall when Trump was just a mere candidate he thumped his chest about all our wars across the planet….and in my conversations with my community I hear it even more now that he has done something in Syria.

I have asked the question……Is Trump truly an antiwar president?

Well some seem to think that he will soon end our involvement in Afghanistan…..the Pentagon is even making plans if Trump decides to leave the region….

NBC News is quoting Pentagon officials as saying that they are engaged in “prudent planning” for an abrupt withdrawal of US forces from Afghanistan, if President Trump made a sudden decision to do so.

The officials are complaining about the quick moves in Syria, and say they are viewing it as a “dress rehearsal” for what could be a similar US pullout from Afghanistan. Defense Secretary Mark Esper insists no policy changes have been made in Afghanistan.

Though Pentagon officials often style themselves as constantly making plans to get out in front of decisions, this is never something practically seen when a quick policy decision is made, as the Pentagon brass seem to constantly drag their feet on any changes they don’t like.


The optics say this could be a good thing….and then Trump toadies opens their mouth and all goes to crap and removes any hope for an end to wars…..

First the situation in Syria with Turkey….

In an interview on CNBC today, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said that President Trump is “fully prepared” to engage in military force against Turkey if he believes it is necessary to do so.

Asked to elaborate on what might make it necessary, Pompeo said anything that was an American interest, or if the US believed there was a “fundamental norm” that they wanted to enforce could be a reason to use “all the powers that we have.”

Attacking Turkey is potentially problematic, both in that they are a fellow NATO member, and that the US is operating out of an air base in Turkey, a base where the US has an estimated 50 nuclear bombs.

This is more of a threat to Turkey than the US has offered previously. President Trump did threaten to totally destroy their entire economy, though this appeared to be an empty threat to destroy the economy through sheer force of will.

This is a specific war threat in northern Syria, and comes as President Trump concedes that the troops he’s announced were coming home won’t actually be returning to the US any time soon, rather staying in Iraq just in case.


Then there is the constant saber rattling with Iran and instead of looking for a way out of the trap we are told that we may soon go to war ….AGAIN!

Threatens to hit Iran ‘like they’ve never been hit before’

Speaking to reporters at the White House on Monday, President Trump bragged about his efforts to try to get the US “out of wars,” then warned that “we may have to get in wars, too. OK?

Trump continued on talking about how ready the US is for a war with Iran, and how Iran will get hit “like they’ve never been hit before.” The implication is clear that Trump is nominally ending wars, but that America’s hawks will get fresh, new wars to replace them.

It’s likely also related to Trump’s interest in portraying himself as generally tough and the best at war. That, and his fondness for threatening Iran with unprecedented horrors seem destined to keep threatening an Iran War forever a possibility.

Perhaps the most disturbing aspect of all of this is, while Trump clearly elaborated in talking about Iran, he said “wars,” which suggests he may be envisioning multiple new military conflicts on the horizon.


When Trump was a candidate I admit that I found his foreign policy almost tolerable but since his election he has proven to be nothing but a novice and incoherent.

He had a good chance….but now is is just as bad as the ones in Congress on foreign policy.

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6 thoughts on “The Great Antiwar President?

  1. Talk of war with Turkey sounds like so much nonsense to me. For one thing, that would be the end of NATO in a stroke, and it would also unite the entire Muslim world against the US.
    Best wishes, Pete.

    1. Trump would like to see NATO destroyed…..but he would still be in the pockets of Saudis, UAE and Bahrain….he would have some support…..chuq

      1. Good question. When Trump was running for president, I didn’t buy his rhetoric about getting the U.S. out of overseas wars. A man of peace, he is not and never was. A self-serving egomaniac and pathological liar, he most certainly is and always has been.

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