Making American (History) Great Again–Part 37

I have been writing and posting about American history….history that most Americans have never been taught or even thought about…..Maj. Sjursen takes on American history with the passion and the learning that Howard Zinn many years ago.

So far this series has taken the reader through all aspects of American history….from the very beginnings to today……but for those that have not been reading this series all along I will help you get caught up….please take some time and read the history that should be taught….

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We step into the recent history with the first elected black president….Barack Obama……all gthe drama that goes with that event……

Most serious historians, especially academics, believe that accounts of recent events—particularly within 10 years of the present—are more journalistic than historical. It is for good reason that journalism has been called the “first draft of history.” As the “American History for Truthdiggers” series nears an end, it looks at the administration of Barack Obama, who left the presidency less than 32 months ago. Because so little time has passed, the essay below is more a brief, analytical essay than a comprehensive reading based on established, long-scrutinized historical sources and discovery of new information. It should be viewed as this author’s first draft of rather recent history. —Danny Sjursen

Barack Hussein Obama. That a man with a black Kenyan father and a name derived from African and Islamic etymology was elected president of the United States seemed profound indeed. America’s legacy of chattel slavery and racial apartheid was such that only a decade and a half before the 2008 election Tupac Shakur would rap that Americans “ain’t ready to see a black president.” Nonetheless, Obama won—with authority—over his Republican opponent, Sen. John McCain of Arizona. By carrying traditionally Republican states such as Virginia, North Carolina and Indiana, Obama appeared to have forged a new Democratic coalition. Perhaps more important was the claim of some of his admirers that he inaugurated a new “post-racial” America. That would turn out to be only wishful thinking.

American History for Truthdiggers: The Obama Disappointment

I admit it I was expecting a lot more out of the Obama presidency….I was very disappointed in his foreign policies……plus I suspect that election of a black man as president is what gave the country a Donald Trump presidency.

We have now been taken into the present by Maj. Sjursen and his next article in the series should be very telling.

Be Smart!

Learn Stuff!

Class Dismissed!

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4 thoughts on “Making American (History) Great Again–Part 37

  1. Another erudite entry in the series. Obama had a lot of fans around the world, but I wasn’t one of them. I always thought he should have done more to progress the American ‘underclasses’, whilst he had such power and popularity. But he didn’t. Just the same as the rest, with a slightly darker skin colour.
    Best wishes, Pete.

    1. I agree…..once he got in bad with the Clintons then I knew all was lost and the wealthy would just make it easier to exploit….chuq

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