What Happened In North Carolina?

This is not a report from the aftermath of Dorian….but rather the second best disaster an election and the media.

A special election was held yesterday in North Carolina and according to the pundits it would be a bellwether in turning NC Blue (wishful thinking).

The last election was riddled with voter fraud so to be fair (Hahaha) a special election was scheduled…….and the Dems dropped millions on this to turn NC Blue…….and yesterday the voter spoke…

Dan Bishop prevailed in the “battle of the Dans” in North Carolina Tuesday, bringing an end to the final race of the 2018 midterms. The Republican state senator narrowly defeated Democratic rival Dan McCready in a special election in the state’s 9th Congressional District, sparing Republicans an embarrassing loss in a district President Trump carried by 12 points in 2016, the New York Times reports. GOP candidate Mark Harris led McCready by 905 votes after last year’s election, but the result was never certified and the state election board ordered a do-over after evidence of ballot tampering involving a Harris operative surfaced. With most ballots counted Tuesday night, Bishop, best known as the author of the state’s controversial “bathroom bill,” was ahead by around 2 percentage points.

Ahead of the election, outside GOP groups poured more than $5 million into the district, which has been Republican since 1963. Trump held a rally for Bishop Monday night. “Dan Bishop was down 17 points 3 weeks ago. He then asked me for help, we changed his strategy together, and he ran a great race,” the president tweeted Tuesday, though the AP notes that the race was long considered too close to call and no publicly released polls showed Bishop 17 points down. Analysts say the narrow result in a GOP stronghold shows that the party might still struggle in next year’s election. CNN reports that in a second North Carolina special election Tuesday, Republican Greg Murphy heavily defeated Democrat Allen Thomas in the 3rd District. The seat became vacant earlier this year with the death of Rep. Walter Jones, Jr., a Republican first elected in 1994.

The MSM lost their chance to use their “data” to influence the outcome……they did not get their story…..now they will begin to explain “what went wrong”….

Let me help…..NOTHING went wrong the vote on three separate occasions have shown the region is Red and it still is so.

STOP!  Explain it the what it is…..old habits, feelings and hatreds prevailed and stop pretending things will change…..NOT in my lifetime.

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8 thoughts on “What Happened In North Carolina?

  1. “old habits, feelings and hatreds prevailed and stop pretending things will change…..NOT in my lifetime.”

    No not at all but a rejection of the America hating, Christian hating, law breaking sanctuary cities, anti police, Hollywood agendized left and their grandiosity of moral and intellectual superiority against normal working class people who have been minimized as deplorables. Flyover America has spoken. It is a harbinger for 2020 elections.

    1. We cannot blame Hollywood and Obama for all the things that are wrong…..it is not Christians so much as the hypocritical Evangelicals……they are no more Christian than my dog….chuq

      1. Agree many evangelicals are Christians in name only. I don’t blame Hollywood or Obama for everything. The point is that the lunatic left and dems blame everything on Trump and design falsehoods to legitimize their contempt. My point also was that even though I have lived in NC just under 5 years I am very surprised and delighted to see how tolerant people are, unnoticeable racial divide or unpleasant attitudes, not like old south stereotypes, college towns, educated population and very cosmopolitan and see a lot of NY Yankees caps on so there’s a profound northern influence. So if republicans win both I don’t think it is for the reasons you have indicated. There is a general disgust for the New Order proposals of the left and dem party has abandoned the issues of African American needs to grant everything to illegal immigrants which pisses off blacks and whites. Now you’ve shared about your dog, pics too, and seems like a very pleasant likable dog. I think Jesus would like your dog very much.

      2. I am sorry but I hear more falsehoods coming out of the GOP…Dems are guilty as well but not to the point of the RNC…..she hates strangers but other than that she is great……a sweetheart….chuq

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