War–It Is Our Nature

I spend a lot of time researching war….I spend a lot of time writing about war….and a lot of time replying to comments by my visitors.  There seems to be a common thread to comments about war…..many think and/or believe that as humans war is in our DNA.

It would seem that it is truly in our DNA because we as a group cannot end a disagreement without violence……for at least a hundred years war is all to frequent.

Whenever I write that I am antiwar or that I am watching some conflict here or there and try to help readers understand war someone will try to comment by saying that war is ingrained into our DNA….that we have little control over the fight.

Is it in our nature to go to war? Should we just accept the fact that humans have this innate tendency and are hardwired to kill members of other groups?

No, says R. Brian Ferguson, professor of anthropology at Rutgers University-Newark. There is no scientific proof that we have an inherent propensity to take up arms and collectively kill.

In a study published in Scientific American, Ferguson argues that war may not be in our nature at all. People might fight and sometimes kill for personal reasons, but homicide, he argues, is not war.

“There is definitely controversy in the field when it comes to this question,” says Ferguson, who studies human nature, war and peace. “But it is the overall circumstances that we live in that creates the impulse to go or not go to war.”


War is all too constant these days.

But why?

Personally, I believe it is the M-IC that makes it constant…..for to them it is more about profit that it is the source…..the answer is always intervention and the use of deadly ordinances and weapons….for this needs to be replenished and in doing so the cash register rings.

There is seldom an attempt to find a peaceful resolution….there are faux “summits” to talk peace but they seldom end in success.

The “Complex” is that never ending snake that eats its tail……

What President Dwight D. Eisenhower dubbed the “military-industrial complex” has been constantly evolving over the decades, adjusting to shifts in the economic and political system as well as international events. The result today is a “permanent-war complex,” which is now engaged in conflicts in at least eight countries across the globe, none of which are intended to be temporary.

This new complex has justified its enhanced power and control over the country’s resources primarily by citing threats to U.S. security posed by Islamic terrorists. But like the old military-industrial complex, it is really rooted in the evolving relationship between the national security institutions themselves and the private arms contractors allied with them.

America’s Permanent-War Complex

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2 thoughts on “War–It Is Our Nature

  1. I totally agree Chuq! Within the military industrial complex there is the possibility to earn a lot of money. Think on all the dual-use “products”. But the M-IC is not a person. So let’s see which people are constantly pushing us into wars here. 😉 Michael

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