Those ‘Forgotten’ Presidents

The US has had some giants among men as presidents, right?

A presidential friend once was asked if his friend was up to the job of the American president……and his reply is priceless…..Harry Daugherty said, “Don’t make me laugh. The days of giants in the presidential chair is passed. Our so-called Great Presidents were all made by the conditions of war under which they administered the office. Greatness in the president is largely an illusion of the people.”

Keep hold of that statement.

This post is about the underrated presidents that we had in our country……..Harding, Polk, Jefferson (believe it or not), McKinley and Grant.

Historians make the president in our memories….but were they all that memorable?

Although Americans love to trash their most hated presidents, this list is dedicated to appreciating the men who very capably served as president, but have been criticized or under-appreciated by both historians and modern Americans. Each man on this list has warts and flaws, but all strengthened and improved his country in at least one key way.

Top Five: Underrated Presidents

I do not agree with them but then this article is an opinion and you may not agree either.

My list is Carter and Carter alone but then I am not a presidential historian just my personal opinion based on his policies.

I am sure that you have some thoughts on this as well…..What say you?

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7 thoughts on “Those ‘Forgotten’ Presidents

  1. Harding – good grief, he started that string of GOP presidents who enabled the Wall Street excesses which led to the Great Depression!

    Polk – agreed.

    Jefferson is on Mount Rushmore. How is that underrated? I put his presidency up near the top just behind Lincoln, FDR, Washington, and Theodore Roosevelt.

    McKinley – okay, sure. He was part of the Progressive Era, but a little too pro-business for my tastes.

    Grant – I think his heart was in the right place, but his administration was plagued with corruption.

    Carter was probably the most morally conscious president we’ve ever had, but he was politically naive unfortunately.

  2. Eh. Grant and Harding had corrupt administrations, and Polk was a war mongerer. I actually think Eisenhower is underrated–led a good economy, improved our national infrastructure, warned against the military industrial complex, and appointed Supreme Court justices who made influential civil rights decisions (even though he was passive himself on civil rights, which is in my opinion his one weak spot). He’s considered a good president but I would rank him at #4 (behind Washington, Lincoln, and FDR).

    1. I think that old farts like myself do not underestimate Ike… I agree he is a president in his own category….thanx for your thoughts…..chuq

      1. I think people in my generation DEFINITELY underestimate Ike. He’s considered a good president, for sure, but I think a lot of people can forget just how good a president he was, in my humble opinion. THanks.

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