Where Are The “Patriots”?

WE are fighting endless wars across the globe…especially in Afghanistan and Iraq and the MSM has done an excellent job of NOT showing the horrors of war while chest thumping for more.

Look how the MSM is championing the possible use of military force against Iran….

All the bravado does not seem to influence the public to want to join up and do their part to protect the country from the “brown hordes” on the horizon…..

Recruiting goals are not being met and the fiscal year draws close the Army has tried bribery…….

The Army is handing out bonuses up to $40,000 for people who join the infantry as the military’s largest branch works to meet its 2019 recruitment goal with only months left in the fiscal year.

Army leaders believe the bonuses will help them increase the size of the service’s force and attract more recruits to combat-arms positions, said Kelli Bland, the public affairs director for U.S. Army Recruiting Command at Fort Knox, Ky.

Recruits who select the infantry military occupation specialty could receive a bonus up to $40,000 depending on the length of their initial contract, according to Bland. The recruit would have to sign a contract for a six-year commitment in order to receive the maximum of $40,000 bonus, Maj. Gen. Frank Muth, commander of U.S. Army Recruiting Command, told Military.com.

An average enlistment contract is about four years, Bland said.

The Army needs to fill 3,300 infantry spots by Sept. 30 and decided in mid-May to increase the infantry recruiting bonus from the maximum $15,000, according to Bland. The bonus is only available to recruits who leave for basic training before the end of September.

(Stars and Stripes)

Look for more fodder for the battlefield…..sacrifices for the M-IC…..

They would not have to resort to bribery if they were not fighting so goddamn many wars.

Just Saying!

Peace Out!

“Lego Ergo Scribo”

10 thoughts on “Where Are The “Patriots”?

  1. I cannot imagine anyone relishing the prospect of fighting as infantry in some protracted war against Iran. Small wonder recruitment is low.
    Best wishes, Pete.

  2. Many years ago (1969), I sat in an induction center room with a hundred or so other potential soldiers when a couple Marines walked in and said they needed two volunteers to join the Marines.l No one volunteered, so they randomly pointed to two young men and told them they were about to become Marines! There was no bonus involved, I guarantee.

      1. When I reached the point of my three year enlistment that they hit me for becoming a career trooper, there were four levels of re-enlistment bonuses. As I recall, it was the RV X your annual salary. My bonus was 0 X my annual salary and the likelihood I’d end up managing others, not doing what I liked to do. I didn’t see any purpose in staying in, and shortly returned to civilian life, It was the right decision for me!

      2. I was a big mouth and always in trouble but they tried to get me to re-enlist and I told them exactly where they could stick that thought….chuq

      3. LOL! I was a reluctant enlistee (elist or risk the draft, basically) and was fortunate to have a military job where I frequently got sent on jobs where I wore civilian clothes. When I see photos of me taken during my three years, the farther away I was from basic, the less military my haircuts… I’m surprised, in fact, that I got away with the length of sidebirns and hair that I did, but my company was, well, not too military!

  3. Funny…I was just having a conversation about this very thing…What does it mean to be working class? Being working class mean that you might consider being cannon fodder for six years for 40,000.00.

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