Closing Thought–16Jul19

Clueless lead by the clueless!

And yet they have a following….WHY?

I have now heard it all (for now I am sure more stupid will fall from their mouths)…..

In a strange opinion segment this morning, the hosts of Fox & Friends spent several minutes discussing the controversy of Disney’s casting decision in the new The Little Mermaid film. The titular character will be played by a black actress, and much of Fox News’ TV personalities have taken offense for some reason.

“Everyone knows mermaids are white,” explained Steve Doocy. “Of course they’re white. They may be mythical creatures adapted into fictional characters and storylines, but it was a white Scandinavian guy who wrote the book this specific Disney story is based off of. That means the mermaid character has to be white, forever. Now if a black or Chinese person had written The Little Mermaid, we’d have a different conversation.”

“I’d still argue the mermaid should be white, though,” explained co-host Brian Kilmeade. “Because America is a white nation, and even if The Little Mermaid had been written and animated in an African hut, the Orient, or by some bearded aboriginal in Australia, we should be allowed to airbrush the mermaid or something. It’s just a bigger inconvenience for me to have to see a black mermaid than for a black person to have to see a white mermaid because this is America. Now if the mermaid was a slave or a housemaid or something in this new Disney movie, then I could understand the mermaid being black, but—“

Chest thumping LIES as usual….I expect no less from FOX news….if there is an outlet that can be said to be “fake news” then look NO further than FOX.

Every day the movie “Idiocracy” becomes more like reality and not a work of fiction.

“Lego Ergo Scribo”

7 thoughts on “Closing Thought–16Jul19

  1. Hard to actually believe they had that discussion on a news channel.
    How long before they segregate the buses again? Rosa Parks must be turning in her grave.
    Best wishes, Pete.

      1. I’m still going to have to find the primary source video. I need evidence for Kilmeade stating that “America is a white nation”. Not that I don’t believe that he would say that, but evidence to use in debates with kool-aid drinking Right-wingers.

      2. I will be retracting my criticisms…..for I agree I cannot find a link that I will trust….thanx for making me look deeper. chuq

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