Space Thoughts For Another Saturday

My weekend begins with a Tropical Storm, Barry,  in the Gulf which usually means rain like monsoon….but the temps are cooler by about 10 degrees……so while I cannot walk with MoMo I will wax fanciful.

I admit it as a child of the 50s and 60s I have had more eyes to the stars…I even thought about a life as a SciFi writer….but as I grew older I found history and geography more interesting but I never lost my interest in space.

From time to time I write about the news that is in the news but not many bloggers pass it on….I just want to help my readers understand that this nation is doing with the stars….

For decade we have been send messages in one form or another into deep space searching for someone who may be listening…..and that we are not alone.

A new batch of alien signals has been picked up from the direction of two galaxies beyond our own Milky Way. 

So-called fast radio bursts (FRBs) are one of the more enigmatic and unexplained cosmic phenomenon that have occurred recently. A few dozen of the powerful, fleeting pulses have been detected over the past 12 years, and Russia’s Pushchino Radio Astronomy Observatory reported nine more on Friday.

I recall the “WOW” signal and then I thought about the movie “Independence Day”…..maybe we should re-think all these invitations we are sending into space.

Space scientists have made a discovery far out into that void we call Space…..

For the first time, researchers have been able to observe the atmosphere of a planet between the sizes of Earth and Neptune. Gliese 3470 b is a world 96 light-years away, orbiting a star roughly half the size of the Sun. It is 12.6 times the mass of our planet and slightly smaller than Neptune, which weighs 17 times the mass of the Earth.

As reported in Nature Astronomy, this planet delivered quite the surprise to astronomers. Using the combined power of the Hubble Space Telescope and NASA’s Spitzer infrared observatory, they discovered a clear atmosphere of hydrogen and helium, the main components of stars.

“We expected an atmosphere strongly enriched in heavier elements like oxygen and carbon which are forming abundant water vapor and methane gas, similar to what we see on Neptune,” lead author Björn Benneke, of the University of Montreal, said in a statement. “Instead, we found an atmosphere that is so poor in heavy elements that its composition resembles the hydrogen/helium-rich composition of the Sun.”

That is it for now…..I am still watching and writing about the money draining proposal of an independent Space Force….this is getting more and more legs and looks like a sure thing if events continue along these lines…..and the effort has a new spokesperson…..

In the weeks since he became acting secretary of the Air Force, Matthew Donovan has used his bully pulpit to advocate for the establishment of a separate space service. With Congress just weeks away from taking decisive action on the issue, Donovan said he will continue to press the case on Capitol Hill.

“Let’s unleash the space professionals so they can grow and become the equivalent of the Air Force after separating from the Army,” Donovan said July 3 in an interview with SpaceNews.

Space forces today are at that point where the Air Force was in 1947 when it broke away from the Army, Donovan said. Just like military aviation back then, space is ready to carve out its own lane. “When the Air Force separated from the Army, we became a global power because we were unleashed from other ways of thinking,” said Donovan. “Space is in that same place now.”

As acting Air Force secretary, Donovan takes lead role advocating for independent space force

To me this whole idea violates a treaty the the US signed back in the 1960s….but that matters not for the US will violate treaties it must in pursuit of dominance. (Future posts to explain)

Dark clouds out over the Gulf……I think I will take a page from MoMo and take a nap while it rains…..

3 thoughts on “Space Thoughts For Another Saturday

  1. I have a very similar 4-port charger. It is hanging out of the front of my PC, and I am looking at it as I type this.
    They said on the news here that you are in danger of serious flooding because of the rains swelling the Mississippi. I hope that won’t affect you, chuq.

    (Notice how I avoided the Space stuff? 🙂 )
    Best wishes, Pete.

    1. Clever,,,LOL We will get some rain and our local rivers will flood but I am high enough that it will not effect me much…loss of power will be my biggest worry….chuq

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