Say Good-Bye

The 2020 Dem field has 25 or so candidates and as of yesterday there is one less….24 and counting…..

U.S. Rep. Eric Swalwell of California is ending his presidential bid, becoming the first candidate in the 2020 Democratic primary field to exit the campaign. Swalwell announced his decision Monday, the AP reports. He had signaled that he would consider bowing out of the presidential race if he was in danger of missing the cutoff for the next nationally televised Democratic debate, which is based on separate polling and donor qualifications.

Montana Gov. Steve Bullock missed the threshold for last month’s debate but was ahead of Swalwell in the competition for this month’s televised Democratic faceoff before the four-term California congressman exited the primary. If Swalwell seeks another term in Congress, he already has a challenger ahead of next year’s election in his liberal-leaning district: Democrat Aisha Wahab, a city councilwoman in Hayward. Another candidate appears ready to fill the void: Tom Steyer, a billionaire who has funded political causes—including calling for President Trump’s impeachment—has told staff members he’s going to enter the presidential race as a Democrat, per CNN.

I said that the lesser known candidates would start dropping after the first debate….but I thought Swalwell would go a little deeper into the process before cutting and running.

And the beat goes on.

13 thoughts on “Say Good-Bye

  1. They need to get that 24 down to a manageable number sooner rather than later. There should only be a couple of ‘serious’ contenders by now, if they want to start making an impact before next year.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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